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BMW i8 appeal is charging up
Wednesday, 19th Jun 2019
Now may be the time to plug into Munich’s Green Party-pleasing supercar
Liberty Walk BMW i8 I12
Wednesday, 3rd Apr 2019
Europe’s first Liberty Walk i8 I12 takes BMW’s peculiar hybrid supercar to strange new places. If you weren’t a fan of the i8 before, you will be now…
2018 BMW i8 AC Schnitzer ACS8 road test
Saturday, 2nd Dec 2017
AC Schnitzer ACS8 German tuner develops suspension, wheel and tyre upgrades for the BMW i8 – and a whole lotta carbonfibre add-ons too… Photography by Dave Smith.
2017 BMW i8 carbon-clad version AC Schnitzer ACS8 road test
Saturday, 13th May 2017
Flying Colours. We love the BMW i8 and AC Schnitzer’s carbon-clad version is even better than the standard machine. AC Schnitzer ACS8 Stunning carbon-clad Geneva show star driven. Flying Colours. AC Schnitzer’s i8-based ACS8 was one of the stars of t
Striking Studie AG BMW i8
Wednesday, 26th Apr 2017
Light my fire. Striking Studie AG i8. Bold, brassy and full of life, this Japanese i8 is a cut above the rest. Words: Chris Nicholls. Photos: Hiroyuki Orihara.