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  • Admirable determination Alessandro Zanardi BMW M4 F82 DTM

    Admirable determination Alessandro Zanardi BMW M4 F82 DTM

    Admirable determination. Alessandro Zanardi, the Italian racing driver who, following a horrific accident in 2001, lost both his legs is, as we write this, all set to make a guest DTM start at Misano, in Italy, driving a BMW M4 F82 DTM. This event will represent the latest high point in Zanardi's incredibly determined return to motorsport. A two-day test session in Vallelunga, Italy, saw the ex-F1 and American CART series driver complete an impressive 294 laps at the wheel of his specially modified M4 F82.

  • All new 2019 BMW X5 G05 on sale from this month

    2019 BMW X5 G05

    The all-new 2019 BMW X5 G05 goes on sale in the UK from June 2018. A choice of TwinPower and M Performance petrol and diesel engines are matched to a new eight-speed Steptronic gearbox and the latest version of xDrive. BMW says that with a wheelbase 42mm longer than its predecessor, an increase in vehicle length of 36mm, an extra 66mm of width and a 19mm increase in height, the new X5 has both an imposing appearance and generous levels of space for passengers and their luggage.

  • All new 2020 BMW 8 series G14/15/16 transmission tricks

    All new 2020 BMW 8 series G14/15/16 transmission tricks

    The two launch models of the new 8 Series coupé – the 840d and the M850i – which will be in UK showrooms this month, will both feature an improved version of the eight-speed Steptronic Sport transmission.

  • All new BMW 8 Series Coupé was recently put through its high-speed paces in Aprilia, Italy

    BMW 8 Series Coupé

    High-speed 8 Series testing. A close-to-series prototype of the new 8 Series Coupé was recently put through its high-speed paces in Aprilia, Italy. The tests served to optimise the vehicle’s driving dynamics on surfaces with a high friction coefficient, and marks a further decisive stage on the way to the launch of this exciting new model, that’s scheduled for later this year.

  • All the latest BMW-related goings-on from the 2016 Geneva Motor Show

    BMW-related goings-on from the 2016 Geneva Motor Show

    A Swiss Selection News 2016 Geneva Show. The annual Geneva show kicks off the European show season and BMW, Alpina and AC Schnitzer all had delectable machinery on display this year… Words and photography: Bob Harper.

  • An electric storm 2019 BMW i3 I01

    An electric storm 2019 BMW i3 I01

    An electric storm! The i3 has certainly proved a popular seller for BMW, and the i3s model has added even more appeal. So, as electric and hybrid vehicles continue to make impressive strides forward, surely our thinking needs to move forward, too?

  • Appreciating Depreciation BMW 335i (E92)

    Appreciating Depreciation BMW 335i (E92)

    The 335i is a hell of a mover. Its 3.0-litre turbo straight-six gives you 302bhp right out of the box, backed up by 295lb.ft of torque, and they’re decent numbers in anybody’s book. 0-62mph is despatched in 5.4-seconds, and the swoopy coupé body will fool most uninformed observers into thinking that it’s an M3 that’s just disappeared improbably quickly towards the horizon.

  • Audi and BMW poised to take fight to new CLA with stylish compact coupés

    Audi and BMW poised to take fight to new CLA with stylish compact coupés

    Audi is preparing to counter the new Mercedes-Benz CLA with its very own style-led coupé: a new five-door A3 liftback model. The most powerful version, which is set to make more than 400bhp, is described by Audi officials as a spiritual successor to the original Sport Quattro.

  • Bahnstormers’ Lightening strike

    Bahnstormers’ Lightening strike

    Dogleg ‘box M535i tops the bill of nine E28s found by specialist

  • Bettering Expectations BMW F46 2 Series Gran Tourer

     BMW F46 2 Series Gran Tourer

    The new seven-seat MPV deserves a second look. The 2 Series Gran Tourer is BMW’s first foray into the seven-seat MPV market, but does it tick all the right boxes? Words: Bob Harper /// Photography: BMW

  • Bigger is better 2020 BMW M8 Gran Coupe F93

    2020 BMW M8 Gran Coupe F93

    Critics of BMW’s recent design, look at this purple V8 super saloon. It’s a belter

  • BMW 2 Series Gran-Tourer seven-seat version F45

    BMW 2 Series Gran-Tourer seven-seat version F45

    Seven-seat BMW 2 Series makes its debut. Look away now BMW traditionalists as if the frontwheel drive Active Tourer didn’t float your boat the new seven-seater MPV, the 2 Series Gran Tourer, will be sure to upset you further. This is not a sector in which BMW has previously been represented but with its 2 Series Active Tourer and now the Gran Tourer it will now be able to appeal to customers to whom its more traditional line-up of two-door coupés, four-door saloons and five-door Tourings have limited appeal. The world, or more specifically the world of the 20- to 30-something family buyer, has fallen hook, line and sinker for the MPV as a convenient way of transporting the family, pets and associated detritus around the country and it was only a matter of time before BMW decided that it wanted a slice of the pie. There’s money in these vehicles and it would have been somewhat perverse if BMW hadn’t joined the party – it doesn’t seem to have done Mercedes any harm after all.

  • BMW 3 Series back on track

    BMW 3 Series back on track

    The 3 Series will return to Britain's premier motor racing series this year, with BMW confirming it's to bring its best-selling model back to the Kwik Fit British Touring Car Championship (BTCC). A prolific winner virtually from the outset, the story of the BMW 3 Series in the BTCC is a long and distinguished one, yielding five drivers' titles and two manufacturers' crowns between 1988 and 2009; from Frank Sytner's success with the M3, to Colin Turkington's triumph with the 320Si E90. In between, there were back-to-back championships for Will Hoy (1991), Tim Harvey (1992) and Joachim Winkelhock (1993).

