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    / #Mercedes-Benz-600-W100 / #Mercedes-Benz-W100 / #Mercedes-Benz-600-Pullman / #Mercedes-Benz-600-Pullman-W100

    Buckley’s market matters

    I nearly struck a deal with a man in Birmingham on two #Mercedes-Benz 600s a couple of months back, both of which were right-hooker 1960s examples with royal or presidential connections. The first disappointment on arrival was to find out that they were limousines rather than long-wheel-base #Pullmans ; the short-wheel-base cars are relatively plentiful and not huge money for what they are.

    The next downer was that the car said to have 1000 miles on it was the shed of the two, and way beyond any economical repair. But then again, what 600 is economically repairable? The story was that the blue car (the aformentioned shed) had given its first owner problems early on, been parked up and left to deteriorate, having been quickly replaced by a second 600.

    I was surprised to see that the other, much more together-looking brown car fired up happily, although it was not left running long enough to see if any life went back into the suspension airbags and the hydraulics. I couldn’t readily see any chassis plates on the cars but I could see lots and lots and lots of money to spend just to make the ‘good’ one of the pair a driving prospect.

    I’m not quite sure why, but I suggested a swap with my Mercedes-Benz 220SEW111 Coupé – probably because I knew the man wouldn’t bite. Luckily for me he didn’t. I suppose, deep down, I do sort of want a 600 – if only as a box-ticking exercise.

    I suspect the cars are still sitting where they were, although I have a feeling they will end up as donor vehicles. Prices and availability of 600 parts being what they are, if you have the time, the patience and the skill, it is probably the only way you would ever make commercial sense of these dinosaurs.

    I also went to Southend in Essex recently and was amazed by the number of old cars floating around. Within the space of 20 minutes’ driving I saw a fastback Sunbeam Rapier, a Vanden Plas Princess 4 Litre R, an HB Vauxhall Viva and a Hillman Minx. And just when I thought it was all over, an old boy trundled past in an immaculate L-registered Triumph Toledo.

    The prospective purchase of two Mercedes 600s (luckily) fell flat recently, thus leaving Buckley’s itch yet to be scratched.
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    CLASSIC CAR ROAD TEST #Mercedes-Benz-600-W100 / #Mercedes-Benz-W100 / #Mercedes-Benz-600-Pullman / #Mercedes-Benz-600-Pullman-W100

    Large luxury liner is rarely interesting for sports car enthusiasts, but #Mercedes-Benz finest is a true dream car.

    Maybach #Maybach hither and thither; the real luxury car all categories Mercedes-Benz name and name is still 600 and debuted in September #1963 and then manufactured in 18 years - and only 2677 copies car built. It was both short (well!) And long bodies, with four or six doors and some with more or less open party over bat. Even a light touch on compact two-door 600 was shown but never went into mass production. This and all other to an inquiring wants out told in automobile article number 12.05. Model 600 was packed with comfort features that almost all ruled, but not with hydraulically.

    Reportage The car was imported to Sweden in the late 1980s and during the test run found automobile framers a signed idol... Dance king Christer Sjogren.

    He was one of the former owners of this particular copies. Let's start with the SHIFT move the us 42 years back in time. More specifically to the 28th August, 1963, a few weeks before IAA will open its doors the public. In Belgian Ardennergatan Bergen Ten specially invited automotive journalists gathered for an enviable mission: they'll be the first outsiders to try new big Mercedes limousine. The ten men squirms with anticipation, pre rumors claims that the new W100, the car known internally, should be something extraordinary. Something that should all competition in car world's top most luxury.

    Veil falls and reveals a creation designed without chrome. The exterior is conservative. Although there exists a all part chromium, but it is tastefully distributed in a reserved manner. Glass surfaces are large and the cabin light and airy. The upright windscreen and narrow pillars makes the roof appear to float above the car. Headlights, fog lights and indicator lamps has accumulated during a distinguished cover glass, a solution which was first used on the 300 SL Roadster. Even the taillights are typical Mercedes Installations and there is no doubt from the manufacturer the car will. But to call 600 for an "extended Fenmerca would be an affront to the presence limousine which radiates.

