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Steve McQueen’s first 1969 Porsche 911E 2019 Jonathan Fleetwood and Drive-My EN/UK

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  • Logo: Logo
  • Year: 1969
  • Body: Coupe
  • Type: Petrol
  • Engine: 2.0-litre Flat-6
  • Fuelling: Bosch fuel injection
  • Power: 140bhp at 6500rpm
  • Torque: 129lb ft at 4500rpm
  • Trnsms: Manual 5-spd
  • Weight: 2246lb
  • Speed: 133mph
  • 0-60mph: 9.0sec
  • Club:
Russ Smith

Road tests editor and expert


1969 Porsche 911E

Engine Rear-mounted 1991cc alloy flat-six, sohc per bank, mechanical Bosch fuel injection

Max Power 140bhp @ 6500rpm

Max Torque 129lb ft @ 4500rpm

Transmission Five-speed manual, rear-wheel drive


Front: independent by MacPherson struts, lower wishbones, torsion bars and anti-roll bar;

Rear: independent with torsion bars, semi-trailing arms, anti-roll bar and telescopic dampers;

Steering Rack and pinion

Brakes Ventilated discs front, drum rear

Weight 1020kg (2246lb)


Top speed: 133mph;

0-60mph: 9.0sec

Fuel consumption 29mpg

Cost new £3992 (1969 UK)

Value now £75,000 + McQueen factor (2019 UK)


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  1. C Gooch

Dear Mr. Smith:

Please be advised that the undersigned acts as counsel on behalf of Chad McQueen the son of Steve McQueen as well as members of his family. I write to you with reference to your article discussing the 1969 Porsche 911E that had once been owned by Steve McQueen. Unfortunately, your article is plagued, in many instances, with factual inaccuracies. From the outset, you should understand that Mr.
McQueen never drove the subject vehicle at any time and never made use of the vehicle for any purpose. Rather, his purchase of the vehicle was solely as a gift for his wife Barbara Minty-McQueen. Thus, the car was never “regularly occupied by Mr. McQueen” and it is further entirely impossible that there could be “McQueen DNA” anywhere within the vehicle.”

Later in the article you go on to say “I know McQueen will have ragged it most of the time,” which obviously is impossible as he never operated or drove the vehicle.

Lastly, you describe a feeling that Mr. McQueen might have had while operating the vehicle which again could never have occurred. While you are certainly entitled to some literary license, the fact remains that you have misrepresented the vehicle as having been driven and used by Steve McQueen.

We are respectfully requesting that you, without further notice or demand, publish a subsequent article correcting these false statements.

  1. Russ Smith    C Gooch

McQueen Machine. Following our feature in this test drive about the 1969 Porsche 911E that was owned by Steve McQueen, solicitors for his son, Chad, have contacted us to say that Steve McQueen ‘never drove the subject vehicle at any time and never made use of the vehicle for any purpose’.

  1. Daniel Parker

Dear Mr. Gooch,

Thank you for publicly engaging on Chad’s behalf. I own the Porsche 911 featured in this article and have been trying to discuss my concerns with him for some time.

As for Steve McQueen’s DNA ever being in it, the evidence always said otherwise. Photographed by Barbara Minty-McQueen in 1979, she identified it in her book of 2006 as the Porsche 911 that was “pushed to the limit by Steve, who drove down Pacific Coast Highway in excess of 100 mph.”. She did not say it was the car McQueen bought for her and is on record recently about that one saying “it ended up with Chad”.

Published information says that until 2007, Chad falsely believed the Porsche 911 he had was the one from his father’s movie Le Mans. But when the real one turned up elsewhere, an ambitious rookie author told him otherwise but got it massively wrong. A mistake proven to him in October 2017, “you’ve invested many paragraphs to make certain I know I’m an idiot”. With his offer in February 2018 “to put this right” panning out as just more lies. It’s not Classic Cars who need to retract, it’s Matt Stone but he refuses to.

You’ve declared yourself as Chad’s counsel, so please tell him I didn’t go public long ago because I think he’s being conned by someone he considers a friend. When the truth was clear to me but aware of his head trauma in 2006, the car told me he should hear about this betrayal from me first. I now consider that obligation met, with the offer to fully read you in on all the information I can provide to better inform Chad about what’s going on.

Academic protocol with issues of disputed history allows the published authority the last resort of insisting I publish my car’s history for wider adjudication. The Classic Cars article was the start and it’s future history file is soft launched online now. I would prefer to resolve this without embarrassing Chad but will establish the truth publicly if that’s what it takes. With Matt Stone already blaming Chad for misleading him, my concern is that the press will focus on the scandal rather than what’s important, the cars involved and their true histories.

Daniel Parker

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