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  •   David Lillywhite reacted to this post about 2 years ago
    1972 Citroen SM 3.0 IE - US spec

    A beautiful thing happened when Citroen teamed up with Maserati. You don't see many here yet. But those you see you notice. The Citroen SM 3.0 EFI is simply, a great car. Dramatic to look at. yet smooth for four to ride in and simple to drive as only an expensive car can be.

    For the SM unites Citroen engineering with Maserati power. The engine-now with Electronic Fuel Injection-is a V6 3.0 IE litre Maserati with four overhead cams. Top speed is now 144.6mph. 0-50mph takes only 6.0 seconds.

    Special Citroen features include front wheel drive. Hydropneumatic suspension, self-levelling lights and a unique system of power-assisted self-centring steering The SM has won the tough Rallye of Morocco, and the U.S. gave it their Car of the Year award. The SM 3.0 EFI costs £5.136.98 and your Citroen dealer has the full story. See him or write for brochure and list of agents to: Citroen Cars Ltd. Dept E4, Trading Estate. Slough SL14QA.
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  •   David Lillywhite reacted to this post about 2 years ago
    Citroen SM cemetery in USA 2014
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  •   David Lillywhite reacted to this post about 2 years ago
    1973 Citroen SM 3.0 Automatique. Here are a few clues. just to confuse you. The top speed of the Citroen SM 3.0 Automatique is 141.6 mph. From 0-50 takes 6.1 seconds. A standing quarter mile is covered in 15.0 seconds. Fortunately, the impressive figures don’t stop there. SM petrol consumption is, in fact, an astonishingly good 25.22 mpg DIN.

    Other cars that approach SM standards of performance and luxury have much, much greater thirsts.
    How do Citroen do it?

    The answer, in fact, primarily, is good aerodynamics. Citroen cars like the SM, the DS and the GS are arrow-head-shaped to create minimum wind resistance. So the Citroen SM achieves the same kind of performance from its 2670cc light alloy twin overhead camshaft V6 Maserati engine as other cars with 5’litres under the bonnet.

    The DS23 achieves an overall 26.4 mpg DIN and good figures are obtainable all through the range right down to the Dyane 6's frugal 46 mpg DIN.

    These are days of potential petrol drought and rising prices. But you'll be in good shape to face them with a Citroen. See your Citroen dealer, or post this coupon for our range brochure.
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  •   John Simister reacted to this post about 3 years ago
    #1967 announce two outstanding new model

    The 420 saloon Jaguar now proudly introduce an important addition to their medium size saloon car range. This impressively styled new 420 model has the compact dimensions of the famous ‘S’ Type and an entirely new frontal appearance incorporating four headlight system and imposing new radiator grille. With 4.2 litre XK twin carburettor engine, automatic transmission or manual 4 speed all-synchromesh gear box. with or without overdrive, optional power steering, independent suspension all round, 4 wheel disc brakes, alternator and pre-engaged starter, it offers commanding power and the very highest degree of road safety. Its full 5 seater body provides luxurious comfort with finest leather hide upholstery, reclining front seats and variable control heating for front and rear compartments.

    The #Jaguar 420G saloon. For spacious and silent, high-performance motoring. Jaguar now present the new #420G a luxury saloon with every conceivable refinement and many new interior anti exterior styling features. Powered by the advanced design 4.2 litre XK three carburettor engine, with Borg Warner Model 8 automatic transmission or 4 speed all- synchromesh manual gear box. with or without overdrive, and with independent suspension all round, four wheel disc brakes, ‘Varamatic’ power steering, alternator and pre-engaged starter, the new 420 G has a newly designed radiator grille and additional side-mounted continental direction indicators. The luxurious five seater interior with variable car temperature control has reclining front seats and is upholstered throughout in Vaumol leather hide. The instrument panel has a padded safety screen rail. A heated backlight, electrically operated windows and Delanair Air Conditioning are available extras.
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  •   Richard Truesdell reacted to this post about 3 years ago
    1989 Mercedes-Benz 420 SL £17,950. This late example of the R107 series is well presented, and packs a surprising punch. Ben Wanklyn tries it.

