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  •   Sam Dawson reacted to this post about 3 years ago
    2015 #Citroen-2CV-007 - 1 February #Citroen 2CV very special / #Citroen-2CV

    James made little infidelities to Aston Martin. It is, however, happened when, for the sake of Carole Bouquet, he had to take the wheel of a 2CV to escape his pursuers who led the hunt with sedans 504. It was in #1981 , to accompany the release of For Your Eyes Only, 500 2 Special CV6 have received specific decor, a yellow tint Helios will be then taken up by the Charleston and rectangular headlights borrowed from a club.

    But do not expect to repeat the stunts she succeeds: the frame was that of a Super Friend, engine borrowed from a #Citroen-GS , and she had skis protection and Koni shock absorbers. The "007" proposed by Citroën offers none of that. Just a few stickers to roll different. And it works!
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  •   Stuart Gallagher reacted to this post about 3 years ago
    Words Kristie Bertucci / Photos Takanori Arima / #Energy-Motor-Sport / #EVO-i8 / #BMW-i8-EVO / #BMW-i8 / #BMW-i8-Energy-Motor-Sport / #BMW / #eDrive / #2016 / #TwinPower

    Stunning is the first word one might think of when seeing BMW's i8 in person. The plugin hybrid from BMW is no ordinary sports car, using eDrive technology that combines the efficiency of an all-electric motor with the power of a TwinPower Turbo engine. While it provides an exhilarating driving experience, its bold looks highlight the vehicle's aerodynamics, with every detail created toward channeling airflow for even more efficiency. It's a thing of perfection in many eyes as is.

    But like other sports cars that have come before it, tuners don't see a thing of perfection, but a blank canvas to build their masterpiece.

    One such company that creates aftermarket parts for the i8 is Japanese tuner Energy Motor Sport, which has been specializing in making Bavarian beauties more unique and personalized since 199S. While some might consider the design of the i8 a perfect balance of sport and luxury, Energy Motor Sport took it upon themselves to enhance the styling by adding lines and a muscular feel. “We wanted to produce a grandiose piece of ‘work’ and felt the i8 was the best car for us to do that with," mentions Energy Motor Sport's store manager Yu Aoki. "We felt that we could complement the beautiful design by refining the front end to be more aggressive and came up with a kit that made it still look like a supercar, but with a futuristic design."

    The result is what they call the "EVO i8" which consists of a front fascia that incorporates sharp, downward fins, a custom hood and flared wheel arches in addition to the two half wings are reminiscent of Ferrari's FXX K track-only hypercar. To visually highlight the modifications, a matte silver wrap that features polished chrome and gloss black accents was chosen and installed by P.G.D. Wraps. “P.G.D is a famous professional wrapping team here in Japan," Aoki says. “They also wrap SEMA builds every year for the ARLON Film booth and had their work showcased on the cover of Arlon’s Automotive Restyling Brochure since they won their social media competition, WrapWars.

    To complete the enhancements, a custom designed set of 21" #BBS x Energy Motor Sport forged concave wheels were matched with Pirelli P Zero tires. The interior was modestly dressed in key carbon fiber accents that coordinated with the exterior styling cues.

    No performance modifications were given to the i8 for its debut at the #2016-Tokyo-Auto-Salon but they do plan on producing a custom exhaust system for the i8, with the possibility of producing it for sale. Because of this eye-catching build, Energy Motor Sport has already received a few orders for their Evo i8 kits from Japan. China, Vietnam and a few BMW dealerships here in the U.S. With the positive international response to the silver i8, Energy Motor Sport is currently creating other color editions of their EVO i8, including one dressed in a matte black color that they’ll call the “Darknight Edition." “We’re also waiting for the release of the i8 Spyder, so when that's delivered, we'll definitely produce a new design for it!" Energy Motor Sports is looking forward to the possibility of bringing the EVO i8 to the upcoming SEMA Show where it can stun onlookers stateside.
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  •   Andy Everett reacted to this post about 4 years ago
    Rediscovery #Fiat-124 sport coupe 1600 and 1800 / #Fiat-124-Sport-Coupe-1600 / #Fiat-124-Sport-Coupe-1800 / #Fiat-124-Sport-Coupe

    Same year, same colour but different displacements for both #Fiat 124 Sport Coupe: a left 1600, right 1800. Both received a new face appeared AV late August #1972 with separate grille-mounted optical double platinum. Seem fog of 1600 are a period option.

