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Mercedes-Benz 250S W108 - 6-cyl rare S-Klasse - interior and engine M108
In this photo - Very strange seats , M108 Engine
28 January 2015
Mercedes-Benz S-Class W108 W116 W126 and W140 W108 - classic style, the W 108 is a designer piece for connoisseurs and indisputably the most stylish S-Class. He comes from a time when wealth is less presented with swank and size, but with restrained... elegance. Although its steep front, the wide grille and vertical lamps report on the status of the driver in a restrained pride. From today's perspective of the W108 is a delicate luxury sedan that resembles a wolf in sheep's clothing as an eight-cylinder. A 280 SE is still. And it is good for the whole family, even if it is. W126 - Timeless elegance for everyday classic car fans are rarely so unanimous as in the W126. It represents the Mercedes design Philo - Sophie perfect: timeless elegance. The is so good that many fans historic sheet the W 126, but is familiar with the property as Oldie. He looks just even today from outrageously modern. And, it feels that way. As a face in the crowd, he swims today with striking inconspicuously. And of the performance offered there's no problems. W116 - Premium is inside and a clear statement of the W116. More Chromglanz never gave it back. He comes from a time when the word of premium marketing strategists had not been invented. And yet he was exactly. Although the premium quality defined visually by the number gloss trim. Solid and safe, quick and confident. Here is the best choice a-respecting under the hood. The inside is less playful and more valent as a W 108, visually it appears much fuller than the successor W126th. W140 - A size for yourself You have to have a very high self-esteem, a W140 to be used in everyday life. Although its size has long been relativized: Today's SUV drivers look out of their Audi Q7 or Cadillac Escalade down a little pity. There is however no reason, because if the modern era SUV have long since died out, there will be experts who know how to appreciate the true values of a W 140. More comfort and luxury went later only in more modern Maybach in 2002, whose father is also a 600 SE served as a reference in the development. Never were beefy and comfortable seats. They were heated, ventilated and equipped with a massage function. Everything surcharge course. Standard on the other hand: the double glazing. It prevented fogging and penetration of unpleasant noises beyond the S-class disks. More
In this photo - W108 , W116 , W126 , W140
3 August 2015
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