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    Lap of Luxury 1980 BMW 728i Automatic E23 13,500-mile 7 Series

    Posted in Cars on 10.04.2020

    This stunning 13,500-mile 728i might be 40-years old but it does a stellar job of reminding us why the E23 7 Series was so popular... Words: Simon Jackson & themarket.co.uk. Photography: themarket.co.uk.

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    Andy Everett
    Firstly a belated congratulations to Bob Harper on buying his E3! Bob kindly sent me the reference to the #BMW Car issue where the E23 was reviewed a couple of years ago – I was toying with the idea of buying one but then a child came along and I had to postpone. However, last year my family only need one main car, having an F11 daily drive and a petrol E60 523i it was pretty obvious that the E60 needed to go (with the exorbitant tax we pay in Ireland) – the idea of the E23 resurfaced in my head.

    I found one last November, agreed a trade-in for my E60, and took possession of the 1994 #BMW-E23 732i this Spring. The car had a restoration in 2001, it has a good maintenance record – I have added a sports steering wheel with new leather. There are still a few small niggles to tease out, but the car is great fun to drive. Much effort is required to turn the wheel but the sound of the engine is amazing and I’m very happy with my purchase – I just wanted to share it! Lastly I wanted to mention that I enjoy every issue, especially Bob’s sometimes polarising rants, which in fact make common sense to me!
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    Chris G

    Me and my car 1981 BMW 735i Automatic E23 7-Series

    Posted in Cars on 18.04.2018

    Chris Graham meets Ian Hodge, a BMW enthusiast and track day fanatic who, much against his better judgement, went out and bought a 1981 E23 7 Series! Magni­cent Seven. Me and my car Ian Hodge bought an E23 7 Series on a whim and, despite his initial optimism, things got off to a shaky start.

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    Daniel 1982

    Summer Lovin’ Air-ride BMW 728i E23

    Posted in Cars on 17.02.2018

    Summer Lovin’ Air-ride E23 728i What better car for a sunshiney road trip than a huge luxurious BMW, with low-and-lazy swagger and cool vibes for days…? Words: Daniel Bevis. Photos: Matt Dear.

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    Adam Towler
    Sounds a little strange, doesn't it? Not the #BMW-745i-E23 part, which was re-introduced in 2002, but it written beside E23 model designation. This unicorn model, first-generation #BMW-7-Series was designed as a super luxury bahn-stormer from 1979, and with 252 ponies in the stall, it didn't disappoint.

    / #BMW-7-Series / #BMW-7-Series-E23 / #BMW-E23 / #BMW / #M102

    These cars were loaded with options from new, ranging from remotely controlled auxiliary heating, rear-armrest radio controls and water buffalo hides. An intention of producing the worlds best luxury car was most certainly in BMW's sights.

    The first 745i 23's used a specially developed #BMW-M102 3.0-litre engine, which was a strengthened #M30B30 / #BMW-M30 , with a #K27 turbocharger bolted to the side. In 1982 the engine grew from 3.0 to 3.4-litres, which required less boost pressure to produce the same horse-power. The same turbocharger gave the increase from 188 to 252bhp on both engine sizes, but the size of it next to the steering linkage fixed the car in left-hand-drive, removing it from the UK market. Damn and Blast.

    The UK market however, didn't miss the 745i and were amply satisfied with the 732i and 735i models to give adequate performance. Compared to similar vehicles from Jaguar and Mercedes, the 7 gave great economy, too. South Africa, you ask? Nope. Not even close. South African driver's, like in the UK, use right hand drive cars which the turbocharger setup didn't permit. BMW's first official subsidiary, needed a solution quickly. Enter the M88/3; The legendary 24 valve engine from the M1, rated at 290 horse power. There were just 209 of these goliath's built, and just 17/209 were specified with a 5-speed manual gearbox, making it one of the most limited production models in the company's history. Never officially badged, but known as the “M745i” gave the 7 Series it's only official BMW motorsport outing, in Class A of South African Modified Saloon Championship. Tony Viana won the class against Sierra XR8's and the nimble Alfa Romeo's of the time, but not without some incredibly hard work wrestling the comparably enormous chassis. The Winfield Racer pictured, is the actual car that won the championship and is still regularly used at period events and track meetings.

    The Blue & Grey pictured cars, are owned by Mohamed Baalbaki, and his friend in Dubai. The cars are european Turbocharged examples, which were imported to Japan when new, and then to UAE in the last 5 years. They have both had extensive maintenance and mechanical overhauls and have had awesome, newer BMW wheels fitted. Keep up the work guys!
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