    The interior corresponds to the outside lip service. Dr Fritz Nallinger had been appointed Development Manager and together with, among others, Rudolf Uhlenhaut, Josef Müller and Karl Wilfert had the eight years previously started work the Mercedes super limousine. A car that would define the luxury and dignity that the company wanted to represent. The team's mission was nothing less than to stretch the limits of their imagination. Wild ideas not only encouraged, they were required and crass economics issues was banned in idempotent. The project was a playhouse for the ingenious engineers. Therefore Nallinger at the presentation proud open the car door for the freshly KNA journalists and proudly say: - Get in. Everything is as usual, only completely different. The 5.45 meters “short” version has a wheelbase of 3.2 meters and a width of just over two meters, it is the closest a ballroom stepping in. Just as the appearance suggests the car is not especially high for a limousine. But despite its height of only 1.5 meters f NNS still decently with space for your head.

    The extended Pullman version at 6.24 m has a centimeter in height to amicably, but the wheelbase of the entire 3.9 meters is more impressed. Variants with seven to eight seats and four or six doors were built. In four doors version are the twin rear seats turn against each other while the middle seats in six doors version is facing forward.

    My doors could be ordered without external doorknobs. Most exciting of 1960s journalist must have been to close the door. Or rather, do not do it. Hydraulics sees namely to draw back door the last bit and it closes silently, As with magic.

    Wonders technology with hydraulics had Mercedes received from the airline industry. Sunroof, power windows, driver and passenger seat and to the entire rear seat is controlled by pressurized hydraulic oil. Radio antenna is raised and lowered hydraulically, so even tailgate. The air flows in the ventilation system is controlled by hydraulics and the central locking unlocks not only all doors, even tailgate and fuel filler becomes burglary safe when you turn the key.

    Even the steering wheel angle can be adjusted, but not with the silent hydraulic assistance. And that applies to knowing that you'll screw chrome ring around the steering wheel hub counter-clockwise to release the adjustment. when the impressed motor journalists sits conveniently right behind the wheel this August day in 1963, only to start the engine, add in the drive position and drive away. That the parking brake, which is activated by a pedal, still is, they need not worry about. So fast one for the automatic selector to drive and drive away releases automatically.

    The man asks himself in the cars that roll off, is why Mercedes has chosen to present its giant- limousine on the winding roads of the Ardennes Mountains. Dine hardly the right conditions to present a large, heavy wagon, or?

    It was time for the cart to impress again. 2.6-ton curb weight and swing axle rear spoke to all test of dynamic characteristics, but air suspension together with talented stabilizer saw to it that the giant car held remaining on the road with honor. The hardness of the shock absorbers could be adjusted - hydraulically course - And the ground clearance is varied from 200 to 250 mm. The brakes his power assistance abetting of compressed air.

    The fiesta journalists chose to run the 600 in his lowest position on the curvy roads. Despite the easy-going.

    Servo they thought control brokered a good road feel. The 250 hp engine and contemporary largest brakes with dual caliper front made sure they could keep speeds high into the last on the straights. From standstill went the sprint to 100 kmh in just 10 seconds with a short version and 12 seconds in Pullmanvagnen. Top speed, which admittedly could not Verifi served on mountain roads, was considerable; 207 kmh and 200 kmh for short / long version. After the test ride was the journalists overwhelmed. Car and Drivers envoy wrote: Mercedes 600 has proven itself to be the world's best ", and Auto Revue could read: "The car is like tailored and driver can enjoy a full control of the journey ".

    So appeared Mercedes-Benz 600 for the public in September 1963, and the discerning customers took the car immediately to his heart. They were not only demanding, they were both famous, rich and powerful. Heads of state; crowned and non-encrusted, atheists and believers, communists or capitalists took all car to their hearts. Even celebrities like John Lennon, Elizabeth Taylor and Elvis Presley bought respective copies. And charter king Simon Spies would like to be seen in a 600th production began in 1964. In Sweden car cost 101,700 crowns, about 15 000 more than Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud III. In this class has and had the fiesta customers special wishes and hardly any car was the same.

    At the bottom of the voluminous additional equipment list stands the following: "Individual requests can be taken into Consideration During sales talks «leaving field wide open to the imagination. Shaver, telephone, Tape recorder, intercom, wine chiller and custom-made leather bags are examples of additional equipment in the cars. Also, odd color combinations was accepted and there were copies produced by, for example, grass green upholstery and pink carpets. Poor fitters.

