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    One to buy!

    Keep it quiet but word is that smart money is starting to pick up Porsche 996 Turbos while they are still ridiculously cheap. While it’s understandable that regular 996s are at rock bottom because everyone’s scared of the potential engine problems threatened by those nasty initials IMS and RMS, the Turbos (and GT3) used a different engine that isn’t affected in the same way. It seems not a lot of people know that.

    We don’t use the term ‘ridiculously cheap’ lightly. Silverstone Auctions recently sold one that’s as good as you’ll find for £52,667. How good? Try UK market right-hook manual with genuine 13,000 miles, recently recommissioned after dry storage and immaculate. If that’s too steep – or too good to use – Historics followed with a similarly immaculate and well-historied one with 48k. Ready to play, it made £33,880.

    Now look at prices for the two predecessor 911 Turbos, the 993 and 964. Even after settling back a bit recently, their values are on another planet, topping out at £130k. History has a habit of repeating itself. Buy the right 996 and care for it and you may wind up grinning at more than just the driving experience.

    One of the great performance bargains – but for how long?
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    Hybrid #Porsche-911-992 ‘in three or four years’

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    Porsche chairman Oliver Blume has reaffirmed that the company is committed to launching a petrol-electric hybrid version of the 911. “We will continue with high-performance petrol engines in our sports car for as long as possible,” said Blume. “We are thinking about a hybrid drivetrain for the 911. The platform is already prepared.” Porsche has gained expertise in hybrid drivetrains through its motorsport activities, including three wins at Le Mans with its 919 Hybrid. Blume said the hybrid driveline under development would be the highest-powered driveline in the 911. He pointed to the Panamera S-E Hybrid as an example of what is possible, noting that it uses 60Ah battery technology and makes around 700bhp. By comparison, the latest evolution of the 911 Turbo uses a twin-turbo 3.8-litre petrol engine developing 532bhp. “There’s no decision yet whether we will have a plug-in hybrid, which has more weight but more range, or a solution like that in the 919 Hybrid race car,” said Blume. “But in three or four years we’ll be able to offer a hybrid of some sort in the 911.”

    A hybrid 911 would be the most powerful in the model’s line-up
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    First 992 products from Exclusive revealed

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    Porsche has revealed the first options readily available for the #Porsche-911-992 from its Exclusive Manufactur department. A lightweight- #carbon-fibre-roof , #LED headlights and Porsche-embossed headrests are already available via the 992’s online configurator, with leaked images on social media showing a forthcoming GT3-style fixed rear wing.
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    Switching from a Cayman GT4 to a GT3… That is exactly what my friend Ron Mercurio recently did. Ron owns a local body shop called BumperDoc. He does all the paintwork for Makellos Classics, who have been featured in Total 911 several times. The Porsche fanatic has owned 911s in the past, but when the GT4 was released he jumped on the opportunity to get one. While he was enjoying Porsche’s mid-engined GT4, he was still missing the 911. As we Neunelfer owners know, once you have owned a 911 the experience stays with you forever, and nothing else will do.

    San Diego, USA
    Model 997.2 GT3 RS
    Year 2011
    Acquired February 2011

    Model #2015-Porsche-911-GT3-991.1 / #2015 / #Porsche-911-GT3-991.1 / / #Porsche-911-991.1 / #2015-Porsche-911-991 / #2015-Porsche-911-GT3-991.1 / #2015-Porsche-911-GT3-991 / #Porsche-911 /
    Porsche-911-991 / Porsche

    Year 2015

    Acquired December 2014

    As I’ve written previously, every weekend several of us take our GT3s along with Ron’s GT4 for some incredible drives through the back hills of San Diego. On one of those drives in mid-2018 I offered Ron the chance to drive my GT3, which he enthusiastically accepted. After experiencing driving a GT3 for the first time he set his mind on getting the new 991.2 GT3.

    He searched every dealer in California but only found one local dealer willing to sell him the car. However, if he wanted one it would cost him an extraordinary $30K over MSRP.

    Determined not to give up, he searched the entire US Porsche dealer network and eventually found Champion Porsche in Florida. They allowed him to order a GT3 for $10K over MSRP. Ron eagerly put in his order for a Chalk-coloured GT3 with a manual transmission. After what seemed like an eternity to him, he took delivery of the 911 just before Christmas.

    I asked Ron how the GT3 compared to the GT4. He noted that driving the 911 feels more like an event, and you know you have something more ‘serious’ behind you. He states that while the GT4 clutch is stiffer, the Cayman feels tame in comparison.

    He said the GT3 touches your senses much more. The sound of that 4.0 engine is incredible in comparison to the Carrera S engine in the Cayman GT4. The mid-engined Porsche is no slouch, but when it comes down to it, it just isn’t a 911. Once you have owned a 911 it makes its way into your soul and nothing else will do.
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    When we sold the house that put the money in the bank that allowed us to buy the 993, everyone thought we were nuts. I’ll admit that looking at the estate agent’s pictures had me wondering what we were doing, but I’ve honestly no regrets on the move, particularly as it allowed me four years of 993 ownership.

    Kyle Fortune
    Warwickshire, UK
    Model: #Porsche-911-Carrera-2-993 / #Porsche-911-Carrera-2 / #Porsche-911-Carrera / #Porsche-911-Carrera-993 / #Porsche-911-993 / #Porsche-911 / #Porsche-993 / #Porsche / #1994-Porsche-911-Carrera-2-993
    Year #1994
    Acquired December 2014

    I seem to be having much the same discussions around the 993, with everyone saying I’m mad to sell it. For us it’s the right time to do so. There was a bit of a wobble when I popped into Sports Purpose and it was being detailed by Richard Tipper of Perfection Valet. Richard is a bit of a legend in our little car world, his clients trusting him with some of the most ridiculously exotic super, sports, road, race and rally cars.

    He’s detailed more £1m+ cars than imaginable, the word ‘Tippered’ entering many motoring enthusiasts’ lexicon to describe his work. To say it was transformational on the 993 is to do the job he did on it a disservice – it really did look like a new car. Inside and out, the 993 looks sensational, Tipper spending an entire day to get it looking so good.

    Now it’s looking perfect there are a couple of small jobs that need doing to have it completely ready for sale. The rear chassis legs are getting some attention as we speak, and a new set of discs are going on the front. Like the house we sold that allowed its purchase, the 993 will never have looked, or felt better when I eventually relinquish the keys to it. I even went through the service history and tidied it all up in date order in a new folder.

    All I can hope is that it goes to someone who’ll enjoy it as much as I have; it really is a lovely example. Yes, I know, I would say that, but then I do get to drive a lot of them. That’s partly why parting with it won’t be too heart-wrenching, as I’m lucky enough to drive all manner of 911s and write about them on these pages – as well as other cars elsewhere. With a new baby arriving in a few weeks I’ll be too exhausted to miss the 993. At least that’s what I keep telling myself while everyone else continues to say I’m mad…
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    Drive-My 992 Club takes a look under the skin of the #Porsche-992 at a #Porsche technology workshop for the new 911. Here you can see the return of the twin intercoolers to above the flat six (see aft of decklid, inset), as first used on the #Porsche-911-Turbo-993 . The air box has been moved out into the wings in their place. #Porsche-911 / #Porsche-911-992
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