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     Many car owners assume car detailing and car washing to be the same. It is for this reason that a lot of drivers think that detailing is just a waste of money. But what you need to understand is there is a significant difference between the two. It is true that mobile car detailing cost more money compared to traditional washing, it offers many benefits for your vehicle which prove to be more advantageous and practical in the long run.


                         What is Auto Car Detailing?

    Before we delve in further, you might be wondering what exactly is mobile car detailing? To answer this common but crucial question, specifying involves thorough cleaning and inspection of every part of your vehicle. It also includes specialized tools and equipment to clean and to do necessary touch-ups as needed by the car. However, it is also important to know that this process does not involve any repairs or paintworks. Car mechanics must do your car's repair and maintenance. Experts do not recommend car detailing all the time, it’s recommended to go with experts on the field like Midnight Driver Co but you should do it now, not just to keep your vehicle clean, but also to recondition it and make it look brand new again.


                         How is Exterior Car Detailing Done?

    Car being washed


    There are two significant parts of auto detailing; the first one is the exterior car detailing. In this process, experts do the usual washing process; they soap the vehicle until foam occurs as it allows dirt particles to soften and remove quickly. The next step is for the wheels to be cleaned using different products. Experts remove dirt from every corner then it is washed and dried. Once done, the paintwork comes next. They often use clay to take off every bit of dust that got attached. If needed, the paint is also polished to eradicate any scratches and oxidation marks. This step is time-consuming since professionals do it thoroughly, and it may be done through the use of a polishing machine or by hand.


                         How is Interior Car Detailing Done?

    As the term implies, this step involves the interior part of the vehicle. The carpets are removed, cleaned, dried, and polished with utmost elaboration. Every single upholstery inside the car is soaped to remove dirt and stains. Furthermore, they also do vacuuming. If there are any leatherworks, they are also removed and shampooed, so every particle of dust is removed. The vinyl and plastic parts are cleaned and dressed as needed while the glass is also polished carefully. It leaves no corner of the inner part of the vehicle unclean. It is imperative since dirt particles could damage the car's interior when neglected over time.


                         What Are the Benefits of Car Detailing?

    Let’s say that detailing is indeed more expensive than car washing, but it is worth every penny you pay. When your car is in excellent condition, you don’t have to worry about damages and maintenance. The value of your vehicle increases so you can use it longer. Additionally, the cost is also higher when you plan to sell it. Detailing ensures that every part of your car is protected and preserved.

      Ferrari after detailing


    For many car owners, car washing is a more affordable option compared to car detailing. Most prefer to wash their cars during their free time or take the automobile to the car wash service. While this is a practical option, as a car owner, you need to learn how to differentiate car washing from car detailing and know why the first mentioned is a lot less expensive. It will also help you in deciding whether you opt for specifying or washing.

    At first thought, most would prefer car washing since it’s fast and affordable while making your car look flawless and clean. However, in the long run, car detailing is more beneficial since it helps ensure that your vehicle is in excellent condition and every single part is well-taken care. One of the primary problems for different car troubles is when owners neglect the engine and some parts. You might be thinking you are saving much on cleaning and washing but in the future, it could cost you more. For better understanding, let us learn the difference between the two from different aspects.


                         The Process

    Car washing involves merely mostly cleaning the exterior parts of the automobile. The interior surface may also be cleaned but not intricately. On the other hand, car detailing entails a thorough and systematic cleaning of every part of the vehicle. The process starts by applying an interior detailer on the plastic parts of your car then followed by wiping it off with a soft towel.

    The next step is applying a unique conditioner to protect your vehicle from damages due to sun exposure. Furthermore, all interior windows are cleaned using a glass cleaner. Outside, an expert will inspect the engine then afterward; it will be sprayed and cleaned. If needed, degreasing is also done using compressed air. Just like the interior parts, they will apply conditioner and put wax on the painted pieces. Just like regular washing, the exterior portion will be cleaned, shampooed, and washed. Rinsing will follow then they will apply a clay bar to remove contaminants. Lastly, the detailer will apply polish to the panels.


                         The Time

    When it comes to the process, patience is needed. Car washing may take 15 to 20 minutes wherein car detailing may take a few hours to one day depending on the condition of your car. What you need to understand is that detailing entails more intricate processes and therefore it takes time. It is therefore recommended to do it when you have time to spare or if you are willing to come back for it when they finish.


                         The Cost

    Now that you know how the process for detailing is, it is understandable why it is expensive. It involves the use of different solvents to clean, and it also includes inspection and restoration. They clean every spot and corner thoroughly. These are done with the help of high-tech machinery and other equipment and performed by trained professionals.



                         Contributor Section

    Experts Advice For Car Detailing and Car Wash

    The good thing about detailing, especially from Midnight Driver Co, is that your car is not just well-taken care of, but they ensure that there are no damages done during the entire process and your vehicle can look brand new again. It is a better option if you want your car parts to last even longer. Midnight Driver Co has only one mission and it is to help you "Feel the Drive Feel the Clean". The company is born by drivers who enjoy the midnight cruise at full speed through the city during its quietest hours. Team leader Johnny Chen focuses on the high standards of quality in its services, products, and detailing education to help those to realize the true potential of their vehicles in the automotive detailing world. Don’t forget to watch our Tiktok videos.

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