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  •   Drive-photo reacted to this post about 9 months ago

    CAR #Porsche-928-S4 / #Porsche-928S4 / #Porsche / #Porsche-928S4-Automatic / #1990-Porsche-928-S4 / #Porsche-928 / #Porsche

    Year #1990
    Mileage 112 480
    Asking price £14,250
    Vendor The Motor Shed, Bicester Heritage; Oxon; tel: 01869 249999;

    Price £48,900 (’1988)
    Max power 316bhp
    Max torque 317lb ft
    0-60mph 6.3 secs
    Top speed 165mph
    Mpg 21

    This S4 received a quick respray on its Caramel Beige to appear in the BBC series Shetland, but there’s a decent car under the blowover. The evenly applied paint is an attractive colour, but there’s a little overspray on some rubbers and the door shuts were done by hand – stickers and all. Its body imperfections are limited to a tiny bit of bubbling at the upper rear corner of the nearside front wing, a smaller one under the offside rear side glass, a slight ding above the left rear arch and a couple of bruises on the roof.

    The alloys are lightly kerbed or bubbling 996 Turbo Twists, with Hankook and Nokian tyres of indeterminate ages, but the discs look fairly recent and it’s been well maintained. There are six stamps in the service book from Glenvarigill in Glasgow, followed by 10 more from independents, the latest in June 2010, less than 5000 miles ago. Since then it’s had a cambelt, recon radiator and new water pump – there are three stamps for brake fluid and coolant changes, the last at 111,652 miles in September 2015, and it then had a cambelt at 112,030, following the first swap at 67,173. It also recently had the transmission fluid and filter changed, a stainless tank cradle fitted and new #ABS sensors at the rear.

    It’s mostly wearing well inside, with cracking to the leather and heavier wear on the driver’s bolster piping. Door trims, dash and headlining are all good, and there’s an almost full toolkit. The tidy #V8 has no leaks and intact air trunking. Its fluids are obviously not very old, and to the right levels.

    Fire it up and there’s a deep-chested crackle, but the exhaust doesn’t look that aftermarket. It feels rock solid, in typical 928 fashion; weighty steering from a firm footprint and a mighty, relentless shove once it gets into its stride. Gearchanges are smooth and so are the brakes, with oil pressure 4bar at any revs and 2bar at warm tickover. Temperature is steady just under 90ºC. So, all the important bits work including the pop-up lights and all the instruments (a 928 bugbear), but the left window and electric sunroof don’t operate (yet both mirrors do) and neither does the aircon.

    To be sold with a new MoT and the sense that, even as 928s continue to rise in value, sensible offers under the asking price might be entertained.

    ● Solid; straight-ish; cheap respray
    ● Typical for a 928 of this age
    ● Feels strong; full service history
    VALUE ★★★★★★★✩✩✩

    For Properly looked after, with plenty of bills and drives well
    Against Those hand-painted door shuts; hide needs a little TLC

    If you’re not too bothered about cosmetics (it’s not bad from five paces), this is much better than you first think. Worth a serious look
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  •   Quentin Willson reacted to this post about 2 years ago
    This pull-handle MGB, previously 572 VOW, was restored just before the turn of the millennium using a Heritage shell, with some bills from Classic MG Services of Fareham. There’s an invoice for a new fuel tank in 2003 and some sundries in 2007. Old MoTs go back to 1995, with the mileage at 23,935, so it’s hardly been used over the past 20 years.

    Confusingly, there’s an ‘in-progress’ picture in the file showing the doors and front wings off, though this perhaps was before the decision was made to reshell the car. It’s solid and rot-free as you’d expect, with spot-weld dimples still well defined in the rear arch lips. There are a couple of dings and ripples in the back end of the left-hand sill, the door that side is slightly proud at the bottom, plus the bonnet and bootlid fits are a little variable, all consistent with Heritage output. The chrome is mostly good, with some plate flaking or wearing off the front bumper. The exhaust is fairly recent, the wheels are in good shape and the tyres almost unused 2013 Barums in the correct 165 section, with an unused Nankang on the spare and the tools still next to it. The hood is in decent condition and the tonneau is new.

    Inside, the leather upholstery is just settling in with a few creases and wear points, plus the carpets still look clean and fresh, with new overmats. The crackle finish to the dash is good except for a small scraped area where the keys have been swinging.

