BMW i8 A peek into the future of supercars EPA ECON CITY/HWY: 76 MPG-E 0-60 MPH: 3.8 SEC BASE PRICE $137,500* BODY ...
BMW i8 A peek into the future of supercars
0-60 MPH: 3.8 SEC

BASE PRICE $137,500* BODY TYPE Coupe
The BMW i8 is a window into the future of our craft, the next step along the road for people who love driving. One of our Automobile All-Stars for 2015, the BMW i8 is a sultry mid-engine hybrid with a supercar silhouette. It can drive along silently in full-electric mode or rip around a road course at full tilt with all the pieces of its hybrid powertrain working together. The i8 drives well, looks great, and delivers on its promises of sportiness and efficiency.

Base Engine
1.5L turbo I-3 + electric, 357 hp
Opt Engine None
Drivetrain Mid-engine, RWD
Transmission 6A
Basic Warranty 4 yrs/50,000 miles
IntelliChoice 5-Yr Retained Value 45%
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  •   Stuart Gallagher reacted to this post about 2 years ago
    Car: #BMW-i8 / #BMW
    Date acquired November #2016
    Total mileage 12,526
    Mileage this month 1074
    Costs this month £0
    Mpg this month 37.2

    Three years after driving one for the first time, Richard Meaden revisits the i8. Have his feelings about it changed?


    The future is it quickly becomes the present and then, in equally short order, the recent past. The first time I drove an i8, during eCoty 2014 (the silver car pictured here), it very much felt like I was in some kind of time machine. The looks, the technology and, yes, the driving experience all felt like something very fresh.

    A few years later and that bold Bavarian vision of the future is parked outside my house, thanks to the benevolence of editor Gallagher, who wants to share the i8 love.

    Its presence has certainly taken the sting from losing my old Fast Fleeter, the stonking AMG C63 S (the final report for which you may have read on). I’m struggling to think of two more different takes on the quick, premium, German two-door, but the contrast is very good for revealing what I like and dislike about BMW’s statement of intent.

    Do I miss a big, ballsy combustion engine? When I press the i8’s starter button, yes, of course I do. The AMG was like a shot of adrenalin, whereas the i8 starts with an aural cue much like turning on a laptop. The funny thing is, so long as it has some juice in the batteries, that disappointment lasts just as long as it takes to pull the gear-selector into D and whirr off down my drive on near-silent electric propulsion. No, that novelty never wears off.

    Sadly, the thrum of the i8’s triple-cylinder petrol engine is less endearing – unless you really clog it, at which point it starts to become interesting. I didn’t mind it so much back in 2014, but expectations have grown in 2017. In fact, I’m the first to admit the most satisfying solution could easily be more/all electricity and less/no internal combustion. As it stands, the i8 feels like it’s caught between two worlds – those of an all-electric future and a past rooted in performance cars requiring petrol engines to feel authentic.

    Does it feel quick? When you floor it with all 357bhp, absolutely. The torque-fill from the electric motor really does deliver a decent shove, and the tall gearing adds to the sense of reach and elastic, accessible performance.

    Chassis-wise, it’s competent but a bit of a cold fish. The numb steering is the weakest element, which is a shame as you do feel inclined to drive the i8 at a decent pace on fun roads. The damping is firm but the body is nicely controlled, so it’ll find a flow on a good A-road. Some of the lack of feel can be blamed on the tyres, which generate decent grip in the dry but lack progression when you exceed their limits. And it all gets a bit spooky in the wet, with a glassy feel that offers little clue as to how much grip there is to play with.

    What the i8 does brilliantly is provoke thought and reaction. Kids love it – surely a good thing to enthuse new generations of car nuts – and even those adults I’d have down as diehard petrolheads are intrigued by the looks, technology and driving experience.

    You can’t directly compare the i8 in value-for-money or bang-per-buck terms with conventional rivals. But as a bold attempt at reconciling a love of cars and driving with an environmental conscience, this BMW has plenty going for it.

    Richard Meaden (@DickieMeaden)

    ‘Chassis-wise, it’s competent but a bit of a cold fish. The numb steering is the weakest element’
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  •   Richard Meaden reacted to this post about 3 years ago

    Car #BMW-i8 / #BMW / #BMW-i-Series /
    Date acquired November #2016
    Total mileage 5550
    Mileage this month 3947
    Costs this month £0
    Mpg this month 38.1

    Always intriguing, but never a group-test winner, will a longterm test show BMW’s £104,000 hybrid coupe at its best?