    There’s a few quaint creases inside, but there are no rips or tears to trouble a new owner.
    4.2-litre V8 has always been Mercedes dealer serviced, until recently.

    With the exception of the most recent full service, carried out on behalf of the vendor, this car’s service booklet carries a full complement of service stamps courtesy of its supplying dealer. With an odometer reading of 74,400 miles via three owners and excellent bodywork, this late- production 420 SL seems to have been very well cared for. Aside from a scratch to the nearside rear wing, and a chip on the rear of the passenger’s door, the Almandine Red paintwork is in good order and free from fading. This finish extends to the original factory-supplied hardtop, and the vendor has recently renewed the black soft-top.

    The car’s flanks are straight and dimple- free, including the ribbed pressings below the rubbing strips, while the heavy doors fit snugly into their apertures. The bootlid and bonnet also boast even gaps, while the front panels show no stonechip damage. Original-spec dark grey paint covers the sill panels, while the underside appears to be free from corrosion or past repairs, as are the lower rear quarter panels.

    The boot is bone dry, and the paint covering the boot floor and spare wheel well is unmarked, but a section of soundproofing is absent from the bonnet’s underside. All brightwork is correct, although the front grille surround and rear numberplate plinth are slightly tarnished, while there is a small dimple on the trim piece below the driver’s door window. The black rubber facings to the bumpers and rubbing strips, as well as all light lenses, have survived unscathed.

    A well-presented engine bay is set off by the externally clean engine block, topped off by a highly polished air filter box. Engine oil and coolant looks fresh. The 4196cc unit starts keenly and quickly warms up, before the needle of the temperature gauge settles just below its centre point. As a result, the heater is efficient. On the road the car feels lively. Flexing the long-travel accelerator pedal prompts vigorous acceleration while pushing the needle of the gauge marked ‘economy’ into its red zone.

    Smooth selection of Drive with the four- speed auto transmission is followed by slick changes, while the front wishbone and rear swing-axle suspension feels taut, with no knocks or rattles. Under braking, the 420 SL pulls up straight and with minimal fuss, while the brake fluid itself is clean. The power steering pump is leak-free, with no noises or juddering from lock-to-lock.
    The Pebble leather faces to the front seats are gently creased, but the hide is free from splits and tears. An occasional rear seat is fitted and the dashboard veneer is unmarked. However, there is light wear to the centre console near the handbrake lever.
    Considering its appealing mechanical specification and state of preservation, the asking price appears to be sensible.


    ► 350 SL is the first of the R107 series, introduced April 1971. W114 underpinnings but S-Class 3.5-litre V8, coupled to a rigid open-top body with removable hardtop. 350 SLC coupe, with fixed roof and seating for four, follows that autumn. USA gets 4.5-litre 450 SL and SLC variants from 1972, offered in other markets the following year.

    ► Fuel-injected straight-six for 1974 280 SL and SLC, 450 SLC 5.0 arrives in 1977; 241bhp from all-aluminium five-litre V8 produces 241bhp, alloy wheels and aluminium bonnet and bootlid.

    ► Interior revisions and four-speed auto from 1980, along with ABS and front spoiler. 350,450 & 450 5.0 models discontinued, with new 380 SL and SLC, plus 500 SL and SLC taking their place. SLC dropped in 1981, while SL given taller axle ratios and more fuel-efficient engines. Driver’s airbag the following year. 280 SL and 380 SL discontinued in 1985, in favour of the new straight-six 300 SL and V8 420 SL. Bosch electronic fuel injection fitted across the range.

    ► R107 production ceases in 1989, with 237,287 examples of all models built.

    Car 1989 Mercedes-Benz 420 SL
    Price £17,950
    Contact 01420 520635,
    Engine 4196cc OHC V8
    Power 218bhp @ 5200rpm
    Torque 243lb ft @ 3750rpm
    Top speed: 133mph,
    0-60mph: 8.5sec
    Fuel consumption 18mpg
    Length 4389mm Width 1791mm

    INSURANCE £200
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  •   Adam Towler reacted to this post about 4 years ago
    1975 Bristol 411 Series V £55,000. This V8 gentleman’s express looks the full ticket, and offers plenty of grunt, says Ben Wanklyn. This Bristol is fresh from the vendor’s workshops, following restoration of its bodywork, during which its colour was changed from white to metallic burgundy. Its black grille and low-key brightwork identify this as a Series V.