    If today many manufacturers fail to decline over twenty models on the same basis, in simply making the "badging" and minimal cosmetic changes, it was not the case when back 50 years back. Best, downright could start from zero and disseminate almost in an identical range of cars that borrowed anything to each other. This is the case of the 124 Sport Coupe that has not only his own body, but has retained the sedan as its suspension and wheelbase. Everything else is new, starting with the engine! Other times, other customs ...

    It could not be different from the sedan that cut and spiders that were declined. At Fiat, we did not go with the back of a spoon, which not surprisingly, a trend that already happened with the #Fiat-850-Spider and assembled by #Bertone . The only difference is that this time, it is not an external coachbuilder in Turin manufacturer offering a new version, but the Internal Style Centre, headed by Gianpaolo Boano. Entered the market in March #1966 the Fiat 124 has, at first glance, nothing glamorous. It is a pure technical product, remarkably well thought out and, in a modest appearance, marks a clear break with the past. For the first time, this is not, in fact, the office studies who designed the concept, but that of the production that has imposed his views. Result? An extremely simple car, easy to manufacture, maintain and repair, lightweight (855 kg load) and reliable. A future global success since it will be assembled by several brands ( #Seat , #Tofas and #Lada #VAZ Russian) until ... 2011.

    Is the rivalry between the two teams of engineers that grows to fully review the copy for derivatives? Without a doubt. How else to explain that apart from the suspension, the Sport Spider sublime built by #Pininfarina borrows nothing from the sedan? Not even its wheelbase! But above all, what other explanation could advance the studies who developed the Sports Coupé and have chosen, once again, that the running gear elements while maintaining this time wheelbase sedan? Take the engine. The wise 4-cylinder 1197 cm3 five bearings and is replaced by a much more noble mechanics. A double overhead camshaft studied by Aurelio Lampredi. 1438 cm3 for power increased to 90 hp DIN and a nice bonus torque of 11 kgm available from 4,000rpm. Small wonder that, by the way, is only the first in a long line that will last until the 90s, Lancia K Turbo 1994 being the last to use it. It is associated with a box 5 of the convertible (fifth overdrive), a box 4 of the coupe.

    The brakes, always drives on four wheels, are now recipients. The dashboard and interior have nothing in common with the sedan and we also note an important difference compared with this time at spider: the cut, the windshield is glued, chrome entourage participating more tightness becomes a pure aesthetic element.

    This is a first for Fiat. As for drawing Boano, he moves away from both the sedan might have trouble finding and cabriolet with whom he shares, however, a small family resemblance.

    Sold much cheaper than its competitors (ITL 1,490,000 against 1,695,000 in the Giulia GT Junior in particular), the Sport Coupe is so successful that it will quickly evolve into a second series presented in November 1969 at the Turin Motor Show. By visual uniformity of concern with Dino, the whole AV facade is revisited, integrating four projectors iodine and rectangular flashing in the bumper. The AR and AR optical trunk lid are also redesigned, as the dashboard that receives a clock, a matte colour instead of the fake wood to house the instruments, cloth seats instead of leatherette (the - C remains present on the sides of the backrest and seat), etc. Little quirk that it is difficult to understand: the AV deflector has been reduced in size and, hence, there is no interchangeability of AV ice between the first two series.

    It was at this same time that his shoulder Sport Coupé Fiat 1400 version 1600 which drift mechanics that of 125: 110 hp, two dual carburettors body to manoeuvre and a higher compression ratio for a top speed which rose from 170 to 180 km/h. The suspension is relaxed at the expense of handling but for the benefit of comfort, especially as the AR anti roll bar disappears the landscape, accentuating his temperament understeer. The third and final series starts on 27 August 1972. Aesthetically, the changes are debatable but in the times, it seems. The rectangular grille slightly rounded edges is framed by dual lens mounted on separate panels. The bumpers are in three parts, bananas equipped with a rubber protection. The face AR receives trapezoidal headlamps, more imposing bumper with a horizontal range and the rear trunk door is extended to the floor, which facilitates access to the boot. Inside, the bottom of the dashboard is of metal cladding and the shape of the seats provides better lumbar support.

    Technically, the trend is even clearer. If, for the record, we note the return of the anti-roll bar at the rear (Fiat acknowledged its mistake), mechanical supply is completely redesigned. The 1400 first passes the trap. In five years of existence, he had convinced 30% of buyers cut. The 1,608 cm3 is replaced by the 1,592 cm3 derived from 132. With an important result, because it is much less athletic, especially associated with a unique dual carburettor body, solely to reducing consumption. The power is thus lowered to 104 hp DIN and although the top speed is unchanged, reversals and sensations are more bourgeois.

