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  •   Daniel 1982 reacted to this post about 10 months ago
    A6 3.0 TDI 850Nm and some amazing images

    Winter Warmer

    Performance Audi contributor, Jape Tiitinen, tells us about his stunning, 850Nm A6 3.0 #Bi-TDI – his daily driver during the harsh Finnish winter…

    A6 QUATTRO Stunning C7 with 850Nm

    For regular readers, our Finnish contributor, Jape Tiitinen needs no introduction. He’s an accomplished photographer, demon skate boarder (even at 43!) and a committed Audi fan, responsible for bringing us some of the most inspirational and exciting cars from all over Europe. When he’s not behind the lens (or busting some moves on his board), you’ll find Jape working on his cars.

    His real passion is a stunning RS4 B5, which we featured back in 2015 – a real labour of love that goes every well as bit as it looks. But for the daily grind, he runs something a little more sensible.

    “When I saw a C7 bi-turbo diesel for the first time I knew I had to get one someday,” says Jape. “I had only three mandatory requirements for the car: it had to be an S-line, in Daytona grey with full LEDs.” The big diesel A6 would serve as the perfect family car, swallow his full camera kit with ease, provide sure footed grip in the harsh Finnish winters, and not bankrupt him on fuel costs.

    “My friend Ville at texted me to say he’d found the car from East Germany, close to the Austrian border,” says Jape. “I didn’t see any pics of it (only an equipment list) but I was sold. It was almost fully loaded with HUD, ACC, NVC, Webasto, S-line in and out, air suspension etc.” The car was delivered to Jyväskylä in Finland where Jape collected it right before Christmas 2015. He wasted no time getting stuck into the upgrades.

    “I fitted some 21in RS6 C6 wheels with winter rubber to replace the originals that had summer tyres which are no good in Finnish winter,” says Jape. The following week he ordered an air suspension control module, to lower the ride height, and a sound module from

    “The air suspension module is super easy to use and takes only 5mins to install. You just plug the module into Audi’s own system and save different ride heights to the drive select.” The sound module allows the V6 to really open up and can also be saved differently in selected modes on drive select. It’s a very OEM solution and typical of Jape’s attention to detail.

    Next came some VCDS coding to personalise the car to his own tastes. “I deactivated the start-stop system, but this the button still works if I want it to. I also deactivated the rear wiper. It was really annoying that rear wiper went on every time I put the car in reverse if the windshield wipers are on mist.” Finally, he added the cool RS6-style needle sweep on start up and auto boot closing to work from inside the car and via the remote – very cool. “There’s a good link (http://tinyurl. com/hs39ypk) for all these and tons more upgrades on the forum,” says Jape.

    When it comes to wheels, Jape is a self-confessed addict. The A6 currently has three sets available. In the summer it runs either OEM RS6 C7 21s, or Rotiform 21in 3-piece forged ROCs. In the pics it’s on a set of winters – some RS6 C6 segments with studded Nokian tyres. To fit the 21in wheels, the arches had to be rolled and the camber adjusted, as well as skimming 2.5mm off the S6 discs.

    Lurking behind the rims you may spot a set of red calipers. Jape fitted a set of 8-pot S6 units complete with 400mm discs, with adapters. “These brakes give some serious stopping power. A big thank you goes to STRSolutions’ Sami for install,” says Jape.

    When it comes to performance the 3.0 Bi-TDI isn’t exactly lacking, but when your other car is a 600hp RS4, you need something a bit lively to keep things interesting. These units respond really well to remapping and Jape took his C7 to STR-Solutions and Petri at A headline figure of around 400hp is estimated along with 850Nm of torque – impressive numbers for sure. “The difference between stock 650Nm to current 850Nm is huge – the car pulls like a train, but it sure should with an extra 200Nm!” laughs Jape. “There’s no need for any more in winter,” he smiles. The A6 will be back to STR in the summer to see if they can extract even more power with some further upgrades.