    The three-bearing crank engine is of attractively standard appearance, down to the Coopers stickers on the air-filter casings, plus it’s still running a dynamo and mechanical fan. The radiator is full of fresh green coolant and the oil is clean and nearly at the maximum mark.

    It starts after a churn, having been standing for a while, and the motor is mechanically quiet showing 60psi-plus from the off, which doesn’t drop when warm, suggesting that the unit is fairly fresh. It drives really nicely with a supple ride, tracking and pulling up straight and everything working as it should. Overdrive clicks in and out promptly, the brakes feel right and coolant temperature steadies at 170ºF. The MoT runs until 6 May.

    Car #MGB / #MG / #1963-MGB / #MG / #MG-MGB
    Year of manufacture #1963
    Recorded mileage 30,134
    Asking price £22,500
    Vendor Oselli, near Buckingham, tel: 01993 849610;

    Price £834
    Max power 95bhp
    Max torque 107lb ft
    0-60mph 11 secs
    Top speed 100mph
    Mpg 26


    ● Heritage shell; excellent paint
    ● Almost like new; hide trim just settling in; dash almost mint
    ● Feels sorted; drives sweetly
    VALUE ★★★★★★✩✩✩✩
    For Nicely standard; almost as if it has just left Abingdon
    Against Uneven left sill

    If you want what is, in effect, a nearly new example of the B in its purest form, yes. Younger models and GTs will be a little cheaper

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  •   Malcolm McKay reacted to this post about 2 years ago
    Car #Chevrolet-Master-Deluxe / #Chevrolet-Special-Rally-Car / #1941-Chevrolet-Master-Deluxe / #Chevrolet-Master / #Chevrolet / #GM /
    Year of manufacture #1941
    Recorded mileage 6347
    Asking price £60,000
    Vendor RPS, Witney, Oxfordshire; tel: 01993 358009;

    Price $715
    Max power 123bhp
    Max torque 170lb ft
    0-60mph n/a
    Top speed c85mph
    Mpg n/a

    This Chevy was prepared for rallying by RPS after it had spent some time in the Haynes International Motor Museum. It features RPS’ suspension mods – big telescopic dampers with travel-limiting straps, front anti-roll bar – and its comprehensive rewire and replumb with double fuel lines. It also has comfy Corbeau seats and harnesses, but retains the standard transmission and doesn’t run a roll-cage, though a sump guard is included.

    It’s nice and straight, with factory paint flaking in a couple of places, the doors having been resprayed. All of the bright trim is present, the grille lightly corroded and the rear wings slightly bent, and it’s a bit unfinished where the running boards have been removed, but it’s a working rally car. It also runs RPS’ lightweight vinyl-skinned bootlid, beneath which is a load of costly aluminium work. There are two spares, both unused. Incredibly, the matching Fulda commercial tyres on the car, mounted on new van wheels, have done a Peking-Paris and a Flying Scotsman yet retain plenty of tread. The motor is tidy, rebuilt before the P-P. It wears twin Daytona carbs on a Kenton manifold, plus an electric fan and lightweight high-torque starter, and has lots of extra relays on the bulkhead, plus an electric fuel pump and big filter lurking. Coolant is fullish and blue; oil topped-up but dark.

    Inside, the door trims and headlining are fine, just coming adrift about the right pillar. Fake veneer paint is tidy on the door tops, flaking on the dash, and there are extra auxiliary gauges as well as a Monit tripmeter. The 235cu in ‘six’ (3.9-litre, optional over the standard 216) fires easily and it’s a pleasant drive with lots of torque, a decent column shift and the ride well controlled by the big dampers. The speedo doesn’t work (GPS is more accurate) but the wind-up clock does. Oil pressure is just under 3bar, which is healthy for one of these, and temperature stays at the lower end of the gauge. The all-round drums have uprated friction material and pull up adequately for the performance, which is quite sprightly; great fun. It’s being sold for less than it cost to build, but to take it to the next level, with five-speed Tremec and Ford 9in rear axle, would cost c£20k.


