1999 Lotus Esprit V8GT

1999 Lotus Esprit V8GT - road test 2019 Jonathan Fleetwood and Drive-My EN/UK

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  • Logo: Logo
  • Year: 1999
  • Body: Coupe
  • Cd/Cx: 0.33
  • Type: Petrol
  • Engine: 3.5-litre V8
  • Fuelling: Injection
  • Aspirate: Garrett Turbo
  • Power: 350bhp at 6500rpm
  • Torque: 295lb ft at 4000rpm
  • Drive: RWD
  • Trnsms: Manual 5-spd
  • Weight: 2919lb
  • Economy: 21mpg
  • Speed: 175mph
  • 0-60mph: 4.5sec
  • Price: £50,000 (1999)
  • Club:
Russ Smith

Road tests editor and expert



Ferrari F40 Self-explanatory.

TVR 350T Car-gazing on the internet often ends up with me landing on these.

Lamborghini Espada A low-down four seater, like my Eighties Lotus Elite, but with the famous V12 engine shared with the Miura and Countach.

Ferrari 288GTO My money-no-object car. Brutalist beauty and brawn.

Jaguar E-type Unrivalled styling with a great choice of engines.

Iso Grifo 7.0 Admired since childhood. Italian design and American muscle – a great combination.

Maserati Khamsin Origami design with a few subtle curves (and a V8).

Porsche 928GT/GTS Such a different shape, which is still appealing to this day.

Lotus Esprit V8 A Lotus, a V8 and two turbos; what’s not to like?

Audi Quattro 20V Rally legend and a forerunner to the Mitsuibishi Evo VIs that I’ve previously owned.


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  1. Johann Dr Venter

Q: - is this fastest version of all-generations Esprit?

  1. Phil CLASSIC Bell    Johann Dr Venter

A: - if you mean all-stock factory Esprit - YES!

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