    Life is full of contrasts, and contrasts don’t get much bigger than walking away from six months of RS6 Performance custodianship and into a BMW i8. From 597bhp, 4 litres, eight cylinders and two turbos to 1.5 litres, three cylinders, 262bhp and one 95bhp electric motor. Drive still goes to all four wheels, but with the BMW having two fewer gears to shuffle, that is where the similarities begin and end.

    For the next six months the ferocious acceleration of the Audi will be replaced by the serene and all-but-silent thrust of BMW’s carbon-core hybrid coupe. Beyond that, I’m not sure exactly what to expect at this moment, but I’d like to see some semblance of the i8 being a proper sports coupe and a benefit of ditching some cylinders and lugging some super-sized AA batteries around.

    Evo’s i8 has a number of questions to answer between now and the summer. Is it a sports car?

    Is it a revolution of the breed and the first taste of what we can expect in the future? Can it entertain and delight? Will it fire our imaginations and play a part in great drives? Can it deliver on the thrill of driving? Previous drives of i8s have come close to delivering an answer to some of those questions. But only close. Few of us at evo have walked away from an i8 regaling others with tales of epic journeys and drives never to be erased from the memory. None of us has felt it has ever got under our skin nor become the default answer to the question: ‘Which sports coupe should I buy?’ Over the coming months and many miles we will have the opportunity to discover if BMW’s hybrid coupe is the real deal or a style (and technology) over substance machine.

    What exactly are we running, then? There’s only one i8 trim level and it costs £104,540 basic. BMW’s generous press office, however, has added £12,065 of toys to our car. There’s £1700 for carbonfibre interior trim, £1150 for W-spoke alloy wheels (still 20 inches in diameter), ‘Comfort Access’ at £795, £85 for eDrive exterior sound (need to work that one out), £95 for an internet connection, £895 for a Harman/ Kardon stereo upgrade and £1850 for a Carpo Carum Grey interior.

    And then there is the £5495 of Post Production Applied Special Paint, which required the removal of all the body panels to have them repainted in Twilight Purple Pearl before being refitted. It’s a process currently available only in the UK.

    First impressions are light, as I took custody of the i8 just seven days before typing this, so it’s still all a bit new. The wife is going to complain about the lack of luggage/ shopping space and I’m going to need to remember to charge the batteries to make the most of the i8’s abilities. But it’s going to be an intriguing journey, nonetheless.
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  •   Chris Nicholls reacted to this post about 3 years ago
    Engine of the year award for #BMW-i8 / #BMW / #2016 /

    Following its overall victory and two class wins in last year’s International Engine of the Year Awards, the drive system powering the i8 has again triumphed in its class – the 1.4-litre to 1.8-litre displacement category – in this year’s competition.

    The awards were launched in 1999. Since then a total of 67 class and overall wins have gone to power units developed for BMW models. Each year an expert panel of judges, this time comprising 63 motoring journalists from 31 countries, selects the best examples in numerous categories.
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  •   Stuart Gallagher reacted to this post about 4 years ago
    Individual colours for UK #BMW-i8 / #BMW / #2016 / #BMW-i8-Individual / #BMW-i8-I12

    BMW UK has extended its colour palette i8 with an array of striking new hues. As part of the BMW Individual collection, customers will be able to choose from a multitude of paint finishes including Java green, Speed yellow, Solar orange, Twilight purple pearl, Frozen grey, Frozen black, San Marino blue and Grigio Telesto pearl, to name just a few.

    A variety of finishes are also available, including nonmetallic, metallic or Xirallic, which uses a mixture of synthetic mica or aluminium flakes in the paint. The addition of the new BMW Individual paint programme for the i8 follows the success of the early orders for the Protonic red limited edition and is bespoke to the UK. Commenting on the i8 Individual Exterior Paint Programme, Richard Hudson, Sales Director for #BMW-UK , said: “The i8 embodies the accomplished vision of a modern and sustainable sports car. The new paintwork colours not only complement the BMW i8’s emotive styling and design, they also work harmoniously with the BMW i brand and provide customers with exclusive personalised options.”

