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  •   Malcolm McKay reacted to this post about 2 years ago
    A HATCHBACK PIONEER THAT I ALMOST BOUGHT / #Renault-16TX / #Renault-16 / #Renault /

    I got very close to owning a Renault 16TX this month. My pal Fredrik dug one out in Sweden; it needed paint but was a solid runner. At £1500 it sounded cheap enough, but I must be getting wiser. I gave myself a rare reality check and acknowledged that said Renault had all the hallmarks of something that I would end up with a load of money in (“Some paintwork, then an exhaust, oh and I must have the correct Michelins on it…”). I know that I’d end up thinking “Why did I do that?” When a really nice one came up on eBay for £6000 it occurred to me that, at that price it would end up the cheaper car. It’s the age-old maxim: buy the best you can afford. But if I wasn’t prepared to pay proper money for a proper one, why waste my time on a project? Maybe that’s a good test to apply next time a tempting ‘running rebuild’ looms into view. Clearly I don’t want a Renault 16 that much. Yet.

    Our man is tempted by an R16 but only if it’s cheap as well as tidy.
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  •   Martin Buckley reacted to this post about 3 years ago
    R16 remembered / #Renault-16TS / #Renault-16 / #Renault / #1970 /

    I bought a new Renault 16TS in Vancouver in 1970. The car, I was told, was assembled in Quebec, but the engine was built in France.

    The interior was very comfortable, in looks and style. In the days when you could not pump your own fuel, attendants often remarked, “Wow, look at those seats!”

    The torsion-bar suspension was excellent and crossing railroad tracks at intersections you would hardly feel the bumps. You never felt tired in the car after long hours.

    The engine had a hemi head and the mechanic who serviced mine said that he once reached 122mph in a TS. I did over 100mph with ease.

    At high speed on a long, level straight you could feel the second choke of the Weber carburettor cutting in, although during hard acceleration both would be in play.

    The sales were not all that good in Canada because people thought the body shape strange, but I now think it was the forerunner of today’s SUVs. Renault virtually copied the Citroën Traction Avant, (I once owned a 1956 Slough-built version), which is ironic because, on seeing that car in around 1934, Louis Renault apparently said to André Citroën: “I will never make a front-wheel-drive car.”

    Stephen Bentley / Vancouver, BC, Canada

    Renault 16TS was quick and comfortable, reckons Bentley, who drove from Canada to California in his.
    ‏ — at Vancouver, BC, Canada
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  •   Ben Barry reacted to this post about 4 years ago
    The versatile door to the future #Renault-16TX / #Renault-16

    With this more powerful and equipped version, the diamond firm showed that a five-door offers more alternatives than traditional sedan of four. In fact, this very practical kind of body gained enthusiastic since.

    When he appeared at the #Geneva-Motor-Show-1965 , it caused bewilderment style of this car. He claimed to be the largest category model Brand diamond, but by having a rear fifth door, in the style of the popular Renault 4L, was seen as an absurdity in a car of the upper middle class. However, that tourism was awarded the title of #European-Car-of-the-Year-1966 , no doubt because the journalists were aware of the modern conception of the model. In this sense, the Renault 16 was born with two other advanced techniques that end up imposing: the use of a generator, the electric fan and a sealed cooling system circuit.

    At that France in the economic development, the original R-16 convinced the users, thanks to its affordable price and its interior use. In any case, the range was too brief in its early years until 1968 and was not extended up to the appearance of TS model TA 1968 and in 1969. The first engine incorporated a similar architecture, but with the engine increased to 1565 cc and provided with a hemispherical head. It had a maximum power of 85bhp DIN, which allowed him to reach a top speed negligible 165 km / h. Furthermore, the TS 16 is externally distinguished by their long distance additional lights located on the bumper. In the cabin they had a new dashboard, equipped with circular dials, plus heated rear window, optional power windows in the front seats and a new coated with a synthetic fabric, Dunlopillo registered trademark of seats. Meanwhile, the TA model was the version with three-speed automatic transmission and electronic control, in which 1,565 cc engine had dispensed with the hemispherical head and yielded 67bhp at 5,000 rpm DIN.

