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  • JAILBIRD #1981 #Holden-Commodore-VC / #Holden-Commodore / #Holden

    It’s true. This kind of perfection shouldn’t be legal.

    You might say some cars are asking for it. Well, this VC has been on the local constabulary’s radar for almost a decade now. Queensland’s fi nest haven’t exactly taken a liking to it in the past, but with the car’s latest build that has all changed. It’s not only more powerful overall, but now moderately legal, too.

    Truck driver Lee Jenkinson (36) grabbed the VC in 1998 and wrapped up the most recent build late last year. You’ll notice that a lot remains the same, but in the engine bay and under the car are a range of new toys that would bring a smile to any fan’s face. The turbo LS package is good for 580whp (E85) and nines in street trim, and that, my friends, is very, very quick.

    Says Lee, “After my photoshoot eight years ago my car has undergone a big transformation. I went for a drive in my mate’s VK (OVK253), a 1000hp street-driven VK, and I had to have this set-up with an LS turbo.

    “First the car went to Silky Fab to be full tubbed, with a shortened and braced 9in, 31-spline axles and Strange centre with the 19x13in Simmons. A new moly tailshaft was built to handle 1500hp. I was sick of the rebuilding the old Trimatic, so an unbreakable Turbo 400 was built by Geartorque to handle 2000hp. Hopefully there are no more box dramas.

    “The engine is a stock Holden LS2 with rod bolts studs head gaskets and a small custom grind Comp Cam. It’s run [email protected] at Willowbank rolling 100m due to the wrong diff gear choice. New diff gears should see early nines, maybe with more boost. The car has been tuned by Ben Hunt at Rotary Motorsport. Yes, a rotary tuner, but he’s one of the best tuners in the business. The car is now a pleasure to drive.”

    At the moment the car only revs to 6000rpm, which is nice and safe t s, head studs, big just the way Lee wants it. Built by Jason at CPE Engines, it’s a dream. The 4.5in exhaust now splits to dual 3in with shotguns out the rear. You’d think it would blow eardrums out, but it’s very quiet and manageable. “I can actually take my wife out on cruises now,” laughs Lee. The paint and interior remain the same.

    One thing that always grabs attention are those wheels. Everyone loves a true beaut set of Simmons, and these ones are top of the pile. The rears are 19x13in Simmons FR19 that leave little room in the full tubs. Rubber to squeeze onto them doesn’t come cheap, as you would imagine, but that doesn’t mean Lee is about to go light o g g n the throttle either.
    In all, it’s come together a treat. “I’m so happy with how my car is under the bonnet now. It’s quiet and best of all I get no attention from the QPS. That said, one QPS did say “beautiful car, but the rear wheels may be too wide.” Hmm, you don’t say…

    Thanks: “Ben Hunt at Rotary Motorsport (3205 1133), Silky at Silky Fab (0490 238 209), Jason at CP Engines (0434 079 884), Fez for the trick paint, Kent and Dallas for helping along the way, boys from HiTorque, and a big thanks to my wife Sam for letting me spend all our cash on my pride and job again.”


    ENGINE: #6L-LS2 eight-cylinder.

    PERFORMANCE: 580whp (E85), 9.9 @ 120mph.

    ENGINE HARDWARE: Four-bolt mains, #ARP mains stud kit, Comp Cam custom turbo grind camshaft, #Haltech PS2000 engine management system, CNC Billet Inc manifold, eight 2000cc injectors, #Garrett-GTX47 at 9psi, single 4.5in exhaust system split at the diff into twin 3in, Monster head gaskets, #Plazmaman intercooler, #PWR radiator, custom intake and piping.

    DRIVETRAIN: Turbo 400 three-speed, The Convertor Shop 3200rpm stall convertor, manualised valvebody, full race box, full Strange moly one-piece driveshaft, braced 9in, 31-spline Strange centre (3.25), full spool.

    SUSPENSION: Pedders coil-overs and swaybar front, QA1 coil-overs rear with Pedders swaybar, factory SL/E brakes.

    WHEELS/TYRES: 19x8in front and 19x13in rear #Simmons-FR19 wheels, 245/30 front and 325/25 rear Nitto Invo semi-slicks.

    BODYWORK: Glasurit custom mix in two-pack.

    INTERIOR: Haltech dash, Auto Meter tacho, oil, water and boost gauges, TRS harness, wooden steering wheel, custom console, ratchet shifter.

    You’d think it would blow eardrums out, but it’s very quiet and manageable. “I can actually take my wife out on cruises now ”

    “I went for a drive in my mate’s 1000hp street-driven VK, and I had to have this set-up with an LS turbo”

    Red-on-red is always great in a VC oldschooler like this, but there’s nothing oldschool now about what’s under the hood.

    The Glasurit custom mix remains and still sizzles eyeballs in the sun. How’s this for a fun box?
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