• Williams Crawford
    Location #Porsche 911 Forge Lane, Moorlands Trading Estate, Saltash, Cornwall PL12 6LX Tel 01752 840307 Staff nine
    Website williamscrawford. co. uk Labour rate £45-65/hr, larger projects priced per job Specialism sales, servicing and restoration of all Porsche models.

    Despite having generations of their families in the motor trade, Richard Williams and Adrian Crawford only joined forces a few years ago but are already making a name for themselves with their combined nous and skills as top restorers.
    Their modern workshop is near the River Tamar in Saltash, Cornwall, where they have built their business on honest, knowledgeable advice - plainly spoken. As Crawford puts it: “We benefit from lower overheads down here in the South West and little competition, as well as the great lifestyle. Working in a global market, it doesn’t matter where you are. We recently sourced a car for a customer in Thailand via an owner in Malaysia.”

    Crawford’s father was a motorbike dealer with a trader s insurance policy, so Adrian took full advantage of driving everything he could: “The only cars that I didn’t break were Porsches. The first #911 that I owned was a 2.4 Targa, EUF 307L. I’d love to know where it is now.”

    In #1991 as soon as he was old enough, he set up on his own importing Porsches and BMW M3s from Germany: “The exchange rate at the time was beneficial to the pound and you not only got more for your money, but a better choice and quality of cars - if you didn’t mind a left-hand-drive model.”

    Crawford was soon focusing on just Porsches, buying and selling similar numbers of left- and right- hand-drive vehicles. As he recalls: “For servicing, I used to bring my cars to Richard, who ran a local garage and shared my passion for attention to detail. We currently have more than 25 in stock, including a #1973 #911E 2.4, a #1977 S and a very special supercharged #1995 #993 .” The company also offers brokerage and auctions appraisals for the high-value cars. “If we don’t have the right one in stock,” says Crawford, “we can find it for you and ship it to anywhere in the world.” Williams Crawford also provides a full restoration service, from a light-touch renovation to a bare-metal respray. A bespoke car can be built to any spec, too. When we visited, there was a Texan barnfind #356A cabriolet in for a total rebuild and the painted shell of an IROC replica 3.3 turbo that will be good for 450bhp-plus when completed.

    “We are fortunate to have some fantastic people,” says Williams. “Graham Kidd has exceptional knowledge, with over 20 years’ experience of restoring 356s. Becky Turner wrote to us asking not to be discounted because she was a girl and shares Graham’s focus on doing the job to the highest standards.”

    Crawford is keen to share his expertise and has produced a series of buyer s guides that you can purchase via the firm’s website, as well as his video tips on choosing the right car.

    Burfoot starts to dismantle a 2.7 flat-six.
    Turner refits heat shield in painted #Porsche-911 ... ...while Kidd tackles the car's wiring loom.
    L-r: Williams and Crawford by #356 , with Mark Bishop, Dale Salt, Dean Burfoot, Becky Turner, Graham Kidd and Megan Philp together.
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