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  • 2018 BMW X4

    Компания BMW назвала рублевые цена на кроссовер X4.

  • BMW 3 Series is 40 years

     BMW 3 Series is 40 years

    Looking back at four decades of BMW’S biggest success. Hard to believe that the BMW 3 Series is 40 years old. It’s also hard to imagine a time when the phrase “3 Series” meant nothing. To actually exist in such an era, you’d need to go back to 1974 in your hastily constructed time machine and enjoy watching Nixon squirm through impeachment in the wake of Watergate.

  • BMW draws up hit list of doomed models… new BMW X8 signed off… new i3 looms

    Georg Kacher’s inside line BMW X8

    BMW has become highly cost-conscious, as profits slide at the same time as investment in EV production ramps up, so it’s drawn up a hit list of less-profitable models that won’t be replaced. They include the standard-wheelbase 7-series, the Z4, the 2-series Gran Tourer and cabrio and the 3-series GT. The ungainly 6-series GT looks a good bet to survive because Norbert Reithofer, chairman of BMW’s supervisory board, is a fan. Since Reithofer was replaced as chairman of the board of management in 2015 by Harald Krüger, shares have dropped from 122 to 65 euros. Nobody’s blaming Krüger for the state of the economy, or for the sabre-rattling between the US and China that’s prompting some new-factory building. But it is raising questions about whether his contract will be extended when it expires next year – and who’d replace him.

  • Plug-in 2019 BMW 330e G20 faster and cleaner

    2019 BMW 330e PHEV G20

    Official details of the new 2019 BMW 330e G20 plug-in hybrid have emerged. The electrified saloon is claimed to be 30% faster and 10% more efficient than its predecessor and have 50% more electric range. The 330e will go on sale in July next year (USA 2019).

  • Renault de Arkana, BMW X4 en Mercedes-Benz GLC Coup

    Renault de Arkana, BMW X4 en Mercedes-Benz GLC Coup

    Op de autoshow van Moskou presenteert Renault de Arkana, een compacte coup-SUV die als eerste het voorbeeld van de BMW X4 en Mercedes-Benz GLC Coup vertaalt naar een betaalbaarder segment. De auto is bijna productierijp, maar komt eerst alleen in Rusland op de markt.

  • ‘No-Deal’ and classic parts

    ‘No-Deal’ and classic parts

    Regardless of your personal politics, as the threat of a ‘no-deal’ Brexit looks increasingly possible the need to make contingency plans is being felt in all sectors of the economy. The automotive industry is perhaps one of the most deeply affected by a possible no-deal scenario and various high-profile announcements have already been made by the bigger players: after 107 years, Ford is threatening to review its entire presence in the UK, while Nissan has delayed pay talks and BMW is resigned to a month’s closure of the Cowley MINI plant following the UK’s departure from the EU, all in the interests of maintaining its supply chain.

  • 10,000 BMW i3s sold in UK

    10,000 BMW i3s sold in UK

    BMW UK recently celebrated a significant milestone for the all-electric i3, as the 10,000th‑model has just been sold. Launched in 2013, the i3 has evolved to become the best-selling compact electric vehicle in the premium segment. What's more, with the recent updates to the i3, and the addition of a new, sportier i3S, success is set to continue.

  • 1969 BMW 1602 Electric E10

    1969 BMW 1602 Electric E10

    History by Paul Beard. Paul Beard tells the story of the BMW 1602 Electric – 1969 Fifty-two years ago, at the Geneva Motor Show of March 1966, BMW launched the 1602 model. Here, we explore the electric version of this stylish saloon, which became the springboard for the company’s involvement with electric cars that culminated with the i3, launched in 2013.

  • 2015 BMW F20 and F21 1-Series models

    BMW F20 and F21 1 Series models

    Sampling a selection of new BMW F20 and F21 1 Series models. The 1 Series has received its mid-life nip and tuck and we’ve sampled a selection of the new range to see if the beauty runs further than skin deep Words: Bob Harper. Photography: BMW.

  • 2015 BMW X1 F48

    2015 BMW X1 F48

    News: New BMW X1 F48 Cleaner styling, new engines, a roomier cabin and increased efficiency – the all-new X1 has arrived. Next Generation X1 revealed. Offering sleeker looks, new engines and improved efficiency as well as the promise of enhanced refinement along with increased cabin space, the new X1 looks to be a sure-fire winner!