Porsche 911 Electric - Drive

  • No Hybrid/Electric Porsche 911 for foreseeable future

    2030 Porsche 911 Electric

    This was to be the issue in which I would have reported on Porsche’s activities at the Geneva motor show, though as we all know the virus put paid to that. But it didn’t stop me having a chat with Dr Frank-Steffen Walliser over the telephone about the future of the 911. As you may also know, he is the man who used to be in charge of the motorsport department but has not replaced the retired August Achleitner as ‘line director, Porsche sports cars’ or, put another way, Mr 911.

  • 911 last Porsche to go electric

    2021 Porsche 911 Mission-E

    Porsche doubles down on EV strategy

  • Electric Porsche 911 in just 10 years

    Electric Porsche 911 in just 10 years

    Porsche is tooling up for 85 per cent of its sales to be all-electric cars by 2028 – including the sports car icon. By Georg Kacher.

  • No electric Porsche 911 before 2030

    2030 Porsche 911 Electric

    Porsche delays electrification for its most iconic sports car