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    Beautiful star #1969 #Mercedes-Benz-280SL #W113 #Pagoda / #Mercedes-Benz

    Passed to posterity under the name Pagoda, the #Mercedes-Benz-W113 is renowned for its famous slightly concave roof also makes the self that lovely covered roof open. A happiness never comes alone, the six-cylinder is as reliable as pleasant ...

    This morning, I have an appointment with a fan of the brand with the star. Old specialist dealer of Mercedes, François has recently released its 280 SL of 1969. But in fact he has no desire to part ways. It must be said that his car, in perfect condition, just received a small mechanical adjustment to perfect its operation.

    It therefore only needs to roll. What the owner invites me to do so without delay. With the roof up, its contours chrome wings, light alloy wheels and exhaust system in stainless steel, our copy of the day displayed an aggressiveness that I did not know at the Pagoda. But this look perfectly suited to the sublime vocals of six-cylinders, purring gently until I decide. Amount finally on board, I find myself without surprise at the wheel too (the direction is nevertheless assisted), majestically planted in a beautiful dashboard. Chrome, leather, wood, the interior (original) is made to seduce far as to last. It feels very fast very well. The seats are soft enough, visibility is simply excellent and the controls fall perfectly to hand. Neither one nor two, I start, grabbing the small (but nice) shifter. From a slightly firm to handle, it confirms that I am dealing with a self character. The fact remains that, for the first kilometres travelled in the city, the beautiful has been rather tame.

    Shooting star

    If it was the presence of a four-speed only, I would say that the 280 SL is a motorway quite recommendable. Its 170 hp allow to fit comfortably in the stream of motorists in a hurry to reach their holiday destination. And if the 2778 cm3 shows flexible at low revs, he does not refuse a few trips in the right half of the tachometer. Me neither matter, especially as the stainless steel exhaust gratifies me some heady backfires. The hard top saves me from drafts, for invasive cement on fast track, and saves me the stress due to weather for the time being rather uncertain. I ride, serene and confident. The kilometres are connected without fatigue, and I find myself dreaming of movement with such self everyday. Back on the secondary network, my coach plays meandering sequences with agility and panache. Arrived at our first spot picture, we decided to strip the masterpiece of Paul Bracq. A stripping to make two, both the hardtop turns heavy and difficult to handle. Not that the operation is complicated, but such an anvil dropping on the graceful sculpture of the body would have any of the bad taste. Stripped of its elegant (but heavy) headgear, the W113 reveals another face, equally appealing.

    Ultra-low, firmly set on its wheels, our 280 SL mailed seems like a cat ready to pounce on its prey. The back is simply sublime, and the profile of remarkable purity.

    Starry sky

    Fully concealed under a cover of the body colour, the hood does not just waste this trait racy. After a few kilometres driven with the wind, I took the colours. Warmed by the sun and the injunctions of the owner asked me to take advantage of the rise in temperature of mechanics to seek more, I multiply the return trips to an increasingly admiring photographer (self, not mine!). The rigidity of the body seems satisfactory, and braking of the four discs proves reassuring. What a treat without false modesty. U-turns, manoeuvres, winding course (and rainy), and even around town, the Pagoda can do everything almost. Because besides the storage problem of hard-top, its transport capacity reduced to only two seats, three at most for rare models with the option back seat perpendicular to the road, forcing you to enjoy its features Small committee.

    Owner: François I am a huge fan of Mercedes since my childhood. And there was five, I was able to offer me this beautiful 280 SL in August 1969. Restored in 1995 by a brand specialist, today it displays 81,000 km and is worn like a charm. And if I just put on sale, I still doubt my desire to part with it...
    Mercedes or nothing

    Offered as an accessory, the Becker Mexico radio fits seamlessly into the whole. Behind the ashtray is this stylish storage real wood.

    Complete the dashboard even has an LED that indicates when a door is opened.

    The SL 208 is a delight on the road, especially around 2500rpm when the engine starts to sing.
    The stainless steel exhaust line is not original, unlike the chrome fender contours.

    The design of the Pagoda, sober, slim, bears the signature of the French designer #Paul-Bracq . The tense curves of the grille and wing indentations loaders give momentum to the silhouette.

    Leather, wood, thick carpet, the interior exudes quality. As for connections, they are made to last. The small lever falls well in hand, but its handling requires a certain grip.

    Roof open, the W113 seems low, an impression reinforced by the absence of excrescence behind the occupants, the hood is perfectly concealed.

    At the rear, the two half-bumpers and lights very finely drawn slim volumes of the trunk, giving the impression that the car is camped on a broad basis.
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