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    Mercedes-Benz #1974 #USA Promotion W114 / #Mercedes-Benz-W114

    The #Mercedes-Benz-280E-W114 . This year, some new American cars look surprisingly like it. On the outside.
    The original the Mercedes-Benz. The LOOK ALIKE tried to imitate its exterior. But essentials like its engine, brakes and suspension system continue to escape them.

    The “Look-alikes” are here... sedans whose shapes and sizes are remarkably close to that of the Mercedes-Benz 280. It was bound to happen. We expected it. The silhouette may look the same, but that is where the similarity ends.
    You simply can’t make a car into a Mercedes-Benz by imitating its appearance. Or its interior. Or any other single element.

    You, the driver, can prove this to yourself. Test drive a 280 Sedan. Then put any of the newcomers through the same demanding test. The difference will be driven home. The engineering difference.

    We don’t fault others for trying to follow the lead of the 280. In feet, we applaud the move toward sensibly sized sedans. That’s progress.

    But we really must question the idea that another car is like a #Mercedes-Benz because it has a grille like one. Or a silhouette like one. An automobile either is a Mercedes-Benz or it isn’t.

    The Emperor’s new clothes

    Look beyond the new suits of clothes that the imitators are sporting. It’s the same old story. Take the engine. You’ll find little that’s new. These cars may still offer you engines designed long ago. That may be hard to believe, but it’s an engineering fact. It's a different story with Mercedes Benz. The contemporary engine in the 280 Sedan was designed specifically for the 280 Series; de-signed as an integral part of the automobile.

    This modem, twin overhead camshaft engine directly meets demands of today’s driving. It gives you fuel economy without sacrificing performance. No “Look-alike” domestic sedan has anything like the engine in a Mercedes-Benz 280. You’ll instantly feel the difference on your first test drive.

    No place to compromise

    Look closely at the rear suspension on any of these “all-new” domestic sedans. They still feature simple wagon axles. The axles are one piece and suspended by groups of leaf springs. When one rear wheel hits a bump, the other is jolted too.

    Now look at the #Mercedes-Benz-280-W114 . Its rear suspension is completely different. Each wheel has its own independent suspension system. That way, each wheel reacts to the road surface independently. This design —fully independent suspension — is also a safety feature. It gives you the security of control because I t helps the standard radial tires stay on the road, where they belong.

    Although 4-wheel independent suspension is far more expensive to engineer into an automobile, it is the no-compromise way. And at Mercedes-Benz, we don’t feel suspension and handling are places to cut comers.
    The only way

    The same can be said for brakes. Certainly no area to compromise. Here is one area where American sedans have made great strides. The “Mercedes-style” new cars you will see in #1975 will probably have disc brakes. But where? On the front wheels. Why are disc brakes confined to their front wheels?

    We have no answer to that question. At Mercedes-Benz, we have designed 4-wheel disc brakes into all of our automobiles for years. Every wheel on every Mercedes- Benz has a disc brake to stop it — 4-wheel disc brakes. We wouldn’t engineer an automobile without them. At Mercedes-Benz, it’s the only way.

    You get what you pay for

    To be sure, a Mercedes-Benz 280 is more expensive than the domestic newcomers that will try to challenge it. Consider the basic differences already mentioned. Add some others like safety engineering, resale value and the Mercedes-Benz commitment to quality. These are fundamentals you can’t just “add on.” In a Mercedes-Benz you get what you pay for.

    More and more you hear about cars that have this or that “just like a Mercedes-Benz.” But you don’t make a Mercedes-Benz by just trying to copy it.

    The Mercedes-Benz 280 Sedan. Make an appointment to test drive one. See why a Mercedes-Benz has become the standard other manufacturers measure by.

    Mercedes-Benz Engineered like no other car in the world. The Mercedes-Benz 280 Sedan: the standard the others measure by.
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