  • BMW 4er Coupé

    BMW 4er Coupé

    Während anderswo alles seinen gewohnten Gang geht, passiert in München die Revolution. Die Kühlergrill-Revolution, um genau zu sein.

  • BMW 507

    BMW 507

    Internt: John Eriksson om ett bilminne som har fastnat hårdare än andra.

  • BMW 7 Series Celebration 40 years

    BMW 7 Series Celebration 40 years

    With the 7 Series hitting its 40th birthday, Bob Harper looks back at what’s made this model range a pioneer of the motoring landscape since 1977. Seventh wonders 7 Series Celebration 40 years of luxury motoring. Then and now; BMW 7 Series production now spans 40 years.

  • BMW 7 Series G11/G12 - tech detail

    BMW 7 Series G11/G12 - 2015

    New BMW G11 7 Series. Stunning new 7 Series BMW’s high-tech flagship model will be its most luxurious machine to date. The all-new 7 Series G11/G12 was revealed to the world in Munich last month and with a sharp new suit and some seriously high-tech underpinnings and interior gadgets BMW is looking to rule the luxury class for some time to come. Words: Bob Harper. Photography: BMW.

  • BMW and Mercedes-Benz, partners?

    BMW and Mercedes-Benz, partners?

    In news from America, we gather that the BMW Group and Daimler AG are planning the next steps for their joint mobility company, following approval by the responsible competition authorities.

  • BMW Cars Celebrates 30 Years Of Four-Wheel Drive Technology

    BMW Cars Celebrates 30 Years Of Four-Wheel Drive Technology

    It’s amazing to think that just 30 years ago BMW’s four-wheel drive adventure was only just beginning and back in those days its USP was that in a time when just about every manufacturer was turning to front-wheel drive BMWs remained resolutely driven by their rear wheels.

  • BMW eyes pure-electric power to make the next i8 a 911 beater

    all-electric future for next-gen i8 BMW

    BMW lines up all-electric future for next-gen i8 BMW will decide this year if its new flagship sports car will be electric only or hybrid

  • BMW i3 Più autonomia, e una scossa alla Mini nel 2020

    2020 Bmw i3

    La scossa per la Bmw passa attraverso 2 e 4 ruote. Giunta alla seconda fase della sua strategia di elettrificazione, come sottolineato dall’amministratore delegato Harald Krueger, la Casa bavarese ha presentato allo scorso Salone di Parigi le nuove edizioni della compatta i3 e dello scooter C Evolution, entrambe dotate di accumulatori più efficienti per estenderne ulteriormente raggio d’azione e abbassarne i tempi di ricarica.

  • BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant

    BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant

    From March 2019, BMW drivers and passengers will be joined by an intelligent, digital character that responds to the prompt ‘Hey BMW'. This will mark the start of a new era for the BMW Group, in which drivers will increasingly be able to operate their car and access its functions and information, simply by speaking.

  • BMW looks to the future

    BMW looks to the future

    BMW has discussed its ongoing commitment to, and the financial implications of, adapting to an emissions-free mobility future – and it has confirmed a forthcoming all-electric 7 Series...

  • BMW Luxury Vision

    BMW Luxury Vision

    News: Vision future luxury. BMW’s Luxury Vision. With an innovative construction, more display screens than you can shake a stick at and a supremely luxurious interior BMW’s Vision Future Luxury hints at taking the marque further upmarket.

  • BMW M2 Coupé, followed by Gran Coupé, M 1 Series

    BMW M2 Coupé, followed by Gran Coupé, M 1 Series

    New M2 to spearhead fiercer junior M line-up Rear-drive 420bhp BMW M2 to pave the way for M2 Gran Coupé and fiery M 1 Series.

  • BMW M2 F87 & BMW M5 F90 Competition

    BMW M2 F87 & BMW M5 F90 Competition

    Les deux extrêmes de la gamme BMW Motorsport passent à la version Competition. Les améliorations s’annoncent savoureuses, surtout sur la petite M2.

  • BMW M235i Racing

    BMW M235i Racing

    New Kid on the Block. We hitch a drive in the awesome new BMW M235i Racing series F22 at its competitive debut in the pre-qualifying race for the Nürburgring 24 Hours. Come and race an M235i Racing,' they said. 'It'll be fun,' they said. 'You know the Nurburgring, right?' Well, I thought I did. But after a day of practice and acclimatisation to BMW's new customer race car, I'm not so sure. In fact, despite being shattered, I can't sleep and I'm cursing myself. Cursing those moments when my right foot wavered, cursing the last centimetres of track I failed to run out to on the exit of each corner and for braking too early here and there. Tomorrow I'll go quicker. The problem is that I need to find a lot of time. And this mighty track isn't the sort of place to forgive mistakes...

  • BMW M4 Convertible Unveiled

    BMW M4 Convertible

    M4 Convertible Unveiled. The wait for the new M4 to hit the streets is almost over and now it's less than a few weeks before the first lucky owners will take delivery of their Coupes BMW has revealed the Convertible version, too. No doubt a Gran Coupe version of the M4 will also be in the pipeline but that will be a story for another day.

  • BMW Motorrad to Launch 1,800-cc Cruiser Next Year?

    BMW 1800cc Boxer Engine Cruiser Coming in 2020

    This minimalistic custom motorcycle, the birdcage, created by revival cycles, showcases BMW Motorrad’s massive, new 1,800-cc boxer twin that will do duty in a cruiser aimed squarely at Harley- Davidson’s market.

  • BMW on track

    BMW on track

    So close… BMW has had some fine results at Le Mans, but it’s never been the company’s happiest hunting ground, as Bob Harper explains. Photography: BMW Press and BMW Group Archive.