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  •   Paul Cowland reacted to this post about 4 years ago
    APR S5 ROAD TEST #Audi-A5 based #2014
    We test this 480bhp #Audi-S5-APR

    We head out for a road test in APR Tuning UK’s S5… The supercharged 3.0 V6 is one of those engines that responds fantastically well to tuning. We ran a full guide back in Issue 4, so when the guys at Awesome GTI invited me to experience their own project, I was keen to see how it performed. This particular S5 belongs to APR UK’s, Wayne Ainsworth. It’s a 2014 model and has been treated to a select few upgrades to increase power.

    As the UK arm of #APR-Tuning , the S5 is running their Stage 2 software. This has been developed to work in conjunction with the popular supercharger pulley upgrade, together with the supporting hardware upgrades of a full APR exhaust system and Carbonio intake.

    I’ve driven several stock #Audi 3.0Ts, in S4s and S5s, so I have a good feel for how they respond in factory tune. The plan was to take the S5 out on a series of town and country roads to see how the upgrades alter its character.

    The S5 is one of those cars that you instantly feel at home in. The driving position is spot on (once I’d adjusted the seat for my little legs!) and everything feels very high quality and easy to navigate. First thing that hits me is the extra urgency. The merest dab of the throttle delivers rapid progress and you’re soon up to the speed limit. But the software has been designed to really deliver its knockout punch when you hammer the pedal. Once there’s a clear stretch of road, I floor it and see what happens. I have to say I’m a bit taken aback; the acceleration is savage. From 20mph, the S5 just grips and goes as we fire up the road reaching the limit in seconds. We try it again at other speeds and it seems, no matter what speed you’re doing, or what gear the S-tronic happens to be sitting in at the time, this S5 will just deliver a massive slug of torque that pins you back in your seat.

    It’s a different sensation to the twin turbo punch of a tuned C6 RS6, but it feels instant, as if we’ve just increased the capacity of the engine. The noise is pretty special too.

    The ’charger creates a spine tingling whine that is further enhanced by the performance exhaust and induction kit sucking in air.

    Having spent time driving the S5 on a variety of different roads and conditions, we pull over on a quiet back road to try the launch control.

    As with all modern S and RS models running the S-tronic gearbox, a full-bore launch is easy to achieve. Simply put the shifter into Sport, then left foot on the brake, right foot on the gas and then release the brake.

    I’ve been a passenger in many cars that have been launched hard, but this one takes me by surprise. The ferocity with which this things hooks up and chucks us down the road is mind blowing. It’s not the sort of thing you’d want to subject your car to on a regular basis perhaps – after all it puts the transmission under immense strain – but it demonstrates just how capable this APRtuned S5 is.

    Power has been dyno’d at a very respectable 480bhp, which in these days of 700+bhp RS6s and the like may not sound huge. But take my word for it, the way this power is delivered is what makes this car truly fast. Let’s not forget that this is a lightly tuned, S-model coupe with stock internals, a full interior and all the other refinements you’d expect.

    Once you drop the hammer, there’s not much that’d keep up on real roads – that epic combination of quattro and S-tronic maximising the potential of every one of those 480 horses.

    This is a deeply impressive package that’s testament to the work that APR Tuning puts into testing and development. If you own an S5, it’s something you should seriously consider.


    2014 #Audi-S5
    Engine 3.0 #TFSI V6 supercharged, #APR Stage 2 software, #APR RSC exhaust system, APR Carbonio intake, Stage 2+ supercharger pulley upgrade
    480bhp, 450lb/ft
    Brakes S5 (Vagbremtechnic big brake kit in development
    Suspension #H&R sports springs
    Wheels and Tyres S5 with 15/20mm spacers
    Tuning Contacts APR Tuning UK

    Above: This S5 is savagely quick Below: APR Carbonio intake is only real give away.
    Left: Interior is refined Above: APR RSC exhaust frees up some more power and sounds great.
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