    The air conditioning had separate zones front and rear seats and you also put into cooling in the floor so that the heat from the exhaust system do not would find its way into the interior. Mercedes also did a few special versions Pullman. Landaulet had an opening of a back seat which was appreciated by dignitaries who wanted through the crowds and waving, sitting or standing in the back seat. Landaulet was produced in 59 copies of which seven pieces of Presidential Performance. As the name implies it was a tool and among presidents Another stretched fabric roof up to the driver part. Which meant that all four in the back seat could stand up and wave, or you could sage President jog around the back seat and wave simultaneously. Depending on your taste.

    Among the more famous Pullman President-owners NNS Queen Elizabeth, Mao Tse Tung, Leonid Brezhnev and Joseph Tito. President carriage cost about three times as much as the usual Pullman-limousine. Pope Paul We obtained their purpose-built four-door Pullman Landaulet delivered in September 1965. It had, among other things, raised the roof and a floor made it possible to be in the car without being bothered the transmission tunnel. Instead of a wide sofa back seat had installed a separate height adjustable chair where the pope could sit and receiving Ovation. Paul VI and his successors John Paul II was so pleased with the car the f ck serve in the Vatican for 20 years before finally retired in 1985, and others relocated to Mercedes Museum in Unterturkheim.

    Mercedes 600 was built only on order and although it survived in more than 17 years, it became only 2677 copies. Of these, 428 pieces Pullman, which was a remarkably high proportion. Additionally produced 59 pieces of super expensive Landaulet. The last piece rolled out of the factory 10 June 1981 and the model long career turned well in Mercedes-car only of Gelandewagen (as the G-Klsse) still in production relatively unchanged since 1979th Five Mercedes 600 was sold new to Sweden. The car we drive in the pictures is a short version 1966 bought by a Colombian owners.

    He used it for more than ten years before he sent it to the Special Garages in Germany renovation. When the bill finally arrived after a couple of years of renovations were total 180 000 DEM and the owner refused bail out the car. New one 600 cost just over 140 000 DM at that time. Instead, it ended up in Sweden in the early eighties and were recorded at the end of the same decade. It got to live a still as it lives in a garage and is now for sale at Staffan Kaiser Cars in Nacka 625 000 SEK. A not entirely unknown dance band singer After more than 15 years of ownership changed in 600: against a Porsche.

    The piano black piece is fairly standard in the performance, but despite it both I and editorial director Calle Carl Quist excited of sight. Mercedes 600, which was the reason that I held out in front of the TV all these years series Falcon Crest was shown, and the real the proceeds of the "Witches of Eastwick", has been a dream long ago. With the ruler straight lines and with a size beyond 600 should Maybach easily become a parody of itself. But the absence too much embellishment in the lines rescues it on the correct side of the border; although the actual size is sumptuous.

    The car has been stationary for a long time and the air has gone out of the front springs. Stuket is initially a bit tough leaning forward while Staffan Kaiser starting engine and leaves the responsibility for the car to me. First get the engine to warm up at idle, then hold I speed at 2000 the suspension has traveled up to normal height.
    Slumber was deep. According to the vehicle register , our 600 has only been in traffic a single day since it was registered in Sweden on June 17 1988 and drowsily. It is not only noisy motor, due either loose contact or an earth fault is activated powerful compressor horn occasionally to fill neighborhood with a toot worthy of a Finnish ferry. After filling up the 112-liter tank I sit in the driver's seat and give me grapple with the task of getting me the tedious seatbelt. Secured in place we roll to finish off. The driver's side window is halfway and the cabin heater is not working. The raw cold autumn air soon fills the cabin and we shiver. Should it be here in a luxury car? The power windows are equal sleepy as the rest of the hydraulic system and the taking just over a quarter of the button before pressing the side finally closed. Hydraulic-steering of driver seat is stone dead until I press the back with his legs while I press the button.

    All of a sudden wake up the system and the driver's seat can operated without using muscle power. As it would be one time. As the mile eaten up by the hood wake the car to life and extend their creaky joints. V8 growls softly at a steady pace, but when I Pressing the gas released a veritable thunderstorm loose. I and Calle looking at each other and laughing delighted, Compressor horn line into cake. It is not often that two seasoned motoring journalists giggles of joy.

