Pininfarina and HK – 2019 GT concept all-electric Gran Turismo

The fourth collaboration between Pininfarina and HK, the GT concept Pairs all-electric power with a choice of range extender options…


Split personality TECH INSIDER | 2019 HK GT | All-Electric Pininfarina HK GT Concept 

The HK GT is the fourth concept vehicle developed by design house Pininfarina and Hong Kong-based tech company Hybrid Kinetic Group. The exterior design of the 2+2 configuration vehicle evokes classic Gran Turismo architecture, but blends it with modern design flourishes – the interior of the vehicle changes color depending on whether the car is in Race or Cruise mode.

The powertrain is also distinctly unique. As Hybrid Kinetic Group’s name suggests, the GT draws its power from more than one source. Unusually, however, the concept is offered with a choice of range extender technology – pairing pure-electric propulsion with either hydrogen fuel cell, microturbine generator or ICE power.


HK claims the GT will sprint from a standing start to 100km/h in 2.7 seconds, and on to a top speed of 350km/h (218mph)


The vehicle’s torque vectoring system provides torque distribution between the four wheels, each of which boasts its own motor, increasing control and stability


Four integrated, independent PM motors yield a combined power output of more than 800kW (1,072ps)


All-electric range is claimed to be in excess of 160km (100 miles), while use of the range extender will (reportedly) boost this figure to more than 1,000km (620 miles)


The HK GT is fitted with 38kWh of Hybrid Kinetic’s graphene super batteries


The HK GT pairs its electric powertrain with a range extender, courtesy of a low-emission microturbine generator that can accept a range of fuels, a zero emission hydrogen fuel cell system, or an efficient internal combustion engine

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