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  • Saturday, 28 February 2015
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How much to pay?

It’s possible to pick up a high mileage but tired Z3 in need of a little work and an MoT for less than a £1000, and if you don’t mind taking on a project and getting stuck in these can be bargain buys. We found one example for £650 that needed a couple of basic and common faults attended to. From there, if you’ve got a keen eye, a taxed and tested example that’s ready to go can be had for around the £1000 mark. Around the £2000-2500 mark will bag you a decent car with well below 100,000 miles on it and plenty of life left.


Approaching the £3000 mark gives you a pick of the best usable cars. The truly immaculate, lowest mileage examples are advertised for more and we even found a 9000-mile car for £8000, though you would really have to want one for that money.