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    Closely based on the #Porsche-Sport-Turismo-Concept , on sale in #2017 / #Porsche-Sport-Turismo / #Porsche-Panamera-Sport-Turismo / #Porsche-Panamera-II / #Porsche-Panamera / #Porsche

    Porsche's stunning #Panamera Sport Turismo concept is go for production. First seen at the 2012 Paris motor show, the 'Shooting Brake' style Sport Turismo will be part of an all-new Panamera family, due to go on sale early next year.

    As our spy images show, #Porsche has delivered not only on the elongated roof line of the 2012 concept, but also much of the detailing. That starts with more sculpted, shapely hips over the rear wheel arches compared to the current Panamera. The character lines that flow into the front wing vents are sharper and bolder, too, just like the Sport Turismo.

    What can't be seen, at least not in full, are the front and rear light clusters. However, just visible through the camouflage stickers are horizontal internal headlight graphics that look a dead ringer for those on the concept. The rear clusters on the test mule are more thoroughly obscured. However, it was the Sport Turismo that previewed the so-called '3D' rear clusters now seen on the latest 911 models and the Macan. Prototypes of the standard fastback version of this new Panamera model have clearly also taken cues from the Sport Turismo.

    Inside, the revolution continues. While the original Panamera's body styling met with mixed reviews, its classy, high-quality cabin received universal praise. With the new Panamera, Porsche is upping its incar ante even further. The biggest change addresses arguably the Panamera cabin's one weakness, namely the explosion of buttons on the central console above the transmission tunnel.

    In their place is a slick, flush-mounted panel that massively reduces visual clutter. But here's the clever bit. Instead of physical buttons, the panel uses capacitive touch technology just like a modern smartphone or tablet. However, it's not clear yet whether the panel is underlayed with full LCD displays or merely backlit status lights.

    Either way, just above the console is a new high resolution touchscreen which is thought to share its core technologies with upcoming models from sister brand Bentley. That's because the “the next-generation Panamera” is based on a platform that will also sire new Bentley models. That said, the Panamera's multimedia functionality is likely to mirror the latest #PCM system in the latest #Porsche sports car models with Real Time Traffic, Google Earth and other connected features in the mix.

    All of which just leaves the minor matter of powertrains. The diesel and petrol models, including the mighty Turbo, will again be offered and no doubt with more power and performance than ever. But it's probably the hybrid models that will offer the most technical intrigue.

    The existing Panamera E-Hybrid has already evolved from mild hybrid to offer plug-in charging capability. For the new range, expect a boost in electric power from the outgoing model's 95hp, plus pure- EV range extended beyond 22 miles.

    What's more, odds are Porsche will create more than one hybrid model. Like the combustion powered models, hybrid technology will be offered with differing price and performance mixes. As for pricing, a modest up tick from today's £63,913 base model is a given.

    A launch at the Paris motor show later this year would make for a neat four-year cycle from concept to production. So, we'll put our money on that and sales starting early in 2017. Predicted sales? Well, if it looks half as good as the concept, it should be a winner.

    Worth digging out the concept pics again we think. The Sport Tourismo, as shown at the Paris motor show in 2012 was one of Porsche’s more dramatic styling efforts, and is now certain to reach production.

    Spy shots show the Panamera Sport Tourismo testing. It is clearly very similar to the prototype, with just a false rear panel to put keen-eyed car spotters off the trail.

    PURE-ELECTRIC PANAMERA? / #Porsche-Panamera-Electric / #Porsche-Panamera-Pure-Electric /

    With multiple hybrid models likely to be in the next-generation Panamera model mix, can we expect to see a pure-electric Panamera at some point in its life cycle? In a word, no.

    For a pure-electric Porsche, you'll have to wait until 2020 and the launch of an all-new production car inspired by the recent Mission E concept. That's because the engineering requirements for pure-electric cars are so radically different, a bespoke platform is required. That platform, to be shared with the next-generation VW Phaeton which will also be all-electric, is currently being engineered for use across the entire VW Group of brands.

    Still, Mission E should be worth waiting for. If it looks anything like the concept, it'll be a stunner. And with 600hp and a range of around 350 miles, Mission E is certainly more mile muncher than milk float.
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