    The gigantic knob is as wide as my shoulders and it requires a celestial cranking to giant control. Even so, I agree with the praise the steering feel that is very good for such a large and old wagon.

    B Rome are the glimmering. The pedal is entirely without glitches in the game, and the dual front calipers pinching hard if the discs. The deceleration in the sports car class. Confidence in the car grow and move easily fall in conscience external domains. The furnishings are hand-made. The smells good leather and beautiful precious wood to breathe skilled carpentry. The finest beauty in the rear seat armrest moves when extended. Calle Carl Lindquist takes over the steering wheel and I puts me in the back seat. There are none Safety belts in the rear, however, is the cigar lighter in all doors.

    Healthy thinking was different forty years since. The sofa back is as soft as ompysslande the driver's seat. The trip goes smoothly but firmly and air suspension takes care of the unevenness of the road without a hint of sway.

    While Calle trample the gas. The tachometer takes kit and gear changes occur at 4000 r / min, although the red mark is on 4,800 r / min. The backrest embraces me firmly and feels like sitting in a starting jumbo jet. That ten seconds to 100 kmh may feel like this impressive I had never imagined.

    After the engine and land way driving we head towards the town. On Strandvagen in Stockholm are 600 king. People photographing eagerly with their mobile cameras while I Silvia Waves through the flat side windows. So ignominious as that engine is increasingly idle rough. Kokorningen goes hackigare and hackigare and at the Berwald Hall, front at the traffic lights, the engine up fully.

    After a series of unsuccessful attempts to wake the monster to life the 600-ball with the halo askew ride fl akbargare back to bilfi RMAN. Perhaps it is a plain wrong, maybe it's something serious. This standing still for too long, and a technically advanced car should be exercised sometimes for health reasons. The gorgeous 600-ball is in clear need of a understanding, co-owner and itching checkskrivarfi ngers. But besides that the check would bounce harder than a squash ball, I know that the purchase price only the beginning of expenditure. Owning a 600 requires a fatter wallet than mine and I leave car back, still fi NNS left in my dreams. The car gets a lot of attention, especially when it flapping horn wakes up.

    It saved me from Christmas
    Peter Haventon switched to an 600 Even our own motor artist Peter Haventon has been the owner of a Mercedes 600th "It was a short 600 model year 1970 I took two years. The car was sold new in Palo Alto in California and were beige with dark brown leather upholstery. If got it, plus some money in exchange against one of my fixer, a Mercedes 500k in poor condition.

    I think 600: an ugly from the front. It is angular, and the windshield is far too upright. The car is much better looking obliquely from behind. Short overhangs front and long rear overhang is neat, it's just BMW, who have taken a beautiful car proportions in modern times.

    250 horsepower was a lot at that time and even if the car was heavy, it was a hell of a draft in the. The car worked well when I got it, but Then I let it stand over the winter in a garage. The was not good, the cars will not actually stand still. The hydraulic system began to leak and I discovered that an old Mercedes could break less often as an old Ferrari. And be just as expensive to repair. Even so, I had a while decided to Never sell the car. I bought a stainless steel exhaust system from Ferrita who went to SEK 30 000, but I had barely fit it before the car was sold. I was namely offered a Jaguar XK 120 plus money for 600 W100, and so was the away from my garage.

    It actually felt not so dangerous to get rid of the. My best memory was Christmas Eve. It was right boisterous family reside in the house and finally got I have enough. I went down and sat in the car and just enjoying the silence and the smell of leather upholstery. After a while, I had recovered myself and could return to julfi procedure with new forces. Only two cars went to start Günther Maier cold tested the 600-ball German-born Günther Maier was under many years of PR for Mercedes Swedish general agencies. He started his career at Mercedes in 1953 and ended eventually in Sweden.

    He worked together with Mercedes test team up in the newly established test area up in Arjeplog and included with the cold tests Mercedes 600th "We never had any problems with the cold hydraulics in 600-ball, it was of course taken from airline industry and survived the cold well. Actually 600: an one of the cars that survived the severe cold best. One winter morning in 28-degree cold, we had Mercedes are made entire set-up to test which cars that went to boot. There were only two of all who did it, 600 W100, and a 200 200-ball had tested during the night and was still a little warm in the engine, which gave it an advantage.

