MGA Club - Best seats in the house — starring MGA '1600', the fastest, safest, smartest looking sporting machine ever to...
MGA Club - Best seats in the house — starring MGA '1600', the fastest, safest, smartest looking sporting machine ever to wear the Octagon. Produced by BMC, world’s largest and most experienced manufacturer of sports cars. Scenario and direction by you, according to your mood for fun or competition. Special effects: A real barnstorming engine, road-hugging suspension, precise steering, fade-free disc brakes...and an award-winning performance every time you hit the road. Ask your BMC dealer for an audition. You’ll exit smiling, going abroad? Have a BMC car meet.

Back seat drivers, g’bye! This one is deliberately designed for a carefree twosome to slip into snug bucket seats, take the helm, give it the gun, flash through teeming traffic and head for their favorite wide open spaces. Alone. This is the sports car for a guy and a gal who dare get away with an MG, knowing that everyone’s watching them. Enviously. The MGA 1600 Mk. II is one of four brand new members of the famous BMC family along with the MG Midget, the Austin Healey 3000 Mk. II and the Sprite...mighty fast company all. Drop everything for a getaway test drive today. You’ll find your home-town BMC dealer to be a happy accomplice.

By sports cars? Wake up and live. Go see your, hometown BMC dealer for the down-to-earth facts on all sports cars. Compare! Compare BMC warranties and parts and service facilities with all other makers.

Compare prices, models, colors, power and performance as most sports car experts already have. See for yourself why there are more BMC sports cars on the road than those of all other makers combined. Then sell yourself with a test drive. You'll be sold for keeps! Day and night. Night and day.
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  •   Ben Barry reacted to this post about 4 years ago
    car #MGA-1600 / #MGA / #MG
    Year of manufacture #1960
    Recorded mileage 48,500
    Asking price £27,995
    Vendor Cheshire Classic Cars, Chester; tel: 01244 529500;

    Price £940 7s 6d
    Max power 78bhp
    Max torque 90lb ft
    0-60mph 14.2 secs
    Top speed 101mph
    Mpg 24-27

    This rather attractive A has had just three owners, all of whom knew each other, and its 22-year-old restoration – costing £20,000, and detailed in the history file with pictures plus invoices – is holding up extremely well. It’s not the original colour but the shade suits it.

    The body is particularly straight – just check the reflections down the side in the photograph. Panel-fit, mostly of the original metal, is all excellent, likewise the door-fit. The structure is clean and straight underneath, with dead-flat floorpans plus no dings or rot in the chassis, where we also discover a newish-looking stainless-steel exhaust. The rechroming work is good, with only a few polish marks visible and one small area of pitting on the right end of the front bumper. It’s also good to see body beading that hasn’t been painted over.

    The paint is mostly deep and even, although there are one or two tiny bubbles beginning to appear, the worst under the nearside headlight. The hood and sidescreens are the factory items, but still tidy. It has almost perfect Semperit radials all round, and an unused Roadstone on the spare.

    Inside, the leather has hardly any wear, and is just beginning to creasein nicely. The dashboard is all original, the steering wheel is crack-free and the carpets are pristine. The heater-control surround had been broken when we saw the car, but will be replaced before sale.

    The B-series unit is refinished to factory standards – not too shiny – with clean oil and bluish coolant to the correct levels. Braided fuel hoses are a thoughtful touch as well. There are no leaks from the motor – the floor was dry where the car had been standing – and just a couple of drips from the rear axle. The engine fires readily and the MGA drives very sweetly, showing 40psi oil pressure at warm tickover and 60psi when driving – with temperature steady at 180ºF. The car drives and brakes in a straight line – with a firm but rattle-free ride – while the synchros are a little crunchy if you rush the changes, although that’s normal. The MGA will be sold with a new MoT and a detailed history file.
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