New cars, old parts?
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Having just read your January edition and recently purchased a 435i Gran Coupé, I was extremely comforted by your report on this model and the fact that I had AC Schnitzer UK carry out a similar range of modifications to my car which (as you rightly say) transform it in so many ways.

And having been a BMW owner for many years, upon reaching the Technical Tips section I have also to agree with everything you report. When my 4 Series was delivered, my E39 530i M Sport was passed to my son and unfortunately, at 14 years old the car failed its first MoT ever – on the headlights! Apparently the internal adjusters had all broken, but rather than offer a repair or parts, BMW’s answer was two new headlamps at just short of £600 each (plus fitting)! Happily, with a little effort these lights can be repaired for around £10 with replacement adjusters from eBay. Similarly, when I previously had to restore the front brake callipers, BMW was asking just under £300 each (non-exchange) while reputable motor factors were asking around one third of that figure. It’s hardly surprising that my local dealer had no recollection of ever actually selling replacement callipers to anyone.

It is a great shame that some of BMW’s greatest cars cannot be maintained with original parts, as the price becomes completely prohibitive due to their policy on huge mark-ups! Thanks for a great magazine every month.

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    Thanks Jeroen, glad you’re happy with the 435i and the report! It’s good to know others agree with our findings. And yes, you highlight good examples of frankly ridiculous parts costs. It’s hard to comprehend why BMW would even entertain the notion of selling these parts when clearly they have priced themselves out of the market. Perhaps it’s on purpose!
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