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  • Saturday, February 28 2015
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Running costs

Here’s where the four-pot Z3 shines. It’s generally a cheap and easy car to maintain if you keep on top of it and a healthy car will also reward you with few issues and decent fuel consumption, too. There’s not a lot of difference between the older and newer model so expect to see over 30mpg on a regular motorway jaunt and nearer 25mpg being light footed around town.

BMW E36/7

Foot to the floor driving will see less but the car can be enjoyed without hitting the redline on every gear change. Tax isn’t too much, costing £126.50 for six months or £230 for a year. The later cars from 2001 cost a little more at £145 for six months and £265 for 12 months and insurance on all models should be cheap as they are now eligible for modern classic policies.