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  •   James Ball reacted to this post about 4 years ago
    Car #Morgan-Plus-8

    Year of manufacture #1997
    Recorded mileage 6624
    Asking price £30,995
    Vendor Richard Thorne Classic Cars, Grazeley
    Green, near Reading, Berks.

    Price £33,285
    Max power 190bhp
    Max torque 235lb ft
    0-60mph 6.1 secs
    Top speed 124mph
    Mpg 20

    This immaculate Morgan is a one-owner car, and he’s only selling it to buy a new #Morgan Plus 8. The exact mileage is unknown because the odometer started massively over-reading before it was changed in #2007 . Five stamps in the service book show that it leapt from 6000 to 27,000 between services so, judging from that and the old MoT certificates, the true total could be anywhere between 14,000 and 20,000 miles.

    This is one of the last short-door Plus 8s, with a galvanised chassis, and, as you would expect, it’s in excellent shape. It was ordered with a long list of extras such as wire wheels, aluminium body and wings with scuttle roll-bar and passenger side mirror. The Morgan has possibly never been out in the rain, because the hood and sidescreens look unused. The plywood floorboards are dry and clean, too, plus the hide upholstery is only lightly creased and worn. The walnut dashboard – another extra-cost option when leather was standard – is also perfect.

    The front wings were resprayed a while ago and there are a few tiny star-chips in the nearside rear mudguard that will be sorted before sale. The standard exhausts are in good shape and there’s a little surface rust on the wheel rims, which again will be cleaned up by the vendor. The tyres are new-looking #Pirelli P6000s, with an unused spare.

    The 3.9-litre #Rover #Rover-V8 shows some light corrosion, and is fronted by a replacement aluminium radiator and thermostat housing. Its coolant is full and pink, plus the oil golden and to the top mark on the dipstick, although the Morgan will be serviced again before it leaves RTCC.

    The engine starts instantly, showing 31/2 bar oil pressure at warm tickover that never budges, and 13.8 on the voltmeter. It’s taut to drive but not crashy – which counts as an almost fluid ride on a Morgan – and everything works as it should, from the gearbox synchros to the brakes. There’s plenty of prod, of course, with that lovely V8 woofle. It will be sold with the original bill of sale and delivery slip, a new MoT plus the owner’s manual and a fully stamped service book.


    Straight; shiny; minor blemishes will be rectified prior to sale.

    Lovely veneer; hide barely worn.

    Healthy; just serviced again.

    VALUE ★★★★★★★✩✩✩

    For - A nice vintage of Plus 8 that’s in excellent order.
    Against - Chrome rims are a bit flash.

    It scores highly in just about every way – ideal for a blast of a crisp morning. And winter is always a great time to buy a sports car.
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    Morgan Plus 8 Club

    Morgan Plus 8 Club
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