    As well as the special paint finishes the i8 can also now be spec’d with black W-spoke wheels, too. The Individual paint finishes start at £5495 on top of the i8’s £105,540 on-the-road price tag.
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  •   Stuart Gallagher reacted to this post about 4 years ago
    Words Kristie Bertucci / Photos Takanori Arima / #Energy-Motor-Sport / #EVO-i8 / #BMW-i8-EVO / #BMW-i8 / #BMW-i8-Energy-Motor-Sport / #BMW / #eDrive / #2016 / #TwinPower

    Stunning is the first word one might think of when seeing BMW's i8 in person. The plugin hybrid from BMW is no ordinary sports car, using eDrive technology that combines the efficiency of an all-electric motor with the power of a TwinPower Turbo engine. While it provides an exhilarating driving experience, its bold looks highlight the vehicle's aerodynamics, with every detail created toward channeling airflow for even more efficiency. It's a thing of perfection in many eyes as is.

    But like other sports cars that have come before it, tuners don't see a thing of perfection, but a blank canvas to build their masterpiece.

    One such company that creates aftermarket parts for the i8 is Japanese tuner Energy Motor Sport, which has been specializing in making Bavarian beauties more unique and personalized since 199S. While some might consider the design of the i8 a perfect balance of sport and luxury, Energy Motor Sport took it upon themselves to enhance the styling by adding lines and a muscular feel. “We wanted to produce a grandiose piece of ‘work’ and felt the i8 was the best car for us to do that with," mentions Energy Motor Sport's store manager Yu Aoki. "We felt that we could complement the beautiful design by refining the front end to be more aggressive and came up with a kit that made it still look like a supercar, but with a futuristic design."

    The result is what they call the "EVO i8" which consists of a front fascia that incorporates sharp, downward fins, a custom hood and flared wheel arches in addition to the two half wings are reminiscent of Ferrari's FXX K track-only hypercar. To visually highlight the modifications, a matte silver wrap that features polished chrome and gloss black accents was chosen and installed by P.G.D. Wraps. “P.G.D is a famous professional wrapping team here in Japan," Aoki says. “They also wrap SEMA builds every year for the ARLON Film booth and had their work showcased on the cover of Arlon’s Automotive Restyling Brochure since they won their social media competition, WrapWars.

    To complete the enhancements, a custom designed set of 21" #BBS x Energy Motor Sport forged concave wheels were matched with Pirelli P Zero tires. The interior was modestly dressed in key carbon fiber accents that coordinated with the exterior styling cues.

    No performance modifications were given to the i8 for its debut at the #2016-Tokyo-Auto-Salon but they do plan on producing a custom exhaust system for the i8, with the possibility of producing it for sale. Because of this eye-catching build, Energy Motor Sport has already received a few orders for their Evo i8 kits from Japan. China, Vietnam and a few BMW dealerships here in the U.S. With the positive international response to the silver i8, Energy Motor Sport is currently creating other color editions of their EVO i8, including one dressed in a matte black color that they’ll call the “Darknight Edition." “We’re also waiting for the release of the i8 Spyder, so when that's delivered, we'll definitely produce a new design for it!" Energy Motor Sports is looking forward to the possibility of bringing the EVO i8 to the upcoming SEMA Show where it can stun onlookers stateside.
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  •   Stephen Bayley reacted to this post about 4 years ago
    / #2016 #BMW-i8-Spyder confirmed / #BMW-i8 / #BMW

    At its annual accounts conference, Harald Krüger, chairman of the board of management, confirmed that the oft-muted and long-awaited i8 Spyder would enter the market in #2018 . BMW has presented two versions of the car so far – once four years ago as the i8 Spyder Concept at the Beijing motor show and the second one at last year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. It’s yet to be confirmed what powertrain the car will run, but we’re hoping it will be the same three-cylinder, 1.5-litre turbocharged engine hooked up to an electric motor and batter pack.

    By the time the Spyder arrives we’d expect the i8 Coupé to have gone through its face-lift, although for a range-topping machine we’re expecting this to be pretty minimal, and the Spyder will no doubt be based on this machine. If it looks anything like the original concept we reckon it’ll be an absolute winner.
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  •   Ollie Marriage reacted to this post about 4 years ago
    i, BMW

    It looks like a spaceship but is the i8 really the future of motoring? We take one for a test flight.

