BMW Z4 E85/E86 PAS conversion
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I was chatting to the owner of a 2006 Z4 2.5i recently who, having fallen foul of the dreaded electric PAS motor malfunction, has converted to hydraulic as used by the Z4 M. It was apparently pretty easy and his biggest challenges were getting those hateful shear bolts out. A new PAS column is around £2500 and used ones are ultra rare, expensive and must be ‘locked’ before removal. My contact’s cure started off with a trip to a breaker’s yard where £90 netted him a steering rack, a LF30 PAS pump, and bracket and hydraulic pipes from a rear-ended E46 325i saloon. These were then degreased and fitted. But you still have the big electric motor on the column. No problem – this was simply unbolted, the feed cable tiewrapped out of the way and the car reprogrammed to ignore the lack of electric PAS – after all, the Z4M has proper hydraulic PAS.

By retaining the original column, the original steering angle sensor was also retained as well. The owner of the Z4 was slightly vague about the whole thing as he was planning to market a cheap conversion or maybe even do a few but it didn’t sound like rocket science. By doing the job yourself, it sounds as if you could do the whole thing for around £250 and a day’s swearing – rather better than £2500 when the car is only worth £3000.

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