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BMW M10 engine range
Tuesday, 2nd Jul 2019
BMW M10 Range. Andrew Everett spotlights the influential and long-lived M10 range of four-cylinder petrol engines.
Me and my car - Paul Howse BMW 2002 Touring
Tuesday, 2nd Apr 2019
2002 Touring treat Grand design. When it comes to affairs of the heart, logic and rationality take a back seat. Paul Howse may design McLarens for a living but, as Dan Bevis discovers, there’s nowhere he’d rather be than in an old BMW… Photos: Alex L
Wide-arch BMW 2002
Tuesday, 26th Mar 2019
While there are plenty of very nicely modded 2002s on the scene, few are quite as in-your-face and proud about it as this feisty little wide-body build. Words and photos: Robb Pritchard.
Retro Rocket Turbo 500bhp M20B27-engined BMW 2002
Monday, 10th Dec 2018
Retro Rocket Turbo M20 2002. Under the pristine Chamonix white paintwork of this stunning 2002 sits a turbocharged 2.7 M20 that has turned it into a proper performance classic. Words: Elizabeth de Latour Photos: Viktor Benyi.
Awesome S14-swapped BMW 2002
Monday, 12th Nov 2018
Mighty S14 2002 Fully-restored classic packing M Power muscle. 14 years in the making, this S14-powered 2002 is the result of one man’s enduring vision and incredible patience, and the awesome end result was more than worth the incredible wait. Words