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    Feature Car / Nissan GTR R35 Track Pack (UK Edition) Track focused
    Text : Mat Canyon Photos: Shah [email protected] Photography

    Ever since the initial release in 2008, the R35 GTR has become an ever so popular car to own and race. It was the brain child of the man who saved Nissan, Carlos Ghosn. With his guidance, Nissan was able to produce a worthy successor to the very iconic R34 GTR. Due to its popularity and the fact it has become the world’s first GTR to be available worldwide, it would be no surprise to have the R35 GTR be spotted everywhere around the world.

    Just like what Nissan did with their previous GTR models, they have also produced special trims which would be considered by enthusiasts as ‘rare models’ like the 400R for the R33 or the Z-Tune for the R34. This R35 we show before you on these pages is the highly track focused Nissan GTR R35 Track Pack which went on sale after the R35 GTR V-Spec was sold out.

    Of course, it is just another Nissan GTR R35, right? So what would make the GTR Track Pack so special? It doesn’t come with any added horsepower compared to a normal GTR. Well for starters, the GTR Track Pack is a lighter version of the normal GTR, about 15kg lighter. It is because for this trim, they ditched the rear seats and are using lighter alloys. Other improvements that were put into the Track Pack are stiffer springs and new brake cooling ducts which is able to lower the operating temperature by 100 degrees C. It also comes with a full titanium muffler from the factory. It is like the Japanese equivalent of the Porsche 911 GT3.

    This GTR R35 track pack runs on an ECU Tech and it currently puts out 543 brake horsepower with 465lb ft of torque. While everything else is remained stock, the owner wanted to make this GTR like his own. So he added some subtle exterior parts like the Varis wing and sideskirts. With these subtle bits, it keeps the car clean and tasteful looking at the same time.

    Instead of the normal Bridgestone Potenzas that normally come with the GTR, the GTR Track Pack comes with a set of Dunlop SP Sport Maxx GT 600 tires wrapped around six spoke Rays wheels. With the new hardware, it gives a more tracked focused GTR for those track addicts who can afford to own one. Furthermore, for being the UK spec Track Pack, this GTR is considerably rare in Malaysia.

    It may look like any other GTR you see on the road, but not only the trim is different, it is also said to give a better feel with the surface of the track as well. Special thanks to ATS Sunway and Terana Auto and of course the owner of this exquisite ride to let it be featured on our pages.

    TECHNICAL DATA Model: #Nissan-GTR-R35-Track-Pack (UK Edition) / #Nissan-GTR-R35 / #Nissan-GTR / #Nissan /
    Engine: 3.8L #VR38DETT #V6 / #Nissan-VR38DETT / #Nissan-GT-R
    Max Power: 543bhp @ 6400rpm
    Max Torque 465 lb ft @ 3200-5800rpm
    Drivetrain: 6-Speed Dual Clutch Transmission, 4WD
    Brakes: Brembo
    Wheels and Tires: Rays Wheels, Dunlop SP Sport Maxx GT 600 Run Flats,
    Exterior: Varis Spoiler, Varis Side Skirt.

    Understated looks with over the top punch.
    UK Track Package takes the GTR to a whole new level.
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