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    The #1969 #Citroen-Ami-8-Club / Ami unloved / #Citroen-Ami-8 / #Citroen-Ami / #Citroen

    Citroën Ami 8

    755,925 examples (Sedans and wagons)

    Less known and less loved his little sister Ami 6, Ami 8 however not without assets. Classic Auto Plus invites you to take the wheel of one of the first versions.

    For me, the Ami 8, is first good memories of kid. Child, I lived Chinon, little sub-prefecture of Indre-et-Loire, and I was participating in judo competitions with my best friend François, whose parents were real fans of the brand to the rafters. Dad, general practitioner deemed Town, was visiting his patients 2CV or Dyane. His wife, mother of seven children, managing their leisure, the sports movement, with Ami 8. I remember like it was yesterday our hectic trips on the small roads of Touraine. Kimonos and the picnic basket at the bottom of the trunk, buddy and I took his place on the bench for an hour loads of fun to the rhythm of our sloshing through the corners. Without seatbelts obviously not yet mandatory in the late 1970s, it slid hard in the back of the Citroën.

    When Thierry, recently retired from L'Auto-Journal, suggests I try the splendid Ami 8 1969 with less than 40,000 km on the clock, I rejoice in advance. So I'll finally be able to relive and understand - not as a passenger, but this time at the wheel - jerking and swaying supported Citroën 3 CV still etched in my memory. Playing the trombone and shot Starter foot down on the accelerator, I turn the ignition key to start the engine. The cubic capacity is ridiculous (602 cm3) and the horses are hardly many under the hood (only 32), but the twin is damn hear clanking sound with his characteristic. There are those who hate and those who love the rustic melody of this small flat-twin air-cooled. I belong to the second category. More than slowed, however wheelchair that can take full advantage of the noise of twin, he should not hesitate to scream on the interim reports to best exploit its low power.

    During my first laps, probably inspired by a gearbox in accurate guidance (although the former is out of sync), I tend to play a little too quickly the slide trombone in passing the first reports without me regardless of the slope. Fatal error: the slightest coast, Ami 8 shows signs of fatigue, and his proud owner present with me advised me to hustle a little engine by staying longer in it second to breathe better on the climbs. Thus launched, he did more out of steam and is even then shown great force on the flat, where the third and fourth reports can quickly lead you to prohibited paces on the county. If the Ami 8 easily exceeds the 100 km / h, the highway is clearly not his favorite playground. She appreciates especially on country roads, where its flexible suspension gum marvelously uneven road surfaces. She does well with strong leadership, but precisely, allowing you to link turns with certainly some oscillations of the body (which remind me of my memories of teenage judoka), but without any deflection. What happiness! Braking also surprised me not effective, at least on dry road, where net Ami 8 stops.

    Inside, if soft seats are comfortable and plenty of storage in this model Club, the equipment is kind of summary: speedometer, fuel gauge, voltmeter and washer, but no watch, no witness oil pressure or cigarette lighter socket. Not fancy, then, but a delightful atmosphere typical Citroën 1970 More than a restyled version of the Ami 6 without reverse bezel and front brake discs, the Ami 8 has an engaging personality which undoubtedly deserves to be rediscovered.

    I crack


    Cheapest on the market of the collection that Ami 6, Ami 8 sedan is a tempting choice. As it is rarer in the ads, be patient to find one in good condition and with few kilometers. Given its limited performance, I would be more attracted to the 4-cylinder with a Super Friend, but it is not the same price.


    14/20 of future investment
    Daily 15/20
    Availability of parts 14/20

    Mellow, the rear seat is particularly comfortable. More than a remote Ami 6, it gives more room for passengers legs. But great will not be comfortable height.
    Progress compared to the Ami 6: less vertical position of the steering wheel. On the first Ami 8, the windows were still sliding.

    We like smooth suspension, comfort, quirky style.
    We do not like the lack of engine power, no tailgate.

    The owner Thierry
    A charming ugliness

    Owner of a DS, I really wanted to sample the delights of the twin. I was looking for a 2CV, Dyane or a Ami 6 and I fell for the Ami 8 in exceptional condition. She is not beautiful, but has a lot of charm. I find it fun to drive, I use it for shopping and reserve my DS for long journeys.
    The small twin regales you with its sound but hardly up the coast. With 32 hp, it lacks power. Tailgate fault, the trunk is not convenient to load and its capacity does not allow them to include more than four bags.

    If the price differentials with the Ami 6 are still important, the rating of the Ami 8 will rise in the near future. Spare parts are readily available at reasonable prices and it is not difficult to maintain.


    Read Books
    • Citroën Ami 6 and 8, successes herringbone, Dominique Pagneux, ETAI
    • The Citroën Ami 6, 8 and Super my father, Dominique Pagneux, ETAI Technical Reviews
    • Automotive Expert No. 53
    • JOIN our 278 and 377, ETAI Websites GP and clubs
    • Parts

    Engine 2-cylinder flat opposite, 4S
    Displacement 602 cm3
    Fiscal power 3 HP
    Maximum power 32 hp at 5,750rpm
    Torque 41 Nm at 4,000 rpm
    Carburetor Power
    Transmission In the front wheels, 4-speed
    Brakes front / rear discs / drums
    Tires 125 x 15
    Dimensions L x W x H 3.99 x 1.52 x 1.49 m
    Weight 720 kg
    Maximum speed 123 km / h
    Acceleration 1000 m 45.2 s D. A.
    Cons. average of 6.3 l / 100 km
    Tank 32-litres
    Safe 280 dm3
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    Citroen Ami

    Citroen Ami - production 1961 - 1978
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