    With this growth range to more sophisticated versions, the French brand categorically expressed their confidence in the value of this versatile body. To prove it once again in 1973 went to the market this variant TX, which the protagonist of this story belongs. For starters, the front instantly distinguished by its double optic headlamps, while in profile Gordini called attention to the type of 14-inch diameter wheels. And I watched from behind, hovering over a discreet rear window spoiler, which increased the maximum speed 4kmh to improve aerodynamics.

    Manufactured in late 1976 and registered in 1977, this issue belongs to Diego Carrasco Duran, a member of Club Classics Renault 3, 4, 5, 6, 7. Diego bought it two years ago and told us that this car was imported to the dealer Renault Plasencia, who soon after went bankrupt and this unit was among vehicles that were auctioned and awarded to an amateur Salamanca, who went to whom it was purchased Diego.

    We started the shoot on an esplanade. "Now I will restore low and painting", says Diego during the review to be photographed every detail. And then we began a trip by highway, which is noted as smooth and quiet engine that fifth wheel at 120kmh, with 3600 marking the lap counter. In contrast, they are air whistles which take center stage, other than in sunny June morning and therefore something must be opened glass windows to not pass heat. Perhaps that is why one of its owners installed the additional deflector. Diego also points out that tall people like him (1.85 m) find the correct driving position and end up tired on long journeys, as well as the big wheel keeps them from moving freely. Another curious aspect arrived to find that the front hood not raised the least, having pulled his command located under the dashboard. That's when we discovered that in the upper right of the grille there is an outside lock, which is also be opened if we photograph the motor. And already on task, remove the spare wheel that prevents him, yet he pulled back and the front half occupied by the gearbox.

    When starting again, step back and I notice that there is going great, so well is probably the best place to travel if only two people are in the back. Well sprawled on the wide seat upholstered in velvet, the legs are straight and the center armrest provides added comfort.

    A new change in the situation after a few still photos, which now I drive. After inserting the key into the lock and turn, all doors are opened by the action of central locking, an invention which at the time was something magical. As I sit in the driver's seat, is visible a picture of instrumentation consists of four areas. The two central and largest for the tachometer and speedometer a graduated to 180kmh, while the left side houses the thermometer water, an ammeter and fuel level. On the right, another area meets six indicator lights, followed by the controls electric front windows and completing the set a time clock, whose hands became since August 1976.

    Around him they are distributed abundant commands an uncommon way. For starters, the floor is flat, as the gearbox is made by a lever attached to the steering column, as in the seat 1400 and 1500. Similarly, the parking brake is located in the lower area dashboard, near the wheel height adjustment of the lights and close to the central wall, which shows how far delayed the engine gearbox ahead in the style of the Renault 4 and 5. The idle is barely audible while I have stepped on the clutch and practice with the smooth shifter to go accustomed to handling. By the way, the seat is quite comfortable though small and soft driving position is right for my height 1.70, for all the switches and controls are available to me and the three pedals are centered, with enough apart and coated with non-slip material.

    Once on the move, the body is more inclined than expected to take the first corner. The steering wheel, which is no longer how hard it was to drive stopped, the gas transmitted to hands reactions typical front-drive torque as it is. The suspension stands out for its comfort, but at the price of being soft and invite a tourist driving when cornering, unless we want to inconvenience passengers in the rear seat. Another reason not to get in plan "racing" is the slow action of the synchronizers of change, requiring sparingly act in step from one gear to another. Now in every relationship enforces the engine and push its elasticity, contributing to flow faster than like anything that the road is flat and clear rhythm.

    So, fifty years later it is easy to understand the appeal brought this innovative model with five doors. Besides making body is somewhat shorter when parking, great asset is its modularity. Not surprisingly, the folding tray and folding rear seat can transform this car ideal for transporting bulky items or dare with a moving vehicle. And within seconds, the Renault 16 again transformed into a very comfortable saloon, which retains its trunk of 425 liters.


