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    Subtle intentions. This tuned A5 3.0 #TDI shows you don’t always need an S or RS badge to have a fast and fun Audi…

    AUDI A5 COUPE Nardo grey 3.0 TDI

    Words Davy Lewis. Photography Dan Sherwood.

    There’s something about a nicely done coupe that never gets old. Maybe it’s something to do with the fact they have only two doors and represent the notion of freedom and style – something that a growing family often puts the brakes on. Or it could be that the designers are given more scope to express themselves with a coupe. Either way, it’s clear that Audi has always been good at them – from the iconic Urquattro that set the benchmark back in the 1980s, right up to the current version of the A5.

    One of the best selling models so far has been the first generation A5. The sleek lines, muscular haunches and purposeful front end sold it for many and it’s no surprise that Ingolstadt churned out a huge number of them. Of course the ones that get all the attention tend to be the S and RS models, but there are others to choose from. One of the highlights is the 3.0 TDI. The V6 diesel is smooth, refined and offers plenty of poke as standard. You may not get the aural satisfaction of an S or RS engine’d car, but as a rapid and capable daily driver, they make a lot of sense.

    Which brings us on to the car you see here. After several unsuccessful years of waiting for the right new car, Marc Wale decided that he would keep his existing A5 and turn it something a bit special This may not be as extreme an undertaking as it first sounds as Marc owns Cheshire-based GM Tuner MW Performance so therefore, shall we say, he had the tools of the trade to take on such a build.

    What Marc wanted to create had to perform as a daily car not purely a show car. He wanted it to retain its Audi heritage so, whilst wanting to build something a little different, it still needed to look as though it could have come straight out of Ingolstadt.

    The first stage was to upgrade the mechanicals. The 3.0 V6 was treated to some bespoke software, a K&N air filter with simple airbox de-restriction, and an S5 exhaust system. With power up to around 300hp and a whopping 600Nm of torque, things were already looking good.

    Next up, the chassis came in for some work. A set of Eibach springs help to reduce pitch and roll, as well as giving a much more sporting ride height. The sleek coupe looks stunning hunkered down over the Raywell wheels, finished in satin anthracite. The A5 is a fairly weighty beast, so a set of TT RS front brakes were adapted to fit, offering improved stopping power. A set of S5 rears were added and help retain the OEM feel of the build.

    Then it was the turn of the interior. After purchasing some very sorry looking and weathered S5 trim at a bargain price from his local breakers, it was brought back to life with a good clean, some leather treatment and various repairs by Chester Autotrim. This was then installed and wired into the car, all programmed up with VAG-COM and complemented by all the S5 carbon fibre inlays – not forgetting the all important S5 logo programmed onto the Audi MMI display, plus hard wired dash cam and Road Angel.

    For the exterior, Marc decided to go for a full respray in one of the most talked about RS colours – Nardo grey. There’s something about this stealthy shade that oozes class in that understated, Audi way and it looks spot on covering the A5. Sprayfiction were entrusted with the job and had it all turned around in just a week – nice work. The grey finish really shows off the sleek lines of the coupe a treat. It was then back to Marc to have the finishing touches completed including the 2012 rear LED light conversion, S5 rear bumper, followed by gloss black folding mirrors and satin black grille and window surrounds. The final stage was a trip to Ceramic Pro North Wales where owner and good friend, Jason, set about the two-day process of detailing the bodywork & interior. The overall result is amazing and the car, once finished, looked literally brand new. So there we have it. Some carefully chosen upgrades have transformed what had become a bit of a tired looking daily into something worthy of a show car, with decent performance to match.

    SPECIFICATION #Audi-A5-3.0-TDI-Quattro / #Audi-A5-8T / #Audi-A5 / #Audi-A5-3.0-TDI-Quattro-8T / #Audi-A5-3.0-TDI-Coupe-quattro / #Audi / #Audi-A5-Coupe / #Audi-A5-3.0-V6-TDI-Quattro-Coupe / #Audi-A5-3.0-TDI / #Audi-A5-3.0-V6-TDI-Quattro-Coupe-8T / #Audi-A5-Type-8T

    Engine 3.0 TDI #V6 , custom S5-style exhaust, modified air box with #K&N filter, custom #Superchips software
    Power 300hp and 600Nm

    Transmission 6-speed manual

    Brakes TT RS front brakes with custom adapters, S5 rear brakes

    Suspension Eibach springs

    Wheels 20in #Raywell design in satin anthracite, #Audi centre caps, 265/30 Dunlop Sport Maxx tyres
    Exterior Painted Nardo grey, S5 rear bumper with gloss black valance, satin grille and window surrounds, gloss black grille and lower front bumper, gloss black folding mirrors, 2012 rear LED lights, de-dadged rear end, PPF applied to the front end, tinted rear windows, chrome RS-style quattro badge on front bumper
    Interior Red leather heated electric S5 seats and door cards, hard wired Road Angel and upgraded MMI system

    Thanks SMV Accident Repair 07903 411975, Ceramic Pro North Wales 01978 661236, Elite Films 0151 321 2151, Superchips UK 01280 816781

    “The Nardo grey paint really shows off the coupe’s lines”

    Above: 3.0 TDI makes an ideal daily driver.
    Left: Red leather S5 interior.
    Above: 20in Raywell wheels.
    Right: 3.0 TDI now makes around 300hp.
    Above: Nardo grey looks ace on the A5.
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