Stunning BMW 3.0CS E9 on Air-Ride

Air-Ride E9 3.0 CS Stunning classic build. Just because a car’s obscure, that doesn’t make it untouchable. And anyone who has beef with the idea of modifying a rare classic would do well to take a lesson from Alexander Steffen: he built this menacing low-down cruiser to fulfil a long-held dream, and there are few stronger justifications than that… Words: Daniel Bevis Photos: Tony and Carmen Matthews.

BMW E9 Coupé trouble-shooter

E9 trouble-shooter: classic beauty common problems to avoid

Collection of BMW E9 CS Coupés from South Africa

What’s in your Garage? A fantastic collection of E9 CS Coupés this month, all the way from South Africa.  We meet up with Frank Puncec, a true custodian of the E9 Coupé. He owns four of them including the only factory-original Batmobile in South Africa and an E3 Saloon with M535i underpinnings, for good measure… Words: Johann Venter. Photography: Oliver Hirtenfelder.

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