    At his side landed a new version equipped with a 1756 cm3 developing 114hp, also fed by only one lung and produced until March 1976. The last cut Fiat before long (see box). Find one now almost a miracle, most of whom perished on the ground. Then two! In the same year (1973), in the same colour (red Sierra), with the option box 5 and belonging to two brothers, it was simply unimaginable.

    When I was twenty, explains Roberto Mensio, I rode every day with a coupe 124 green. One of the last copies of the second series, the best of the three in my opinion. But at the time, I wanted one of the ultimate models. I thought a modern twist could not hurt. Having seen a dozen, I found this in 1600 I used until 1989 after some minor work. "This is that chance puts him in the presence of another coupe, a 1800 one, stopped on the roadside, open cover. "I offer my help, thinking it was a problem with the fuel pump, a classic on the third series. And there, the guy told me that it should rather be the turbo! I think of a joke, I lean and I actually discovered a Garrett turbine!

    Fascinated, Roberto made an offer to the owner. Who four months later, agreed to cede its Sports Coupe which was only 41,000 km on the odometer. "I wanted to sell the 1600, but I finally gave my brother Massimo. I took advantage of turbo of 1800 until 1992 but in town it was heating a lot, so I put everything back home. "So, as I am taking the view stealing two cars, performance is pretty equal between the two models, the pair slightly higher Milleotto being barely perceptible. Tasty its double overhead cam head, without being as addictive as Alfa Romeo, is promising, but use both engines admit some discretion on this generation. The fault lies in part only dual carburettor body, but also a wiser distribution diagram. So, the nervousness of the second series has somewhat evaporated in favour of a outros increased suppleness and use more consistent with what is expected of a pure passenger car. With five box and the bridge of the previous version, we could have hoped for. It's just not worse.

    We consoled by saying that, suddenly, the car is much better adapted to current circulation rules, limitations and other constraints that inter say to drive fast. And if one wants to keep still a vague feeling of sportiness, there is always the solution to push the first three reports, taking full advantage of this torque between 4,200 and 6,000rpm. The handling of the case and locks incite farms.

    For cons, the return to the Panhard rod to the RA undoubtedly is good for the coupe gaining neutrality, despite its rigid axle and coil springs that are a bit too soft, triggering times of roll damping effects that are struggling to fight. I assure you, this is really sensitive that when a string of abrupt changes of support and not at all in high-speed corners, which was the case on the second series. Regarding cars Mensio brothers, I encounter another phenomenon: If 1600 has retained the original air rises, the 1800 is equipped with 185 (two sizes above) and a limited slip differential. So, if it is less fun to "steer" it becomes downright polite in his reactions. Wrapping a Senator serenity. For me, the major difference in character is only there. Not in the engine but in this tire choice.

    You will understand, the coupe has the name of Sport. It behaves honestly, but do not try to chase the stopwatch. He knows how to stay in his place, offering a snowman illusion and without surprises complicity. It is pretty well established in wraparound seats participating in good general comfort and welcoming four people because the rear seat is actually usable by adults, which is rare enough in this category to be reported. The cabin is fairly typical Fiat however enjoying a beautifully arranged battery of instruments on a board ribbed aluminium look great. You get total: tachometer graduated up to a generous 220 km/h, with tachometer red zone starting at 6,400rpm, fuel gauge, oil pressure, water temperature and watch. The centre console includes two adjustable vents in addition to two others on each side of the dashboard. Is that we are dealing here with a heating system that is both powerful and effective way that betrays a little more bourgeois vocation of this cut. Just as the presence of the radio or the optional wide trunk. Or habitability. If I dared, I would say that this car is actually a cleverly disguised sedan coupe. I dare.

    The distribution is hidden by this very elegant painted housing. The manufacturer recommended replacement belt every 40,000 km... A word... By recovering a Panhard bar at rear, the coupe found the stability he had lost with the radio option, you could to install a power antenna which reads the engine. It is under the trunk carpet that hides the spare wheel.

    Gianpaolo Boano drew a coda tronca back, taking it relates both stylistic and aerodynamic very popular in the late 60s.

    The 4-cylinder designed by Aurelio Lampredi is a double overhead camshaft head with toothed belt drive.

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    The major difference with the two previous series, these are the lights and trapezoidal significantly larger bumpers, with banana with rubber protection.

    The coupe has always been entitled to a generator, which was not the case of the Spider.

    Technical passport Fiat 124 Sport Coupe 1600 3rd series Incidentally, the data from the 1800s.