    EXTERIOR Tidy; decent paint; all trim there
    INTERIOR What’s original is mostly good
    MECHANICALS Completely rebuilt; feels as if it would go to the moon and back

    VALUE ★★★★★★★★✩✩
    For Easy to drive; on the button
    Against Transmission is the weak item for rallies

    If you want a good basis for a longdistance rally car, built by the best, then worth a serious look – either to drive as is or feed more steroids.
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  •   Malcolm McKay reacted to this post about 2 years ago
    Car #Humber-Hawk-Estate / #Humber-Hawk / #Humber / #Humber-Hawk-Series-II / #1964-Humber-Hawk-Estate /

    Year of manufacture #1964
    Recorded mileage 58,584
    Asking price £9450
    Vendor Pioneer Automobiles, near Newbury, Berks; tel: 01635 248158;


    Price £1261 (’1957 UK)
    Max power 73bhp
    Max torque 120lb ft
    0-60mph 21 secs
    Top speed 87mph
    Mpg 21

    This well-preserved Series III estate has had only four owners, first being registered to Rootes, and the latest since 2013 during which time it’s covered minimal mileage. It wears a decent older repaint and the chrome is all good, although a couple of the wheeltrims are lightly dinged.

    There’s been some welding along the sill bottoms, which you’d expect, but the structure appears solid thanks to oil leaks. The door bottoms have been repaired and remain relatively rust-free. The 2007-dated Camac tyres have plenty of tread, and there’s an unused newer Nankang spare.

    Inside, the leather is well preserved save one patch and the top of the front seat has been redone in vinyl. The carpet to the load bed and tailgate is newish, under which the rubber facings are original. The rear door cards are coming apart, but will be easy to re-glue. There are a couple of small cracks on the dashboard but the door cappings are smart.

    There’s been some recent rewiring work and the washer pump is new, along with the coil and battery, and the heater ducting has been repaired. The coolant is the right colour, but the oil needed topping up.

    The engine starts instantly and shows 50psi oil pressure, which never drops, the temperature sits just under ‘N’, the ammeter charging and even the clock works. Progress is a bit less stately than its bulk promises (look on the web for Team Tinworm for some hilarious racing exploits in the States), and the torquey 2267cc ‘four’ pulls well, with reasonably easy gearchanges from the column-shift, four-speed ’box. The overdrive (on top only) didn’t work, but apparently it did on the drive to Pioneer and, according to the warning light, the electrics for it operate, so we’ll assume that a few miles ought to unstick it. The ride is excellent and clonk-free, the steering nicely fluid and the brakes do their job effectively.

    The Hawk will be sold with spare keys, workshop manual and parts list, plus an MoT until 25 February. There was an advisory for an oil leak, but on older British iron we’ll count that as a positive for preservation.


    EXTERIOR Fairly straight, with an older repaint that’s holding up well
    INTERIOR Generally well preserved, just needs a little attention
    MECHANICALS Feels in excellent health
    VALUE ★★★★★★✩✩✩✩
    For Practicality; comfort
    Against A little thirsty
    If you need a period antiquehauler, or you want to do Beaulieu Autojumble in style, it’s a huge, well-made old load-lugger.
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  •   Gerry Beddoes reacted to this post about 3 years ago
    Ben Koflach uploaded a new video in Jaguar Group Page
    ‘New’ #Jaguar-XKSS revealed / #Jaguar-Classic / #Jaguar / #2016

    Jaguar Classic revealed the first of nine ‘new’ XKSS continuation models at the Petersen Museum in Los Angeles in November.

    The nine additional cars are being manufactured from the ground up and use period chassis numbers from the original XKSS chassis log. In period these numbers were allocated to cars that were destined for North America but were destroyed in a fire at Jaguar’s Browns Lane factory in #1957 .

    Made from magnesium alloy, the bodies of the new XKSSs are created using original production methods. They will be fitted with an updated 262bhp, 3.4-litre straight-six based on the D-type engine.
    The New 2016 Jaguar XKSS - Jay Leno's Garage
    Tim Hannig, the Director of Jaguar Land Rover Classic, stops by the garage to show Jay the new 2016 Jaguar XKSS
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  •   Andy Everett reacted to this post about 3 years ago
    BEN’S BMW-E36 / TOURING / #BMW-3-Series-Touring / #BMW-E36 / #BMW-3-Series-Touring-E36 / #BMW-3-Series-Touring-E36 / #BMW / #BMW-3-Series / #BMW-3-Series-E36

    After some time using the poor E36 daily it ended up with quite a ‘to-do’ list that I wanted to get ticked off. So, towards the end of the summer the E36 came off the road (thankfully I’ve since got a new daily).

