ERA Championship launches entry-level EV racing series

The Electric Racing Academy (ERA) Championship will launch an entry-level electric formula racing series in the summer of 2020, in partnership with Japanese chassis manufacturer Dome Co Ltd.

The series will see races take place in Belgium, the Netherlands as well as the UK, and will feature a dual-class structure, which will allow teams in the Innovation Class to self-develop elements of the racecars. Teams in the Sports Class will compete in the standard Championship racecar.

Due to be unveiled in June 2019, the ERA Championship racing car will feature a Dome chassis, a 174hp (130kW) motor with 24kWh battery, and custom-designed safety features.

The first ERA Championship season will include a minimum of a pair of test events and eight races across double-header weekends, with no charging of vehicles permitted between the two qualification sessions. Each race will be 23 minutes long. Points will be allocated to the top 10 finishers in each race and an additional three points awarded for qualifying in pole position. Both team and driver championship titles will be awarded at the end of the season for each class.

“It is our goal with ERA Championship to launch an accessible electric racing platform that creates opportunities for up-and-coming drivers, while also inspiring technical innovation. Alongside our partners Dome we are able to achieve our innovation and accessibility goals,” said ERA Championship Technical & Business Director, Dieter Vanswijgenhoven, pictured above with the Dome Co Ltd F110 Monocoque.

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