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BMW E26 M1’s biggest fan Meet the man obsessed by the first M car
Tuesday, 21st Apr 2020
40 years on, and with no sign of a modern successor, we head out for a drive in BMW’s mid-engined unicorn, the M1 – and unearth the world’s biggest hoard of M1 parts. Words Peter Robinson. Photography Steffen Jahn.
2020 BMW M1 Procar E26 Championship
Monday, 16th Mar 2020
With the help of the legendary drivers who were there, we revisit BMW’s most famous one-make racing series – the M1 Procar championship of the 1970s... Words: James Mills. Photography: BMW AG.
Ruby anniversary BMW M1 E26
Wednesday, 11th Apr 2018
Ruby anniversary. With the BMW M1 E26 celebrating its 40th birthday this year, Bob Harper looks back at the man who was the driving force behind the project, and assesses how the car stacks up today Photography: Max Earey.
Sauber’s Group 5 BMW M1 E26
Thursday, 20th Apr 2017
Sauber’s Group 5 M1. Sole-surviving fully-restored twin-turbo racer profiled. One of a Kind When Sauber wanted to race the M1 in Group 5 it built two from the ground up. There’s just one left. Back in the 1980s Sauber built two Group 5 twin-turbo M1s
Stunning BMW M1 Procar E26
Saturday, 21st Jan 2017
The Eighth Wonder. A stunning M1 that started life as a Procar, was then a road car, and is now a road-going Procar!  M1 Procar for the road BMW’s mid-engined masterpiece reimagined as the ultimate road car. BMW’s jewel-like M1 is a rare and des