    Type AC.000 Fiat 132 (132 AC1.000). 4 cylinders in line, ready longitudinally AV. Cast iron block, alloy cylinder head. Five crankshaft bearings. Valves V controlled by two overhead camshafts driven by toothed belt

    Displacement: 1.592 (1.756) cm3
    Bore x stroke: 80 (84) x 79.2 mm
    Compression ratio: 9.8: 1 (8.9: 1)
    Max power: 104 (114) DIN hp at 6,000rpm or 108 (118) DIN hp with the optional five-speed box
    Max torque: 14 (15.6) DIN m/kg at 4200rpm
    Power: double barrel carburettor #Weber or #Solex C34 DMS 34 ESIA 5
    Ignition: 12 V 45 Ah battery, coil and distributor
    Cooling: liquid radiator and pump.

    Wheels rear drive, limited slip differential optional
    Clutch: dry
    Transmission: 4-speed synchronized + March (5 optional box) shifter on floor

    Gear ratios 4: 1st: 3,797 - 2nd: 2,175 - 3rd: 1,410 - 4: 1 - MAR: 3,652
    5 gear ratios: 1st: 3,667 - 2nd: 2,100 - 3rd: 1,361 - 4: 1 - 5th: 0.881 - MAR: 3,526
    Axle Ratio: 3.900 (hypoid bevel) with BV4, with 4,300 BV5.
    2-door coupe, 4 places. Self-supporting monocoque body made of sheet steel

    Front suspension: independent with wishbones, coil springs, anti-roll bar, hydraulic shock absorbers
    Rear suspension: rigid axle, four longitudinal push rods, Panhard bar, hydraulic shock absorbers
    Brakes: Front disc / rear, brake booster assistance through
    Handbrake: mechanical, acting on rear wheels
    Direction: screw and roller
    Turning circle: 11.7 m between walls
    Rims: steel (alloy Cromodora option) 5Jx13 inch

    Wheel and tyres: 165 HR 13, HR 13 185 optional
    Dimensions (L x W x H): 4,170 x 1,670 x 1,340 m
    Wheelbase: 2,420 m
    Routes front / rear: 1,340 / 1,310 m
    Ground clearance: 0.125 m
    Trunk volume: 0.221 m3
    Empty weight: 995 kg.

    Top speed: 180 (185) km/h
    Consumption: 8.7 (8.4) litres/100km.
    March 1966 - March 1976: 299,686 copies.

    The last set is the least publicly. For 4,000 euros you can find a copy in fairly good condition. But be careful to corrosion, the number one enemy of this model which is struggling to take off because of this recurring phenomenon (Source: Ruoteclassiche).

    This 1800 Cromodora equipped with wheels and a tire goes up twice in the beginning, better holding the pad. But what is gained safe, fun is lost.

    Data for four seats, the 124 Sport Coupe has a seat that can actually accommodate two people in relative comfort. Place reserved for legs is limited, especially if the driver or his neighbour recede headquartered maximum.

    Welcome aboard a car inclination to sports if we rely decorum, but rather gentrified as evidenced perfectly padded seats and very generous in size. We were optimistic at Fiat by providing a graded meter to 220 km / h!

    The wide door provides easy access to rear seats. Its finish is simple but decorated with touches of chrome that enhance black leatherette. Above the center console, most of the control dials associated with a watch. A classic: The quarter windows that can open wide to better ventilate the cabin.

    Roberto and Massimo Mensio and Fiat 124 Sport Coupe 1600 and 1800 1973 "family of fans"

    On the occasion of the press kit for the launch in 1993 of the Fiat Coupe, the manufacturer turned to Chris Bangle and produced a family photo before the Stupinigi hunting lodge not far from Turin. It showed some of the cut created by the house, how to ensure witness the award between 1100 S, 8V, the Dino, 2300 or S 124 Sport Coupe. The latter, as you see it today is that of Massimo Mensio.

    "Fiat does not have in his collection and I was asked if I would lend it. What I did willingly, you can imagine. "It was also he who had presented his 1100 D. Roberto, he too is not unknown to you. He is regularly invited in our columns, the commercial agent of 51 years with a remarkable collection of models in the mid-60s and 70s, only badged Fiat: 125, 124 and 124 Sport Spider 1600.
    This is called a fan family!

    The new ventilation grille with its hubcap. If the spider is entitled to door handles with visible button, the coupe has always had this beautiful palette system.

    Face to face between two aesthetically identical models. The rims difference is the result of an option, nothing else. These trapezoidal lights appeared only on the third series.

    Do not be fooled by appearances, the 124 Sport Coupe is not a sport. She just gives the illusion. Nevertheless, we can have fun at the wheel.