    Perhaps the most impressive aspect of this A6 is the exterior – it looks fantastic. It helps that it’s Dayton grey of course, but Jape has refined it to create something with the presence of an RS6. The gloss black window surrounds, roof rails and door handle tops looks sweet, as does the RS-style front grille and black fog light surrounds. Even the larger oval exhaust tailpipes are black. With the badges removed and the front windows tinted to match the rears, it’s a very moody looking A6 – emphasized by Jape’s stunning images using light painting in the snow. It was minus 5 when he did it, so there’s dedication for you!

    The final upgrade was to put 2016 maps and firmware on the 3G MMI system. “It took me a good two days to upload all the data and transfer it in the system – I don’t want to do that again,” he laughs. This is one of those cars that on the face of it may not have many modifications, but the more you look, the more you see, and the overall effect is absolutely stunning. As Jape says, “With the RS4 sleeping for winter, this has been the perfect daily for me.” Of course, it’s still used during the rest of the year, but as winter transport goes, this has to be one of the finest around.

    TECHNICAL DATA SPECIFICATION #2012 / #Audi-A6-C7 / #Audi-A6-3.0-TDI-Quattro / #Audi-A6-3.0-TDI-Quattro / #Audi-A6-3.0-TDI-Quattro-C7 / #Audi / #Audi-A6-Avant-C7 / #Audi-A6-3.0-TDI-Quattro-Avant-C7 / #Audi-A6-3.0-TDI-Avant-C7 / #Audi-A6-3.0 / #Audi-A6-3.0-TDI-Avant-C7 / #Audi / #Quattro / Audi-A6 /

    Engine 3.0 #V6 #Bi-TDI with #STR-Solutions and Petri at #Erikoismoottori / .fi re-map

    Power 400hp and 850Nm

    Transmission 8-speed tiptronic

    Brakes 400mm S6 C7 discs with 8-pot S6 calipers in front, 365mm S6 rears

    Suspension Factory air suspension lowered with control module

    Wheels & Tyres OEM C7 RS6 9.5x21in ET25 with Continental 255/30 tyres, #Rotiform forged 3-piece ROC 10x21in ET35 with Continental 255/30 and winter OEM C6 RS6 9.5x20in ET36 (CB drilled to 66.6mm) with Nokian Hakkapeliitta 8 255/35 studded tyres

    Interior Stock S-line sports seats in black Valcona leather, centre console wrapped in flat black. Head up display, 2016 maps and firmware on 3G MMI system

    Exterior RS6 style front grille, EZ front lip, ACC surroundings painted in gloss black, window trim and roof bars wrapped in gloss black, rear valance painted in gloss black, oval exhaust tips from, front and rear arches rolled, tinted front windows, semi-dynamic rear indicators, debadged

    Tuning contacts/thanks and IG @jap3 Japetiitinen

    Top: Fiinish plates are way cooler than ours. Fact.
    Left: Front end looks bang on the money.
    Left: Interior is nicely kitted out with options.
    Bottom: S6 brakes and RS6 C6 wheels.
    Above: Loving this front end shot.

    “The A6 pulls like a train, but it should with an extra 200Nm!”
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  •   Daniel 1982 reacted to this post about 10 months ago
    / #Audi / #Quattro Used #Audi-RS6 / #Audi-A6 / #Audi / #Audi-RS6-C7 / #Audi-RS6-Typ-4G / #Audi-A6-C7 / #Audi-A6-Typ-4G / #Audi-A6 / #2016 /

    In your March Issue Roger Cartwright asked for comments about buying an early model used RS6 and future operating costs. My recommendation is that, unless he has a lot of money and a good RS6 certified dealer/ mechanic, don’t buy one of the original 4.2T V8 models. I will start out by saying I am a dedicated Audi enthusiast and owner. I have owned a 1991 #V8 quattro, 1998 A8, 2003 S8, 2003 RS 6 and now a 2013 TT RS (not counting family members who I have purchased other Audis for.)

    I put 207,000 miles on the 1991 V8 quattro and 156,000 on the RS 6. The V8 cost me basically nothing other than routine maintenance after 80,000 miles and the RS 6 cost almost as much as the car cost new in repairs after 60,000 miles.

    Fortunately, #Audi corporate and a great dealer, Winner Audi in Delaware, did all the work from day one, so I received significant discounts and subsidies along the way.