    The E36 had developed a bit of a rattle but one that seemed similar to a customer’s car. So, when disassembling his for repair, I was able to clue myself up as to what it was rattling on mine. The customer suspected worn rockers and supplied a set of #Schrick-DLC followers to fit; however I found that it was the rocker shafts that were really worn. They were in a right state. So I ordered a pair of new rocker shafts for mine, along with a full set of #Schrick DLC followers – not a cheap exercise. I’d noticed mild flat-spotting on mine and seeing as I was taking them out, it was a good time to upgrade.

    After raiding the shelves at Hack Engineering I was ready to tackle the rest. I had a leaky sump gasket to replace, a new oil cooler to fit, a new CSF radiator to fit, a coolant temperature sensor to relocate, a new brake servo vacuum hose to fit and so on – lots of relatively small jobs that mount up. To ensure easy access to the sump and to make sure it went back on cleanly (to avoid further leaks) I dropped the whole front crossmember, steering rack, wishbones, the lot. A new sump gasket went on and everything was built back up with new Meyle HD wishbones, new Meyle HD steering arms, new Mondeo drop links, and I also changed the front springs to 10kg/mm items and fitted #BC-Racing topmounts that allow for both camber and caster adjustment.

    Next on the list was the oil cooler, and while I was at it I removed the whole oil filter housing, gave it a good clean up and refitted it with a new gasket, filter and O-rings. The cooler itself is a Mocal 25-row item, running -10 lines that #Pro-Line-Motorsport knocked up for me.

    Once the engine top end work was complete and the oil cooler lines were run, it was time for the stunning CSF radiator. My previous alloy radiator had sagged and was leaking. The #CSF item is a big upgrade. Fitment was spot-on and was completed with a 16” electric fan.

    The final addition was a #VAC-Motorsports temperature sensor manifold. Previously the temperature sensor feeding my clocks was tapped into the thermostat housing so this new piece relocated it to be completely hidden underneath the intake. Now it’s time to add fluids and go – more on that next time.

    / #Hack-Engineering
    / Pro-Line Motorsport
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  •   Julian Balme reacted to this post about 3 years ago

    Car #Triumph-TR6 / #1972-Triumph-TR6 / #Triumph /
    Year of manufacture #1972
    Recorded mileage 19,504
    Asking price £25,500
    Vendor Beech Hill Garage, Beech Hill, Reading, Berkshire; tel: 0118 9884 774;

    Price £1536
    Max power 150bhp
    Max torque 1 4lb ft
    0-60mph 8.2 secs
    Top speed 119mph
    Mpg 20

    At first glance, this TR6 seems extremely encouraging and those first impressions continue once you start looking in detail. The Triumph was restored in ’93 by specialist Revington TR – the history file showing receipts totalling over £14,000, a figure that translates to about £27,000 in today’s money once you account for inflation over the past 24 years.

    What is more impressive, however, is just how well the TR6 has been cared for since that rebuild: the paintwork looks almost new and the engine as if it has just been overhauled, but this could be down to the fact that the mileage of 19,504 is believed to be correct.

    The Triumph is not over-restored, though: the black trim is nicely worn and supple without cracks and the dash has an attractively aged finish rather than fresh varnish. Although not to everyone’s taste, the 185/65R15 Vitour Galaxy tyres with white narrow-band sidewalls look almost new and there are standard powder-coated wheels beneath the rimbellishers.

    Under the bonnet, the 2.5-litre straight-six is fed by triple throttle bodies – the injectors and metering unit having recently been replaced. On start-up, the twin stainless exhaust pipes provide a pleasing note that only gets better as you pull away and accelerate.

    Mechanically, the engine and transmission feel excellent: there’s plenty of power from the alleged 150bhp unit, plus the four-speed gearbox with overdrive is smooth and free from any untoward noises.

    The servo brakes pull the Triumph up nice and square, without deviation, the sharp steering is relatively light and responsive while the firm suspension copes well with less than perfect B-roads.

    The TR6 comes with a large box of spares (including a set of left-hand drive headlights from a period spent in France), and is being sold by the current owner only because he has fulfilled a dream of owning a Porsche 911. It will be sold with a fresh MoT and is ready to start enjoying.

    ● Near-perfect paint finish, although door gaps could be marginally improved
    ● Taking on patina; needs nothing
    ● Strong and powerful
    VALUE ★★★★★★★★✩✩
    For A well-restored example
    Against Tyres won’t appeal to some people, but they’re easily replaced

    In theory, it should be a safe buy for the money with known history and excellent performance to boot
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