Jaguar Land Rover

  • Free Jaguar I-PACE updates

     Jaguar Land Rover North America

    Software upgrades gleaned from competition on the track and real-world journeys are now available to all I-PACE owners to improve their car’s performance

  • ACE team: JLR and BMW

    ACE team: JLR and BMW

    Jaguar Land Rover and BMW Group have confirmed they are to join forces to develop the next-generation Electric Drive Units (EDUs) to advance electrification technologies, a central part of the automotive industry's transition to an ACES (Autonomous, Connected, Electric, Shared) future.

  • Can Land Rover win at electrification?

    new 2020 Range Rover 5

    Land Rover’s plan to restore sales and fiscal health over the next few years – and set itself on the right low-carbon road – sounds plausible, given how much it achieved in the Tata-owned decade just ended. It scored bumper sales in many of those years, changed promptly to engines of its own manufacture and is finding ways to counter the demise of diesel.

  • Jaguar donates F-Types

    Jaguar donates F-Types

    Jaguar Land Rover has strengthened its commitment to the armed forces with the donation of two F-TYPE sports cars to Mission Motorsport. The cars will be used by the charity to support the recovery and rehabilitation of ex service personnel affected by their time in the military.

  • Jaguar I-Pace joins NHS

    Jaguar I-Pace joins NHS

    A fleet of 700 all-electric I-PACEs is to be offered to public sector staff working across Northumbria, over a three-year period.

  • Jaguar Land Rover has unveiled a bold new concept vehicle - the 2021 Project Vector

    Jaguar Land Rover

    JLR continues to work towards addressing the wider issues around future transport with its urban concept vehicle, Project Vector.

  • JLR donates sportbrake to homeless charity

    JLR donates sportbrake to homeless charity

    Jaguar Land Rover employees have donated a new XF Sportbrake to West Midlands based homeless support charity, Midland Langar Seva Society.

  • JLR has announced it is to make 4,500 of its workforce redundant

    JLR has announced it is to make 4,500 of its workforce redundant

    As part of a £2.6bn cost-cutting plan, management, marketing and administrative roles are expected to be the hardest hit, although some production staff may also be affected. This follows the company placing 1,000 employees at its Castle Bromwich site on a three-day week in November, while 1,000 agency workers at the Solihull factory were laid off in 2017.

  • JLR's survival bid: five new cars in two years

    JLR's survival bid: five new cars in two years

    New Defender, Mk5 Range Rover, Road Rover, J-Pace and electric XJ are planned

  • Land Rover bets on new 2020 Range Rover 5

    Land Rover bets on new 2020 Range Rover 5

    Hybrids in new-model blitz lead Land Rover fight-back. Land Rover bets on new Range Rover, three more new models and electrification.

  • New Range Rover Sport: eco-friendly performance for 2022 4x4

    New 2022 Range Rover Sport / Jaguar Land Rover

    Range Rover Sport New high-stakes 4x4 due 2022 - JLR banks on make-or-break next-gen Range Rover Sport Third-generation version of most profitable Range Rover model due on sale in 2022.

  • North American sales increase

     Jaguar Land Rover North America

    Jaguar Land Rover North America sales have established a new all-time US sales record for the combined brands. The company sold 125,787 cars in 2020, up three percent compared to the previous record of 122,626 units in 2018. For the full year, Jaguar sales in America were 31,051, up two percent from 30,483 in 2018.

  • Prof Sir Ralf Speth announces he is to stand down in September 2020

    Prof Sir Ralf Speth

    The man who developed Jaguar Land Rover from a niche UK centric manufacturer to a respected, technological leading, global premium company has announced that he will retire from his current role as executive director and chief executive officer of Jaguar Land Rover at the end of his contract term, September 2020.

  • Rebirth of six-cylinder - Jaguar Land Rover has announced a new straightsix engine

    Jaguar Land Rover has announced a new straightsix engine

    More than 20 years after production of the AJ16 finished, Jaguar Land Rover has announced a new straight-six engine.

  • Ring Road Range Rover

    Ring Road Range Rover

    Readers familiar with the Coventry ring road will know how tricky it can be with a human driver at the wheel, so it’s a real test for an autonomous prototype.

  • Short time working for Jaguar Land Rover staff

    Short time working for Jaguar Land Rover staff

    Staff at Jaguar Land Rover’s Castle Bromwich and Solihull factories have been moved to reduced working hours, with the former on a three-day working week until Christmas and the Solihull site is closing for two weeks. The move is reportedly due to the “continuing headwinds” taking their toll on the car industry, and are expected to affect most of the plant’s workers.

  • Straight-six and Mild Hybrid drivetrain improves efficiency of Range Rover L405

    Range Rover L405

    The latest 3.0-litre 400hp petrol engine is now available for the Range Rover, delivering clean and efficient technology for customers. With the introduction of an electric supercharger, which coordinates with the twin-scroll turbocharger to virtually eliminate turbo lag, it spools up in 0.5 seconds up to 6500rpm. This means the six-cylinder engine provides an impressive torque response, up to 406 lb-ft in fact.

  • The ‘Road Rover’ will sit on JLR’s new MLA platform

    The ‘Road Rover’ will sit on JLR’s new MLA platform

    According to Jaguar Land Rover’s latest official figures, Jaguar sold 161,601 cars globally last year and produced a further 6251 at its joint venture in China. That excluding-China figure is 10.6% down on 2018’s total of 180,833 cars, and 161,000 sales across six model lines remain a marginal proposition.


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