    I finally sold the RS6 last year when the transmission started slipping in second gear and it was going to cost $11,000 to rebuild it with no other options. The RS6 was a great, fast car to drive, but the electronics were horrible. Not only did every switch and button have to be replaced over the life of the car, but the engine and exhaust sensors all had to be replaced multiple times. A year before the transmission went, the catalytic converter temperature sensors went and they had to pull the engine to replace them. The cost: $11,000, but Audi picked up $9,500 as part of the loyal customer program.

    The DRC suspension went three times. They did give lifetime coverage for the shocks, but not the other parts. The suspension had to have multiple bushings and parts replaced many times, from just normal wear. There were many other parts that went wrong, like heating fan motors, radio; mirror retractors; the Navigation system and more. The engine was strong and had no internal issues, but sensor problems drove me crazy beginning as early as 60,000 miles.

    Oh, and by the way, the DOHC timing belts have to be replaced every 30,000 miles according to Audi; that costs $3,500 each time with the required tune-up, plugs, etc. Front brakes and rotors cost $1,750; rear $750. Audi says replace the rotors every time, but the fronts are good for at least two brake jobs unless you are on the Autobahn all day. If the starter motor goes you have to pull the engine, as you do for many other sensors and engine parts. When a turbo oil line leaked they had to pull the engine - another $6,000 plus. The dealer always gave me a discount and the hours were faster than book. Parts are all very expensive: any RS6 unique parts cost more than standard Audi parts.

    I changed my oil every 3,500 miles, followed and exceeded factory service requirements at the dealer and although I periodically drove it fast, it was more of a daily driver. I know other RS6 owners who have had the same type of problems as well.

    If you wonder why I kept it for so long, the answer is that after every major problem I couldn’t believe that something else could go wrong and my sunk cost was so great I didn’t want to give it away.

    As I told my Audi dealer, Audi can make an incredible car that is bulletproof and can win Le Mans and will hold up under any conditions for 24 hours, but after four years and 80,000 miles look out: they can’t hold together for more than six months at a time without some costly repairs!

    Caveat emptor! Buy a normallyaspirated V8 engine Audi to save money in the long term! By the way my 2013 TT RS six-speed (it’s the Plus specification in US) is incredible and the best Audi daily driver I have driven, and I say this having driven the R8 V8 and V10, the RS 5, the S5, S6, S7, S8, RS 4, and most of them on the track.
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  •   Daniel 1982 reacted to this post about 10 months ago
    PROJECTS EIBACH’S #Audi-A6-3.0-TDI-Quattro / #Audi-A6-3.0-TDI-Quattro-C7 / #Audi-A6-C7 / #Audi / #Audi-A6-Avant-C7 / #Audi-A6-3.0-TDI-Quattro-Avant-C7 / #Audi-A6-3.0-TDI-Avant-C7 / #Audi-A6-3.0Audi-A6-3.0-TDI-Avant-C7ach’s new 2016 project, which we’ll be introducing next issue…

    Next month we look forward to revealing the 2016 Project from Eibach UK. Following the theft of their beloved A4 or ‘Project Eiblack’ as it was referred to by those in the know, Eibach-UK are moving forward in 2016 with a whole new concept. They’re keen to demonstrate an area of development within Eibach UK that works closely with various partners within the industry on multiple types of new and exciting projects.

    One such partner is Revo. Renowned primarily for their software, Revo are gradually putting together a quality performance hardware range which, along with their software range, can offer a one stop solution so your vehicle can be totally ‘Revo’d’ inside and out. Once Eibach UK’s GM Greg Kirby became aware of this growing range for Audi vehicles, his creative juices started flowing.

    Having taken ownership of a 2014 A6 Avant (C7) 3.0 TDI quattro Black Edition, he was keen to create something special, and this seemed an opportune moment to showcase the two companies.

    Documented over a series of features, we will follow the progress of this new project. The development of the Revo hardware range, which not only includes the newly developed springs and Anti-Roll Bars by Eibach, but also, Revo Brakes by Alcon, plus the Revo remap which Greg already has his eye on. We will follow the development of the Eibach parts, the engineering and design entailed into creating these quality parts to the standard for which Eibach is renowned and that Revo demands.

