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    SMOKE MACHINE #Audi A5 3.0 TDI QUATTRO 370bhp, 700Nm diesel! / #Audi-A5-3.0TDI packing 370bhp & 700Nm. Words Davy Lewis. Photography Jape Tiitinen.

    Smoking Skills. A #TDI oil burner that can outpace an S5? That’s exactly what this tuned, 370hp A5 is capable of…

    Let’s get one thing straight – modern Audi TDIs are damned good engines. Common Rail technology, combined with the latest turbos (two of them in many cases) and a decent engine capacity, ensures that, even factory TDIs are rapid. Don’t believe me? Then get yourself over to your local Audi dealer and test drive the latest A6 BiTDI with 316bhp. Or maybe a 4.2 TDI in the A8. These are seriously capable cars with a surprising mid range punch.

    Unfortunately, they tend to cost upwards of 40K. Heck, a fully spec’d A8 4.2 TDI is over £70K!
    But there is another option…

    The 3.0 V6 TDI is a cracking power plant. Found in various A4s, A5s, A6s, A7s, A8s and Q5/Q7s, it can be tuned for impressive power. In fact, when I was looking for an AudiTuner project car – I went for an A6 with the 3.0 diesel.

    It seems I’m not alone in spotting the tuning potential of the derv V6. I’ve spoken with numerous readers with the same engine and they all enthuse about how lively it is and how much potential it offers those of us that like to tweak our cars.

    It was this knowledge of the 3.0 V6’s potential that led Finnish tuner, Tuukka Nivala, to begin searching for his perfect car. It wasn’t easy, as he recalls, “It had to be Imola yellow and it had to be a 3.0 TDI,” he explains. Unfortunately, Imola A5s are rather rare in Finland and as for finding one with a three-litre manual, he may as well been looking for an RS2 with delivery miles.

    After a monumental two year hunt for the perfect car, Tuuka finally struck lucky. The only problem was that it was in Germany. Not one to let geography get in his way, Tuuka got his arse over to Germany and did the deal on the Imola A5. A wise move really; I mean how many of these were actually made?

    With the well loved 3.0 TDI sat on his driveway, the upgrades began in earnest.

    The thing is, Tuuka had been so confident he’d find the perfect project car, that he’d already begun assembling the upgrades. An RSstyle front grille, an S5 front bumper and a full S5 interior in a rather lively shade of Magma red.

    So the first job was to get all of these S upgrades attached to his new purchase. Fortunately, being OE kit it all went on without any fuss or drama and immediately gave the A5 a much more aggressive and purposeful look.

    A devotee of air-ride, there was never any doubt that this A5 would be ‘bagged’. Tuuka’s local roads are challenging to say the least and to get the drop he wanted on coilovers would have been too harsh for a daily driven car. The air-bag kit was also sitting in his garage, having been removed from his last Audi project, an A6 4F. Accuair E-level management was added to have full control over the system, while the Viar compressor is located in the spare wheel well to keep the boot usable.

    “With custom software it now has at least 370hp and over 700Nm”

    With the air-ride offering a huge drop, Tuukka began the hunt for a set of wheels that would blow people away. Not an easy task for someone with a serious wheel fetish! “I started with stock 9x20in Speedlines, then 10x18in Ferrari 360 BBSs, followed by some 9.5x20in Bentley Continental GT limited edition wheels and then a set of 10 and 11x19in BBS Le Mans,” he recalls. “They were all good, but not really the best they could be. Then I found a company called Brada wheels in the USA. I fell in love with their TR5 design. They are custom hand-built 3-piece wheels. At the front I run 10.5x20in and at the rear 11.5x20in – now the wheels sit like they should!” he smiles.

    Next came some further tweaks to the exterior. All of the window trims were done in a gloss black 3M vinyl, before a set of OEM LED rear lights were fitted up – they look much fresher. A stickler for detail, Tuuka then decided to have the entire car resprayed in OE Imola yellow. Which begs the question, why didn’t he settle for any colour when looking for the car in the first place; the reply is that he wasn’t planning a respray then.

    Inside, things have been livened up with the Magma red S5 interior. It’s very bright and not to everyone’s taste perhaps, but we love it. A flat-bottom TT steering wheel joins the party, together with some more black wrapped trim.

    Living in Finland and being into cars, you can’t drive a stock motor. And a big part of the decision to get a 3.0 V6 TDI was its inherent tunability.

    “For the first year I was running with basic software producing around 290hp, but soon that was not enough,” laughs the flying Fin. “I bought another turbo which was custom uprated by Arctic Performance. I ordered a bigger intercooler from Darkside Developments in the UK, plus a full Supersprint exhaust with a DPF delete.” With custom software it now has at least 370hp and over 700Nm of torque. Impressive figures for a petrol S or RS car, let alone a humble diesel.

    “Amazingly the stock clutch still holds up (fingers crossed!). I have a few tricks still up my sleeve – I believe we are going to over 400hp soon,” he continues. “It now does even more miles per gallon than stock, and beats a stock S5 anytime. It doesn’t sound like a diesel anymore either, with only rear mufflers in place the sound is very much like a petrol.” In fact, if you head to YouTube and type in ‘Broo Performance A5 3.0 TDI’ you can see and hear a short clip of another tuned A5 diesel – make sure you turn up your speakers; it sounds like no diesel on earth!

    Using typical Finnish logic, Tukka declares, “If it goes, it must also stop” Wise words! “I bought a set of Lamborghini Gallardo 8-pot Brembos and had custom adapters made to fit them to the A5.” The 365mm discs are from a C5 RS6, while the rears are stock with drilled Zimmerman discs. It’s a serious brake setup and looks ace behind the 20in Bradas.

    This A5 is one of those cars that people may look at and dismiss as a show queen. It certainly has the fancy rims and the air-ride. However, anyone naive enough to challenge it on the road will soon discover it packs one hell of a punch; leaving others behind in a cloud of black smoke. A true flying banana!

    TECHNICAL DATA SPECIFICATION #2015 #Audi-A5-3.0-V6-TDI-Quattro-Coupe / #Audi-A5-3.0-TDI / #Audi-A5

    ENGINE: 3.0 V6 TDI, #Garrett hybrid turbo by #Arctic-Performance , #Darkside-Developments intercooler, full Supersprint exhaust system including downpipe with DPF and cat delete, custom ECU software.

    POWER: 370hp and 700Nm

    TRANSMISSION: 6-speed manual, stock clutch (for now!) quattro 4WD.

    BRAKES: Front: Lamborghini Gallardo 8-piston calipers, C5 RS6 365mm drilled discs. Rear: stock calipers, drilled discs, HEL braided hoses.

    SUSPENSION: Custom air-ride with #AccuAir-E-Level management.

    WHEELS & TYRES: 3-piece #Brada-TR5 , 10.5x20 and 11.5x20in with Falken 245/30 and 285/25 tyres.

    INTERIOR: Full S5 Magma red leather interior, flat-bottom S-line steering wheel from TT, S5 pedals, black wrapped trims.

    EXTERIOR: S5 front bumper, S-line side sills, RS5 grille, rear valance and front bumper grilles painted gloss black, OEM LED taillights.

    TUNING CONTACTS/THANKS: instagram: @dukeworks Finstrippers.

    Above: It sounds ace in the tunnel - take our word!

    Left: Magma red seats came from an S5 Below: Air-ride system is hidden in the boot Bottom: Red detailing livens up the plastics.

    Left: Brada alloys and Lambo brakes make a potent combination. Top: Front end looks FRESH! Above: Tuned 3.0 TDI is a beast.
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