Porsche’s full Speedster lineage

Porsche’s full Speedster lineage 2019 Kyle Fortune / Porsche AG / Drive-My EN/UK

Kyle Fortune drives Porsche’s full Speedster lineage, including the new quarter-of-a-million-pound offering. The new 991 has revived Porsche’s rich Speedster heritage. Total 911 drives it alongside its predecessors to find out if tradition has indeed been upheld. Written by Kyle Fortune. Photography by Porsche.


SPEEDSTER GENERATIONS MEGATEST: Does the 991 enrich Porsche’s Speedster legacy?

Historical context – that’s what we’ve got here. Parked outside the 991.2 Speedster launch hotel are four older Speedster generations, brought from the Porsche Museum and usually left parked. Only we’ve time to kill, so it’d be rude not to borrow them all and take them for a drive to fully indulge ourselves in the Speedster story before we’re let loose in the latest 991…

Porsche’s full Speedster
Porsche’s full Speedster


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