    Chrysler-sourced powerplant pumps out 264bhp and holds the correct temperature
    Creased leather seats add a touch of charm to the 4TTs very well-presented cockpit

    The alloy body panels are smooth and bubble-free, including the often corroded sill and front valance areas, with the bonnet and bootlid both fitting perfectly into their apertures. It’s a similar story with the doors, opening and shutting easily yet with a solid thud. The mirror-like paint finish has evidently been expertly applied, although small flecks of corrosion have attacked both bumpers. The grille-mounted Bristol badge is present and correct, as are the flawless brightwork trim strips on the sills and body flanks, but the driver’s mirror base is pitted.

    Opening the lockers in the lower front wings reveals neatly welded repairs to their steel inner structures. The underside is straight-looking, with the front crossmember and substantial chassis members appearing to have escaped corrosion.
    A modest odometer reading of 44,800 miles backs up the 6556cc V8 engine’s impression of good health. Rumbling into life, it displays a strong 50lb ft of oil pressure, and quickly warms up to sit at 90 degrees Celsius on the dashboard dial. This mighty lump pulls the car along in a docile manner, but responds with vigour under kickdown. There’s an absence of external oil leaks or exhaust smoke, although the ignition light flickers at idle.

    Although the gear selector lever’s top is worn, the transmission itself is smooth and jolt-free in operation, taking up drive promptly. The unusual but original- specification stainless steel exhaust system, with four dummy tailpipes, has a rattling mount beneath the passenger’s footwell.

    The power steering operates without fault, moving from lock to lock without squealing or juddering, while the twin-servo-assisted disc brakes pull the car up squarely and firmly, needing only light pedal pressure.

    The vendor has refurbished the correct Avon alloy wheels, which are shod with a new set of Dunlop tyres. Inside, the black leather trim is free from damage or wear, save for a light creasing to the front seat faces. The rear seat looks barely worn and is fitted with a pair of inertia-reel seatbelts. Yellowing around the rear windscreen lets down the headlining, although the dashboard and door capping timber is unmarked and boasts excellent lacquer. All the black-rimmed dials operate as they should, as do the Philips radio and electrically raised aerial, while the boot has recently been recarpeted.
    The asking price seems high - but with excellent coachwork and mechanicals, it presents a good case for itself.

    ► First of the V8 Bristols, the 407, is unveiled in 1961. Similar looks to straight-six 406, but reworked body, plus power from 5130cc Chrysler V8 and three-speed automatic transmission. All-new coil spring front suspension, but Watt’s linkage rear suspension from 406 and same old Bristol chassis.

    ► 1963-onwards 408 has restyled nose, Rootes rear lights and Armstrong Selectaride rear dampers; larger 5211cc engine and lighter transmission with 1965 Mkll. 409 also offered, with 250bhp, higher gearing and softer springing, plus trapezoid front grille. Power steering standardised from June 1967.

    ► 410 follows in 1967, with faired-in headlamps, smaller 15in wheels, revised disc brakes and floor- mounted gear selector. 6277cc V8 and limited-slip differential help propel 1969 411 to 140mph. Also new three-spoke steering wheel and revised grille.

    ► Series II version of 411 from 1971 has self-levelling suspension, but Series III in 1972 has dramatically restyled front end, with rectangular grille, smoother bonnet and front wings, plus four 7in headlamps. Engine compression ratio lowered, but 1974 Series IV offers 6556cc powerplant to compensate.

    ► Production ends in 1976, with 614 of the 407-411 series built over 15 years.

    Price £55,000
    Contact Fender Broad Classic Cars, (, 07909 565868)
    Engine 6556cc OHV V8
    Power 264bhp @ 4800rpm
    Torque 335lb ft @ 3600rpm
    Top speed: 140mph;
    0-60mph: 7sec
    Fuel consumption 16mpg
    Length 4902mm
    Width 1727mm

    INSURANCE £279
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    Lancia Flaminia

    Lancia Flaminia GT Club
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