    For other requirements on the project #Eibach-UK has joined force#Eibach-UKe other respected companies, one such example is the wheel supplier, HRE Wheels who have offered some stunning alloys which will transform the look of this quattro Black. All this, plus before and after testing to highlight that although each product will produce a performance enhancement when used in isolation, when used in conjunction with other performance products from the Revo hardware range – a performance synergy is created. Facebook – #Eibach UK #Eibach
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  •   Jeff Petrizzi reacted to this post about 4 years ago
    EXCLUSIVE CLUB #ABT-RS6 735hp 1 of 12 edition

    The ABT 1 of 12 is the most exclusive RS6 money can buy… Words Davy Lewis / Photography ABT

    The world of performance tuning can appear to be quite a recent phenomenon. The proliferation of high-tech software upgrades, in-car adjustable suspension and all manner of clever hybrid turbos, suggests that it’s all quite contemporary. It’s true that there’s a lot of very cool new tech available from companies that are less than 20 years old. But, what you may not realise, is that many of the companies that have developed this kit have a long and illustrious heritage. The likes of Bilstein, Eibach and others are well established, having supplied after market performance upgrades for decades.

    Perhaps the oldest of the lot though is ABT. Founded in 1896 by Herr ABT, this German company is celebrating its 120th year in business. And what better way to mark the occasion than by releasing a special edition RS6 – the 1 of 12…

    The car you see before you needs no introduction. The biturbo V8 super-estate is one of the most desirable Audis money can buy. They’re pretty epic things straight out of the factory, but, once the wick has been turned up, they become truly remarkable things. This latest offering from ABT is one of just 12, extra special cars being made available, which makes it very exclusive. Launched at the prestigious Geneva Motor Show, the highlight is an engine upgrade based around ABT’s renowned Power-S module, which boosts power from the 4.0 V8. It now produces 735hp – a staggering 175hp increase over standard. There’s also 920Nm of torque, which is what makes this big estate so devastatingly fast.

    It’s not just about the power though. The rest of this stunning RS6 has been upgraded to ABT’s 1 of 12 spec – if you like bare carbon fibre, then you’re sure to get very excited about this. The posh weave has been put to good use for the mirror caps, the rear diffuser, rear spoiler and front canards. It contrasts perfectly with the Nardo grey paint. ABT’s trademark wing vents add some drama to the flanks of the big RS – you either love them or hate them; but one thing’s for sure, they set this car apart from lesser RS6s.

    The wheels are real monsters – 10x22in FRs wrapped in Dunlop 295/25 rubber, which are rated for 180mph – something this RS6 will achieve without even breaking a sweat. 22in alloys may be a tad large for many, but that’s okay as ABT can supply them in 21 or even 20in, if required.

    Inside, the already well-equipped and luxurious Audi has been treated to even more goodies. The seats are finished in a leather and Alcantara mix that matches the exterior. The ABT logo is featured on the headrests, while the 1 of 12 logo is on the passenger side of the dash. All of the pillars and the headlining are finished in soft touch Alcantara. But that’s not all. The door frames, parts of the dash, door panels and even the steering wheel have been treated to a leather/Alcantara mix.

    So there you have it – the most exclusive RS6 currently available. A range of highly developed and quality enhancements have taken the big estate to the next level.

    SPECIFICATION ABT / #Audi-RS6 / 1 of 12 / #Audi-RS6-ABT / #Audi-A6 / #Audi-A6-C7 / #Audi-RS6-ABT-C7 / #Audi-RS6-C7 / #Audi / #ABT / #Audi-A6

    Engine 4.0 #TFSI #V8 #biturbo , #ABT-Power-S New Generation control unit
    Power 735hp, 920Nm
    Brakes Audi carbon ceramic
    Wheels #ABT FR 10x22in with Dunlop 295/25 tyres
    Exterior ABT air inlet panels, front canards, rear diffuser, rear skirt, wing inserts, mirror covers, rear spoiler all made from carbon fibre
    Interior ABT leather and Alcantara used for headlining, tailgate, pillars, dash, steering wheel, door panels, centre console and sports seats, ABT floor mats, boot mat, integrated entrance light with 120 years logo, start stop switch cap
    Contact Richter Sport

