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250bhp plus Сlub-Sport-spec BMW M3 E30
Monday, 24th Jun 2019
Epic BMW M3 E30 – full-on hardcore club-sport build. Built to club sport-spec and designed to be driven hard and fast on both road and track, this awesome E30 M3 has tapped into its racing roots and It’s a serious driving machine. Words: Elizabeth de
Simply superb BMW M3 E30
Sunday, 24th Mar 2019
The time machine Stunning E30 M3. Having spent 10 years hunting for the perfect E30 M3 and then another seven modding the one he bought, a lot of Raymond Khublal’s life has revolved around the iconic classic but, as the stunning end product proves, i
M52-swapped stunning custom BMW 328i Cabrio E30
Thursday, 21st Mar 2019
Sublime 2.8 M52 E20 Cab. With an M52 swap, stunning custom interior and plenty of unique touches, in a scene packed with modded E30s this head-turning cab really stands out. Words: Elizabeth de Latour. Photos: Matt Richardson.
Rocket Bunny M50B25-swap BMW E30 Touring gets the Pandem treatment
Monday, 4th Feb 2019
Rocket Bunny BMW E30 Touring gets the Pandem treatment. BMW E30 Touring The 3 Series Touring is a sensible, family car… But not this one. This one has Pandem arches, air-ride and a whacking great spoiler on the back. Words: Daniel Bevis. Photography:
941whp Turbo S50-engined BMW E30 Coupe
Friday, 4th Jan 2019
Rolling Thunder Henrik Nygren’s insane, turbo S50-powered E30 makes an astonishing 941whp and it’s just an unstoppable force of sheer automotive fury. Words: Daniel Bevis Photos: Patrik Karlsson.