2019 BMW 330e PHEV G20

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Following the big reveal of BMW’s latest-generation 3-Series G20, the company has shown a dashboard snapshot of some figures to expect. First and possibly most important is an implied 45-mile (72km) electric range, while CO2 emissions will be rated at 39g/km and fuel economy, while on NEDC-correlated figures that will be updated on 1st Jan 2019 are rated as 166mpg (1.7l/100km).

2019 BMW 330e PHEV G20 DETAILS

2019 BMW 330e G20 dashboard
2019 BMW 330e G20 dashboard
2019 BMW 330e Worldwide G20
2019 BMW 330e G20
2019 BMW 330e G20
2019 BMW 330e G20

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  1. Alan AOL Lovell

NEW cars don’t get much bigger than an all-new BMW 3 Series – and Munich’s latest compact executive saloon (above) is the undoubted star of the Paris Motor Show, which started this week. But there was a very different feel to Europe’s ‘autumn show’, which alternates each year with Frankfurt. Although the halls are still full of fresh metal, several key brands chose to stay away; you’d have to go back a long time to find an event like this with no Volkswagen, Fiat, Nissan or Volvo. And they are just some of the names missing from the halls in the French capital. There are many reasons behind this – not least current model cycles and, in some cases, a determination to keep their powder dry until new (electrified) vehicles are ready for us all to see. However, the overriding fact is that car manufacturers have realised that there are lots of different ways to get their message to buyers. The traditional motor show remains one of them – but it’s easier for new models to get lost in the general noise when there are dozens of other fresh arrivals vying for attention. So more and more car brands are going to use social media, live video streaming, or their own standalone event, in a bid to make their new products the centre of attention. The new-car market has never felt more volatile, unpredictable, fast-changing and dynamic, then – and the absentees from Paris reflect that. But the thing to remember is that regardless of how car manufacturers choose to release the latest models, Auto Express will be there to make sure you get exactly the right level of analysis and detail on them.

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