    Above: The view most people will have of this RS6.
    Above: Front ends don’t get more menacing Left: They’ve even fitted ‘120 years’ logo puddle lights.
    Above: Bespoke interior features swathes of Alcantara Right: ABT logo seats are unique.
    “The ultimate RS6; exclusive and desirable”
    Far left: Carbon rear diffuser and quad tailpipes Left: Carbon mirror caps Bottom: The mighty 4.0 twin turbo V8.
    “A true monster – the only car you’ll ever need”
    22in alloys may be a bit OTT for some, but they do 21s and 20s too.
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  •   Andy Everett reacted to this post about 4 years ago
    Car #2015 ROAD TEST #Audi #MTM #RS6 R

    211MPH #Audi-RS6-R We drive MTM’s beast. Our European contributor puts the mighty, 211mph MTM RS6 R through its paces on the road…

    It was a warm October morning on the banking at Nardo when we did our top speed tests on a bunch of tuner cars, but the atmosphere in the cabin of the #MTM-RS6-R was cool and comfortable as MTM’s boss, Roland Mayer, rocketed around the 12.5km long high-speed loop to stop the timing clocks at 205.1mph. MTM is no stranger to #Nardo . The 2007 winner of this top speed shootout event, they brought their RS6 R Avant this time, its twin-turbo V8 wound up from the stock 560 to a whopping 722bhp.

    Limited to 305km/h in stock form, this big wagon ran to 329.8 km/h (204.93mph) on day one, and 330.12km/h (205.1mph) on day two. Incidentally, the stock RS6 runs out of puff at 189.1mph.


    “The tuned twin-turbo V8 delivers real pin-you-to your-seat levels of thrust”

    All the tuners provided specifications and performance numbers for their cars, and one of the things we noted was how close the cars got to their claimed top speeds, despite tyre scrub on the banking. The banking at Nardo is designed so that there is no lateral force up to 240km/h. However, over that speed, the onset of lateral g-force adds to the stress on the suspension, wheels and tyres.

    On a car capable of 300km/h, you can normally factor in around 10km/h for tyre scrub. As the participants had all established their top speed claims based on runs on a flat autobahn, the fact that many of the cars came very close to their published top speeds on the banking was all the more creditable and highly impressive.

    If you give a big, heavy car like the MTM RS6 R enough power and torque, as long as it has tall enough gearing and a decent drag coefficient, a high top speed is a given. On a flat stretch of autobahn, the MTM RS6 R has been clocked at 340km/h or 211.26mph, which makes it faster than the #Ferrari-458-Italia , #Lamborghini-Huracán , #McLaren 650S and #Porsche Turbo S!

    As impressive a performance as this is, it is actually the raw acceleration of the MTM car that is so remarkable considering that it weights between 400 and 600kg more than the above mentioned supercars.

    Thus, while its top speed number was already something to write home about, our collective eyebrows went up even further when we did the acceleration tests. Against the stopwatch, quattro 4WD and the massive slug of turbocharged torque help the MTM wagon to grab the tarmac with all fours, devouring the 0-100km/h (0-62mph) sprint in a sensational 3.38sec.

    Fully hooked up out of the starting blocks, it passes 200km/h (124mph) in just 10.98sec, rocketing on to 250km/h (155mph) in 18.72sec. To put that in perspective, it was not that long ago when a car was considered quick if it could get to 160km/h (100mph) in less than 20 seconds.

    Being an empirical event where raw numbers count more than anything else, the Nardo top speed shootout was a surreal abstraction from what most enthusiasts would consider owning such a car is about. Thus, my second meeting with the MTM RS6 R on its home ground in Germany a month later for a road drive in everyday conditions was the flipside of the coin. After all, if a car goes really fast on a test track but is a complete misery to drive in normal traffic, then the whole point of tuning it has been missed.

    The fact that the current #Audi-A6-C7 iteration of the #RS6-C7 is issued only in #Avant form, speaks volumes for how Audi and its clientele view the original RS6 concept of a big load-lugger with supercar performance. To purists, the Avant is the defining version of the RS6 formula, and the saloon version of the previous #Audi-A6-#C6 generation was an aberration and a short-lived departure from the path of righteousness.

