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Air-ride 319whp BMW M3 E46
Saturday, 23rd Mar 2019
Seriously sexy BMW M3 E46. Fulfilling a lifelong dream of M3 ownership, Tyler Grimes has blended pure NA performance with some serious style and individual flair, and the end result is an expertly-executed, head-turning build. Words: Elizabeth de Lat
Wide-arch BMW 330Ci E46
Tuesday, 1st Jan 2019
Overarching stance wide-arch BMW E46 330Ci. With custom metal rear wide arches hiding in plain sight, this seriously-slick E46 goes the extra mile for perfect fitment. Words: Elizabeth de Latour. Photos: Scott Paterson.
657hp 2JZ-engined BMW M3 E46 drift monster
Tuesday, 11th Dec 2018
It’s not easy being green Die-hard purists better run for cover because this genetically modified Java green drift mutant is powered by a rabblerousing Japanese straight-six. Prepare to wrap your head around a BMW that Frankenstein would be proud of…
Track Monster BMW M3 Coupe E46/2
Sunday, 14th Oct 2018
Circuit Breaker Hardcore E46 M3 track car. Transformed from stock E46/2 into a full-on track beast, this M3 is a sublime hardcore machine. Words: Elizabeth de Latour. Photos: Emma Woodcock.
Carbon-clad wide-body BMW M3 E46 KEAN Suspensions
Saturday, 15th Sep 2018
Back in the early 1900s, a ‘Roi-des-Belges’ was a luxurious style of car – a double phaeton with exaggerated rear bulges. In 2018, this wide-hipped E46 is what the King of Belgium has evolved into… Words: Daniel Bevis. Photos: Sebas Mol.