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    Steve Bolton is a child of the ‘80s, so the fact that he was influenced by a certain Hawaiian detective TV show is no surprise. The allure of the Pininfarina-styled body and the distinctive roar of the V-8 is a combination that’s hard to resist, no matter your age. The Ferrari 308 came after the unloved #Bertone-308GT4 , and many felt this was finally a worthy successor to the voluptuous curves of the Dino a few years prior. The #1977 #Ferrari #Ferrari-308 was also the first year of steel-bodied cars, instead of fiberglass, plus it had the desirable carbureted engine. Not many people get the chance to drive their childhood dreams, but in today’s film, this is precisely what happens. Even though this particular model is a GTB, versus the famous GTS, the emotion, and sound, is just as exciting.