    We might not have flying cars yet, but the #BMW-i8 is about as close to piloting a spaceship as you’re going to get. Words: Elizabeth de Latour. Photos: BMW.

    The i8 might not seem like a #Drive-My sort of car, but considering we’re already starting to see lowered examples on fancy wheels, I wouldn’t be surprised if we feature an i8 before the year is up and secondly it’s about as futuristic a car as you can imagine. Even if you don’t like it, as a #BMW fan you really should be able to at least admire and respect BMW for making it in the first place. So, what do you need to know? Well, it’s a lightweight, carbon fibre-bodied plug-in hybrid, with a 1.5-litre turbo three-cylinder petrol engine delivering 231hp and 236lb ft to the rear wheels via a six-speed auto ’box and an electric motor producing 131hp and 184lb ft to the front wheels via a two-stage automatic transmission. Turn them both on together and you’ve got 362hp, 420lb ft and four-wheel drive combining to give a 0-62 time of 4.4 seconds and a top speed of 155mph.

    Take things easy and BMW claims a combined figure of 134.5mpg (good luck with that) and a CO² figure of 49g/km, which is impressive; as for that fuel economy figure, yes 134mpg isn’t likely to happen, but on a cruise over 60mpg is achievable which, taking into account the performance is also very impressive.

    You’ll either love or hate the looks but regardless of which side of the fence you’re on, you can’t deny it’s a spectacular thing. It looks like a spaceship and there’s literally nothing else out on the road like it – if you like attention, you will love driving the i8. And driving it is quite an experience – the doors go up, which immediately makes you very excited about getting in and BMW has made the interior feel familiar, yet futuristic at the same time. It’s a surprisingly large car, quite long and wide for a 2+2 with hardly any rear seat space or room for luggage, bit visibility is good all-round and it doesn’t feel big to drive.

    In all-electric mode it’s brisk, but not fast, the electric motor delivering maximum torque at 0rpm, which means the i8 steps off the line sharply though the acceleration drops off quickly. It’s perfect around town or in traffic though. The petrol engine will cut in when you want to go fast or you can stick the car in Sport mode, and then the dials glow red, you get a rev counter, lots of engine noise piped into the cabin and both motors at your beck and call. It sounds fantastic, regardless how real the soundtrack may or may not be, and it feels fast; with 4WD you can put all the power down with ease and the acceleration is impressive and relentless. Driving the BMW i8 quickly is addictive and worryingly easy – you really need to keep an eye on the speedo to keep hold of your licence. It’s good to drive, too – it can feel skittish at speed on rough surfaces thanks to those 20s, but the handling is sharp and the brakes are strong, making the i8 an impressive all-round performer.

    If you want an i8, the first hurdle you’ll have to overcome is the price, because it costs £104,590. Ouch. The second hurdle you have to deal with is waiting for one – all of 2015’s production run is sold out so if you slapped 100 large down on a salesperson’s desk in a BMW dealership today, you’d be handed your suitably futuristic key sometime in 2016. I wager 99% of you won’t be rushing out to buy an i8, but it’s a special car and BMW deserves respect for making it.

    DATA FILE #2016 #BMW-i8 / #BMW-i8-I12 / #BMW-I12 /
    ENGINE: 1.5-litre turbocharged three-cylinder petrol engine, hybrid synchronous electric motor
    TRANSMISSION: Six-speed automatic (petrol), two-stage automatic (electric)
    WEIGHT (EU): 1560kg
    MAX POWER: 362hp (combined)
    MAX TORQUE: 420lb ft (combined)
    0-62MPH: 4.4 secs
    TOP SPEED: 155mph (limited)
    EMISSIONS (CO²): 49g/km
    FUEL ECONOMY (MPG): 134.5mpg
    PRICE (OTR): £104,590
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  •   Ollie Marriage reacted to this post about 4 years ago
    / #2016 / #BMW-i8-Spyder reimagined / #BMW-i8 / #BMW / #BMW-i-Vision-Future-Interaction / #BMW-i-Vision-Future-Interaction-Concept / #BMW-i8-I12 / / #BMW-i8-Roadster

    Car manufacturers are increasingly introducing new technology concepts at the Consumer Electronics Show and this year BMW brought along its ‘ #i-Vision-Future-Interaction ’, a reworked i8 Spyder.