    Thanks to its classic Ur-quattro inspired arch flares, the current #Audi-RS6-Avant looks muscular out of the box. MTM underline this tough image by filling the big wheel arches to the brim with their 10x21-inch Bimoto style alloys. Wrapped in sticky 295/30ZR21 #Michelin Pilot Supersport rubber, these forged wheels are much lighter than the optional 21-inch cast alloy factory wheels. This is strange, as the factory stock RS6 comes on 20-inch lightweight forged wheels.

    The nine spokes of these big wheels allow plenty of air to circulate around the huge MTM/Brembo brake kit that replaces the factory stoppers on the front axle. Measuring 405x36mm, these massive front discs, clamped by six-pot calipers, are the biggest anchors MTM have in their inventory, and are required to rein in the big horses under the bonnet, which easily overpower the stock 390mm brakes. The factory option of 420mm ceramic brakes is even more expensive, albeit lighter.

    The key to this engine’s inherent alacrity is a configuration that places the exhaust manifold and turbos in the Vee between the cylinder banks. This makes the exhaust path as short as it can possibly be, eliminating pumping losses and maintaining full boost pressure in the system.

    Apart from improved throttle response, the other main advantage of this design is a significantly smaller and lighter engine package compared to one with the exhausts and turbochargers on the outside. This EA824 V8 engine family motor uses a pair of IHI twin-scroll turbochargers running at a peak boost pressure of 2.3 bars. Maintaining full power in high ambient temperature conditions is another issue, and this is where the intercooling capacity and choice of materials come in. There are also numerous oil coolers for the engine and gearbox to keep heat in check in there too. Handy, considering the power it makes. Factory fresh, the RS6’s 4.0 TFSI bi-turbo engine makes 552bhp and 700Nm. As MTM’s target of over 720bhp and 900Nm of torque was quite clearly outside the realms of an ECU remap, the two turbochargers were internally modified with new impeller wheels and larger scrolls carefully designed to flow more air at the top end without sacrificing the low speed response.

    The standard intake was adequate for inhaling the copious amount of ram air required by the tuned engine. But at the other end of the motor, a completely new turbo-back stainless steel exhaust system with larger diameter tubing and 200-cell free-flow metal catalytic convertors, had to be designed and built to help reduce backpressure and expel all the burnt gases more quickly.

    Containing throttle valves, the new system ends with twin-pipes on each side, and its lower back-pressure has the added advantage of reducing the thermal load on the engine, all else being equal. Of course all else is not equal, and the significantly greater power and torque outputs can only be achieved by putting a lot more air and fuel through the engine. That means a lot more heat is generated and MTM thus augments the standard water and oil coolers with extra units of their own.

    The final part of the equation is the MTM M-Cantronic ECU, which remaps the fuel, ignition, valve timing and boost curves to make full use of the uprated mechanicals. When all is said and done, the output of the twin-turbo V8 shoots up to 722bhp at 5,950rpm, underpinned with 915Nm of torque from 1,700 to 5,500rpm. Another Cantronic ECU module improves the speed and response of the gearbox software, which works in a closed loop with the engine ECU and other sensors.

    Around town, the progressive throttle response will meter out the power just like the bog standard car, but when you need to overtake a line of cars on a country road or join the motorway from a slip road, then the MTM modified twin-turbo V8 will deliver real pin-you-to-your-seat levels of thrust. As the deep V8 bellow reaches our ears and tickles your enthusiast senses, the eight-speed automatic seamlessly swaps ratios in the background, giving the impression of one long, solid blast of acceleration. It is an addictive feeling, bolstered by the fact that the quattro AWD enables you to make full use of the massive power and torque all of the time sans the wheel spinning histrionics of rear-wheel drivers of similar power.

    Across two generations, starting in 2002 and 2008 respectively, the #Audi-RS6-Avant carved out a legend for itself that has assured its place in performance car annuls. The formula of roomy estate car with a massively powerful engine, permanent four-wheel drive and unimpeachable build quality is appealing on many levels. It is thus amazing that rival companies have taken over a decade to wake up and smell the roses.

