Pagani unleashes £5.2m Imola

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A new limited “racing character” Huayra edition, the Imola, has been unveiled by Pagani. Aerodynamics play a big part in the new Imola, with wings that can move, even when braking. The suspension geometry is new, transferring the 6.0-litre V12 engine’s 827hp and 1100Nm of torque to the ground more effectively and reducing dive and sway under braking. The spec also incudes revised Brembo brakes.

Revised materials for the central monocoque reduces weight while increasing torsional and bending stiffness, while ‘Acquarello Light’ paint reduces weight by 5kg (overall weight is 1246kg). Just five Imolas will be built, all pre-sold at a price of £5.2 million each.

 Pagani unleashes £5.2m Imola
Pagani unleashes £5.2m Imola

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