    While the awkwardly-named i Vision Future Interaction might look like a cross between an i8 and a Z1 the focus of this new take on the i8 Spyder isn’t to do with unbridled driving pleasure, it’s more a possible window into the future in which BMW sees its vehicles as highly automated machines. The ultimate goal is ‘Vision Zero’, the idea of accident-free individual mobility, and to this end the car features three different drive modes – ‘Pure Drive’, ‘Assist’ and ‘Auto Mode’ which offer differing degrees of vehicle intervention in the driving process.

    BMW says that its Pure Drive mode meets the typical BMW high aspiration for sheer driving pleasure at all times, with the car’s assistance systems used passively, only giving warning alerts without actually intervening in the control of the vehicle. The Assist setting provides optimum networking with the surrounding environment. The best route is calculated in real time and fed into the navigation system. The vehicle supports the driver’s performance and intervenes actively if there is danger of an event such as an accident, or if an obstacle on the road appears to be a safety risk.

    When the car is in Auto Mode, the vehicle itself takes over control of sideways and forward orientation, accelerates independently, brakes and steers – without the driver having to intervene at all. BMW says that this sort of driving could soon become a reality and may be permitted on certain approved stretches of road, such as sections of German motorways or in Car Pool Lanes in the USA.

    The BMW i Vision Future Interaction proactively gives drivers an alert if they are in a zone for highly automated driving. The driver can then change the drive mode as appropriate. The steering wheel is illuminated in blue in the highly automated drive mode. The colour scheme therefore provides a visual cue that the driver is in this drive mode. If the vehicle leaves the approved lane for highly automated driving and has to take control of the steering wheel again, a red light signal conveys this requirement. The BMW i Vision Future Interaction is therefore already providing an indication today of what the control functions might look like in the future in highly automated vehicles.

    Of course, if the ‘driver’ isn’t actually driving, this gives him or her plenty of time to do other things and it’s for this reason that most manufacturers at the Consumer Electronic Show were touting the ‘connected’ car as being the next big thing with some cars on show being able to do bizarre things like inform you of the contents of your fridge, presumably so you can see if you have the required ingredients for the recipe you’ve just found online while cruising in fully automated mode.

    Fortunately BMW hasn’t completely given up on the driver yet and as a result the CES Vision car has plenty of items focussed purely on the driver such as an advanced head-up display and an instrument cluster with a three-dimensional display. However, it’s the central panorama display that’s the most striking item inside the i8 Spyder and it’s pretty huge, being 11 centimetres high and 40 centimetres across with a diagonal length of 21 inches. When in Pure Drive mode the screen’s functionality would be limited, but when in Auto Mode it can stream video or display any other web content.

    The screen is controlled by what BMW describes as ‘AirTouch’, gesture control for all communication, information and entertainment functions in the vehicle. It allows the big screen to be operated like a touchscreen – without actually having to touch it. Sensors are installed in the area of the dashboard panel which responds to hand movements. A movement of the hand can be used to go to a position on the panorama display and the selected icon is highlighted visually. If the hand is moved forward (push gesture), the icon is activated or the menu displays the next level.

    Overall the i Vision Future Interaction is an interesting show car but only time will tell how soon the autonomous driving side of things will come to fruition – some experts predict we will have 10 (or even 20) million plus autonomous cars on the roads by 2020. The next few years will certainly be interesting that’s for sure!
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  •   Quentin Willson reacted to this post about 4 years ago
    Study #BMW / Etos on #BMW-i8 base / #Rinspeed boss Frank M. Rinderknecht has its studies years presented at the Geneva Motor Show, in 2016, he shows his vision for the first time at CES in Las Vegas. The study Etos is based on the BMW i8, has an autopilot and a drone on board and shows the latest visions of cooperation partners Harman about Connected Car. The interior the driving situation (autonomous or not) can adapt, In addition there are bendable screen surfaces. #2016 / #BMW-i8-Rinspeed / #Rinspeed-Etos
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