    The MTM RS6 R takes this redoubtable formula not just to the next level, but more likely two levels up. The fact that it has the sheer straight-line performance to not just beat, but actually annihilate most of the junior league supercars from rest to beyond their top speeds is the icing on an already very rich cake.


    MTM #Audi-A6 RS6 R

    4.0 TFSI twin-turbo V8, MTM M-Cantronic ECU, full MTM exhaust system including downpipes with 200 cell sports cats, and throttle valves, internally modified turbos with uprated impeller wheels and larger scrolls, additional water and oil coolers, carbon engine cover.

    Power - 722bhp (claimed)
    Torque - 915Nm (claimed)

    0-62mph - 3.38sec (claimed)
    Top speed - 211.26mph (claimed)

    V-Cantronic gearbox software upgrade for faster shifts of the 8-speed Tiptronic gearbox.

    MTM / #Brembo 405mm discs with 6-pot calipers.

    MTM F-Cantronic (Gen 2) for air suspension, which lowers up to 25mm.

    Wheels & Tyres:
    10x21-inch #Bimoto alloys with 295/30ZR21 Michelin Pilot Supersport tyres.

    MTM mats and various logos

    MTM mirror caps and R badges front and rear, carbon diffuser, Nardo graphics
    Tuning contacts - MTM www. mtm. Com QS Tuning (UK) www. qstuning. Com


    The #Audi-C7-RS6 is a mighty car straight out of the factory, but with some relatively simple tuning it can be transformed into an absolute missile! To put its performance into perspective, here are some supercars that would all be left wanting in a top speed shootout against the 400-600kg heavier, 211mph #MTM-RS6-R

    Car #Lamborghini #Huracan – 202mph
    Car #Ferrari-458-Italia – 202mph
    Car #Porsche-991-Turbo-S-991 – 198mph
    Car #McLaren-650S – 207mph
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  •   Andy Everett reacted to this post about 4 years ago
    2015 #Audi-S6-ABT receives 550PS and 680Nm… #Audi-A6-C7 #Audi-S6-C7 #Audi-A6-C7-ABT

    With its 4.0 twin turbo V8 #Audi , the latest S6 is a seriously desirable bit of kit, but ABT Sportsline #2015 has just made it even more so. Their performance package (which is also available for the S7) includes an ABT Engine Control unit and exhaust system, which takes power to a very healthy 550PS and 680Nm. That’s enough to put the #Audi-S6 into RS territory – and you don’t need us to tell you that equates to ballistic performance. It’s a fantastic looking car, too whether in saloon or estate form. ABT additions include wing inserts, mirror covers, rear spoiler, plus a range of three wheel designs, from 20-21in. The suspension has also been tweaked via the #ABT Level Control module, which allows the S6 to be lowered 20mm front and 15mm rear.

    Inside you can spec ABT floor mats, entrance light, shift light and the all important ABT stop/start button. As with all ABT upgrades, it’s stunning quality, rigorously tested kit, and everything can be backed up by ABT’s own cast-iron warranty. With top speed raised to over 180mph, this a seriously rapid car. For UK enquiries head to
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Drive-My.COM MEDIA EN/UK based is United Kingdom’s top cars/retro/classic/modern/tuning/moto/commercial news, test drive, classic cars and classifieds. For car advertisement be it an RETRO/CLASSIC/OLD-TIMER/NEW-TIMER, Coupe, MPV, SUV, Luxury Car, Commercial vehicle, OPC car or even an auction car. We update you with latest information on new car prices from both parallel importers and car authorised dealers with brands such as Aston-Martin, Bristol, TVR, Bentley, Ford, Porsche, Jaguar, Land Rover, Citroen, Tesla, DS, Alfa Romeo, Subaru, Toyota, Acura, Honda, Nissan, Audi, Kia, Hyundai, Volkswagen, Volvo, Mitsubishi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz. Find new car pricelists, new car promotions, new car reviews, latest car news, car reviews & car insurance UK. We are also your information hub for parking, road tax, car insurance and car loan, car audio, car performance parts, car discussion, motor insurance, car grooming, car rental, vehicle insurance, car insurance quotation, car accessories, car workshop, & car sticker, tuning, stance and Cars Clubs

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