Rust in time BMW E39
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Rust in time. I thought I would just put finger to keyboard and drop you a line to say thank you so much for one of your items in the January issue’s Technical Tips section and, more specifically, the article on BMW E39 rust. I’m lucky enough to have a BMW 530i Sport E39, one of the first ones that replaced the 528i, and I’ve always looked after it well, both mechanically and cosmetically, giving it regular washes with plenty of waxing and polishing when required. I still can’t find anything that comes close to the feel of this car, hence why I’m still driving what many people now think is an old car!

Having seen the gaping hole in the picture that accompanied your article it really gave me the shivers and made me take a closer look at mine. Sure enough at the back of the sills under the plastic trims I found a fair amount of surface rust, not terrible, and nowhere near a hole, but left untreated I’ve no doubt that in a year or so it would have got much worse. So I just wanted to say thank you for alerting me to this – I think it’s fair to say you’ve saved my E39’s life. Well, perhaps prevented a trip to A&E at least.

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    We’re glad we managed to help save your E39 Simon, they’re great cars and should be preserved.
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