    Uhlenhaut was angry that so few cars had started and demanded that the problem would be remedied. We set including the larger batteries and the year after started all cars without problems. Once it became really exciting. One of our test routes up in northern Sweden went over a couple combined road and railway bridges. After the bridge parted paths, car road turned right while the railroad continued straight ahead. A test driver division and continued straight front - on the railway track. Could not better than the 600-ball got stuck on the stomach over the track - and the train was coming. They managed to stop the train, and the driver picked up without a word until a large chain which he attached to the bumper of the car. Then he trailed off the big 600-ball from track and continued his journey. Such incidents had probably happened before. '

    A customer built a Landaulet which was built on the short body. The owner let install a control similar to a motorcycle handle, so the car could be driven only with his hands. Essential details of the Mercedes-Benz 600

    ... Standard equipment
    Windshield washers. Windshield wiper with two speeds.
    Heated with verging on invisible threads.
    Asymmetrical passing. Fog lamps. Front and rear limit
    lights. Flasher. Parkingljus. Brake lights. Back-up
    lights. Instrument lighting with dimmers. Outlet for
    inspection lamp in the engine compartment. Illuminated glove compartment.
    Map Reading Lamp. Lighting luggage space.
    Lighting foot space, 2 front and 2 rear.
    Ceiling rear. Adjustable reading lights in the rear roof pillars.
    Speedometers. Tachometer. Selector Indicator. Oil pressure gauge. Tank Gauges. Cooling Water Temp. Warning lights for battery, turn signals, high beam, hydraulic system, air suspension and brake servo. Reserve fuel. Electric bell. Km counter. Trip distance. Thermometer outdoor temp. Button for height adjustment body. Button for electric heated rear window.

    Compressor Horn and two electric horn. Automatic decline of flashers.
    Four hydraulically controlled safety locks in the doors. Central control of door locks, tailgate and fuel filler flap. Manual lock opening of the doors from the inside. Steering wheel lock combined with the ignition switch and function to prevent accidental starter operation with the engine running. Lockable glove box.
    Automatic windows on all side windows and so, also the box between the driver and passenger compartment. Rear seat with armrest fully adjustable. Hydraulic adjustable damper via a lever on the steering column

    Front: Heating and ventilation system with fl opportunity and Dual heat exchangers. Rear: Heating and ventilation systems opportunity and heat exchangers. Ventilation systems with atmospheric pressure. Temperature selector with temperature compensation for the different speeds. Defroster side window.

    Storage space between the front seats.

    in all side doors. Storage shelf above the transmission tunnel. Glare rear view mirror. Side mirrors adjustable from inside. Two padded sun visors, makeup mirror on the passenger side. Grab handles in the ceiling, but the clothes hook back. Interior door handles all doors. Armrests in the doors on all seats. Invik armrest in the center rear. Double adjustable Rear head restraints. Ashtray in all doors. Cigarette Lighters in all doors. Steering wheel adjustable in height. Footrests for the rear seats. Curtains for rear side windows and the rear window.

    Middle section with hydraulically operated glass partition in the glass, bar and double shelves for makeup boxes (Pullman). Dual rear-facing single seats, or two folding forward-facing single seats (Pullman 4 doors / Pullman 6 doors) Optional Equipment High volume horn. Air conditioning for cooling minibars. Kata Color glass. Intercom. Sunroof, hydraulically operated. Radio Auto Antenna Up. Natural leather.
    Production statistics for all years produced W100
    year 600 and 600 Pullman
    1963 2:01 a.m.
    1964 99 8
    1965 345 63
    1966 293 30
    1967 138 21
    1968 184 39
    1969 279 57
    1970 198 38
    1971 186 51
    1972 172 38
    1973 64 18
    1974 00:28
    1975 25 17
    1976 33 14
    1977 36 19
    1978 28 12
    1979 36 17
    1980 33 11
    1981 15:05
    Total 2190 487 of which 59 pieces Landaulets

    Prices (in DM)
    time 600 600 Pullman
    1964 56 500 63 500
    1968 57 600 64 700
    1969 58 100 65 300
    Aug 63 800 1970 71 300
    1971 Apr 67 000 75 000
    May 1972 83 300 94 000
    Aug 87 300 1973 98 800
    1974 Feb 99900114400
    February 1975 110 500 127 100
    January 1976 127 650 146 520
    February 1977 133 500 153 200
    April 1978 141 300 162 200

    For 16 years,

    Gunther Maier responsibility Mercedes Hospital disrikt and helped to start the Mercedes cold test facility in Arjeplog, the first of its kind in the area. The car gets a lot of attention, especially when it flapping horn wakes up.