    The rear trunk door was revised to finally allow access to the luggage compartment. Previously, the vertical part was fixed and we had to pass over.

    It was a first for Fiat: the windscreen is glued.
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  •   David Ingram-Hill reacted to this post about 5 years ago
    Greg Lutzka simplicity of its finest

    Some people need to flaunt their success with a garage filled with cars they don’t even drive, while others prefer to take a modest approach. Pro skateboarder #Greg-Lutzka belongs in the latter category. The veteran skater has been riding the streets, racking up sponsors and cashing skate competition checks for a while now, but his taste for the finer things in life is pretty simple. All he needs is his BMW 5-Series and his two Harley-Davidsons to make him happy. This is Lutzka’s second BMW and is his best yet (the first one he bought after winning his first skate competition).

    I’ve always been into European cars since I was young,” he says. “Those kinds of cars are just awesome cars to drive, especially German ones. They handle so well and are really stylish, which is probably why I’ve always liked them. My first Bimmer, I drove from Milwaukee, WI to California and drove that thing for a few years until my career picked up and I bought a Bentley GT”

    After selling his Bentley, Lutzka decided to go back to his first true love and a #BMW-F10 5-Series was his first choice. “I test drove other cars and even had an Audi before, but didn’t like it and got rid of it," he confesses. "Nothing beats a Bimmer and what's great about them is that they’re not too expensive, yet still luxurious and are fun to drive. They have great interiors, their suspension handles really well and it’s seriously one of the best rides I’ve ever owned."

    Simplicity is key for Lutzka, so elaborate modifications were out of the question. All he needed to enhance the look of his Bavarian beauty was a set of 20” TIS wheels. “I love those wheels. They really set off the overall look of my #BMW ," he says. “It drives good right now, and I feel that when you lower it, although it might look nice, you're really compromising its ride. All I need is a nice set of wheels and tinted windows and I’m good to go!” Lutzka is also sponsored by Kicker and will be adding a booming sound system in the near future.

    When he’s not cruising L.A. streets in his BMW F10 5-Series, he’s hitting the open road in his 2013 Harley-Davidson Street Bob Dyna that he just started riding over a year ago. In fact, Lutzka was a motorcycle virgin, with his Harley passion ignited after getting sponsored by them and participating in their Freedom Tour campaign that showcased five influencers as they learned to ride Harleys.

    "They're from Milwaukee and so am I, and they wanted to get a skateboarder personality to appeal to a younger demographic and so that’s how the partnership began,” he says. “They also wanted someone that had never ridden a bike before because their whole campaign was about showing the public how easy it is to learn. And they really are! I had a blast and now love to ride my Harley through the canyons in L.A. and especially during rush hour traffic since I can just zip through it all” Lutzka also admits that it’s been one of his favorite partnerships to date and enjoys doing all the YouTube promo videos that shows off his newfound riding skills. He’s become so engulfed with riding that he now has more than 20,000 miles under his belt and admits that it feels like he’s been riding all his life.

    And unlike his BMW, the Street Bob boasts a number of modifications, including performance suspension, shocks, fairing and seat. Thanks to the amazing partnership with Harley-Davidson, Lutzka now has two bikes since Harley-Davidson recently sent him a new #2015 Dyna Low Rider bike. ‘’Between the three rides, it’s a great mix,” he says. “I’m going to switch out the bikes quite a bit, but Street Bob will always be my favorite since it was my very first Harley.”

    There’s no need to add more vehicles to his garage because Lutzka has his hands full with his BMW and Harleys and doesn’t want to get anything else since he’s always traveling for skate demos and competitions. This summer, he’s looking forward to shredding in the Dew Tour and hopefully taking home first place. Having been competing for 15 years, Lutzka knows what it takes to win contests and his secret to success is literally riding every single day.” I don’t call it practicing at all since I enjoy it," he describes.

    "I know my board like the back of my hand, and when you’re always on it, you become so comfortable that you go into competitions not really thinking about it as much."

    And just like his board, Lutzka has become so comfortable on his Harleys that he’s looking forward to racking up more miles on them this summer.

    Greg’s BMW 5 Series F10 sits on TIS 20m rims and will keep things knockin' when he installs his Kicker Sub Audio system.

    His 2013 #Harley-Davidson-Dyna-Street-Bob features a Progressive Suspension 970 Series, PiggybackShocks, Bassani 2 to 1 pipe, Mustang fast back seat, Death squad 10m bars, #Harley-Davidson air cleaner and Harley 3/4 faring.

    ‏ — at California, USA
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