    With the Renault 16 TX, signing the diamond showed that a five-door as well as practical and versatile, could also be then considered luxury items, such as power windows or power door locks. And although not possess an agile driving too twisty sections joy frame, it does offer an outstanding ride comfort, especially on fast roads on which enforces its 93bhp and gearbox five speeds.

    Poor ventilation. Although there is an air intake under the windshield to promote climate, in this car you have to open the windows as the sun shines. The bonnet has its own lock.

    Austin Maxi 1750 (1970-1981) 1200-3000 €
    After doors 1500, 1969, appeared a year after the 1750 version, which got 72bhp motor cross. Equipping a box of five marches and a load capacity of 283-litres. Its maximum speed 145kmh.

    Lancia Beta 1600 (1972-1981) 1800-7900 €
    Front wheel drive, transverse engine, body of two volumes, four doors and a separate trunk of 500-liters. The 1600 had a Fiat 100bhp engine and reached 170 kmh.

    Saab 99 (1967-1984) 1400-3500 € with bodies of 2, 3 or 4 doors, front wheel was 99 and had a longitudinal 2-liter engine and 100bhp. Its trunk of 347-liters expanded in version 3 doors. Top speed 162 kmh.

    Volkswagen Passat (1973-1981) 1600-4000 €
    Also in 2, 3, 4 and 5-door, front-wheel drive this engine is offered with longitudinal displacement from 1.3 liters (55bhp) to 1.6 l (11b hp ) equipped with injection by a 1.5L diesel (50bhp).


    Sporty style. Unlike the basic models, this version features a generous instrumentation and theoretically sporty steering wheel.

    Careful rearward visibility. #Renault took pains in this section, to give this version a heated rear window and rear seats.

    Renault 16 TX ( #1976 )

    Engine 4 cylinders in line, block and alloy head 5 crankshaft bearings and water cooling.
    POSITION: front longitudinal.
    Bore and stroke: 79 x 84 mm.
    Displacement: 1,647 cc.
    DISTRIBUTION: lateral camshaft, controlled by chain.
    FUEL SYSTEM: DAR carburetor Weber 32 double body and mechanical fuel pump.
    POWER: 93 DIN hp at 6,000 rpm. Torque: 13.4 Nm at 3,500 rpm
    Transmission DRIVE at front wheel. Clutch: single-plate dry with control mechanic. CHANGE: manual, 5 and reverse relations.
    Frame Monocoque self-supporting steel structure.
    FRONT SUSPENSION: independent, with cross trapezes, longitudinal torsion bars and telescopic hydraulic dampers.
    REAR SUSPENSION: independent with trailing arms, transverse torque rods, roll bar and telescopic hydraulic dampers.
    BRAKES: front discs and rear drums, with power assistance.
    ADDRESS: zipper.
    WHEELS: steel wheels, 14 inches in diameter, and ss tire 155 SR 14.
    Type five-door hatchback, the work of the brand. BATTLE: 2,720 / 2,650
    ROUTES OF. / AFTER .: 1,340 / 1,290 mm.
    LENGTH X WIDTH X HEIGHT: 4,260 X 1,630 x 1,450 mm. Empty weight: 1,060 kg.
    FUEL TANK: 50-litres
    Top speed: 170 km h.
    Average fuel consumption: 12-litres / 100 km. – 22MPG
    TIME OF PRODUCTION: 1973-1980. Units manufactured: about 168,000.
    Price 2900-6700 €
    MARKET ✸ ✸ ✸ ✸ ✸
    SPARE ✸ ✸ ✸ ✸ ✸
    MAINTENANCE ✸ ✸ ✸ ✸ ✸
    REVALUATION ✸ ✸ ✸ ✸ ✸
    Motor pulled back. In the engine compartment, the front half is reserved for the gearbox, battery and much of the cooling system.
    Its modern five-door body, added a generous equipment.
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    Renault 16

    Renault 16 - 1965-1980
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