    1. Ordinary and yet so special. This particular car is right sparse equipped - in all cases to be a 600th Air suspension, with button adjustable height at the driver's knees, had been tested and received its baptism of fire in the predecessor of 300 GB.

    2. V8 of 6.3 liters and 250 hp had mechanical injection and twin generators. The machine ended later the 300 SEL 6.3.
    3. Rear light in tight Mercedes design. Chromium lightens up the impression something and figures command respect.

    4. The luggage compartment holds 580 liters, although much space stolen from the standing-sized spare wheel and its leather-clad storage box. They who wanted to could purchase to tailored luggage set which fitted perfectly into the rectangular space ..

    5. A standing row with the meter in the regular Mercedes Tradition. The only gauge we needed to worry about was the upper left. It took half a tank of 20 mil.

    A 600 requires the right environment, in a townhouse, it becomes just ridiculous. The picture to the left is taken from a original brochure from 1963. Mercedes-Benz 600, #Der-Grosse-Mercedes . BAP different length. Pullman-version to Left is 0.7 meters longer than the 'short' car. It was also built two delicious prototypes in a two-door coupe version with a wheelbase 2.98 meters.

    CAR #1963 Mercedes-Benz-600-W100 ( #Pullman in brackets)
    Price 101,700 SEK (1964)
    V8 / 8-cylinder with 90 degree angle. Block and peaks in light metal. #Bosch fuel injection. Single overhead, chain-driven camshaft per bank and two valves per cylinder. Five-bearing crankshaft. Bore / stroke mm 103/95
    Volume 6330 cm3
    Compression 9.0
    Maximum power 250 hp at 4000 r / min
    Max torque 51 kgm (501 Nm) at 2800 r / min
    0-100 km h /0-mph 10 s (12 s)
    Top speed of 207 kmhour (200 kmh)
    Weight Power 10.4 kg / hp (11.08 kg / hp)
    Liter Power 39.5 hp / liter
    Consumption among others. Run 17.8 (18.2) l / 100 km
    Front engine. Rear-wheel drive with limited slip differential. Four-speed automatic box. Two-piece propshaft (Three-piece propeller shaft).
    Speed at 1000 rpm in high gear: 41.4 kmh.
    DIMENSIONS in mm
    Length 5 450 (6 240)
    Width 1950
    Height 1 500 (1 510)
    Wheelbase 3 200 (3 900)
    Track front / rear 1 587/1 581.
    Weight 2 600 (2 770) kg.
    Fuel tank 112 liters
    Individual suspension, air bellows with extra springs in rubber, level control, hydraulic shock absorbers and stabilizers. Double wishbones front, swing axle rear.

    Power-assisted, 3,2 steering wheel turns lock-to-lock. Turning circle 12.7 m (14.6 m)
    Wheel front / rear 6.5 inches
    Tyres front / rear 9,00 H 15
    Slices around. Dimensional 291 / 294.5 mm, double calipers.
    The TV was mounted between middle seats, and although Sonyn could boast of words Transistor TV learn the image quality of the black and white screen has been pretty mediocre.

    Brezhnev TEDDY. In Sweden there were over Sixties phone system MTA Stockholm and Gothenburg and in 1969 there were 125 subscribers connected. the range is from the radio mast was 30 km. Brand Affiliation is obvious but more edgy than this was none other Mercedes. One of the explanations why 600 was in 17 years. Presidential carriage cost about three times as much as a regular Pullman Analog clock from VDO. In the background, outside temperature gauge that is flanked of separate ventilation controls driver / front seat passenger.

    Stylish headlamps. The US version had round fog lights (See Peter havetons example, on the site). During Hood sat Mercedes's first series-produced V8.

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