All new 2020 Tesla Model S 2.0

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The Model S reinvents itself. When will she come, the much talked about second generation Tesla flagship? Elon Musk is (still) shrouded in silence. Electric car shows how designer Emre Husmen imagines the future of the luxury electric car. By Rudolf Huber. Photos: Emre Husmen, Tesla.


Whatever Elon Musk does or tweets, worldwide attention is sure. And even if the Tesla boss once ignores a topic, it is discussed intensely by fans and enemies of the brand. Like the question of how to proceed with Model S in view of a multitude of highly complex construction sites at Tesla.

2020 Tesla Model S 2.0
2020 Tesla Model S 2.0

Because even if the competition offers at eye level a little in coming: Seen quite objectively, the upper-class Stromer comes gradually into the years. So what does the future look like? Designer Emre Husmen has been thinking about what the Model S 2.0 could look like for electric cars.

If it were purely mathematical with the Californians, then the new edition would be due 2020 at the latest. Because in June 2012, the first production vehicles were delivered to selected customers. 2016 was a facelift, which included except a new front with standard LED headlights only rather not so earth-shattering trivialities as a new high-purity air filter.

All new 2020 Tesla Model S 2.0 next generation
All new 2020 Tesla Model S 2.0 next generation

Logically, therefore, much points to an all-round renewal in 2020. At the same time there is a whole bunch of factors that speak against it. So stuck in the production of the Model 3, despite the first ever achieved record of 5,000 pieces per week in early July, still huge, the mountain is still huge in pre-orders. The small crossover SUV Tesla Model Y on the Model 3 basis is due to debut in March 2019 and will at least roll off the line towards the end of the year. The start of production of the E-Truck Semi is already announced for next year. And not to forget: at the end of the decade, the new roadster, for the customer already diligently in advance.

All new 2020 Tesla Model S 2.0 next generation
All new 2020 Tesla Model S 2.0 next generation

So many projects, many different construction sites. How resilient is the team around Elon Musk, which capacities remain for the next Model S in view of this abundance of individual projects? If you've seen a consistent constant at Tesla over the last few years, then this one: this company is always good for a surprise. So also for Generation Two of the flagship. After all, this still brings most of the money into the chronically deficit funds. And even though the Model S can still claim the medal of the world's leading premium sedan, something fundamental has to happen in the foreseeable future to keep its appeal high.

All new 2020 Tesla Model S 2.0 next generation
Interior 2020 Tesla Model S 2.0 next generation

Designer Husmen certainly has very specific ideas and suggestions as to where the journey might go. He drew surprisingly little from the design language of the Roadster Concept, drew a very sporty coupe sedan, which could compete in terms of appearance with premium vehicles such as the Audi A7 or the Porsche Panamera. Where the Fastback-cutting and a wealth of aids, such as the far-down front spoiler and the pronounced rear diffuser, together with the side skirts elements to ensure a so far very low cw value. The times of pure elegance and swelling forms are history for Husmen. He puts on optics in the style of modern interpreted US muscle cars, clearly masculine and with a good dose of testosterone. At the same time, the no-frills look should enable a long period of at least ten years. Even though the Model S from Husmen's design studio is designed much more crisp and sporty than the previous one: space and comfort should not be lacking. The draftsman plans a classic 2 + 3 seating with five individual seats and, as before, two optional seats for children in the luggage compartment.

All new 2020 Tesla Model S 2.0 next generation
All new 2020 Tesla Model S 2.0 next generation

And: it stays with the huge, centrally arranged touchscreen, now with elegant curvature, because any reduction would now disappoint the potential customers. A head-up display, which countless Tesla owners in the relevant blogs for Generation Two demand, the designer has also provided.

All new 2020 Tesla Model S 2.0 next generation
All new 2020 Tesla Model S 2.0 next generation

And a little wonder button in the steering wheel, which should act as a fingerprint scanner and over which the Tesla not only on and off, but also can be completely personalized. Once your finger is touched, the personal setting stored in the cloud is called up, such as the preferred seat and suspension settings, the favorite playlist and the desired air conditioning. And that with every model S worldwide. After all, as Emre Husmen says, car sharing is becoming more and more important. You do not necessarily have to own a Tesla - but this button would give a little bit the feeling of getting into your own car with each rented or shared item. An OLED display "for quick information and control" has the draftsman ( also housed in the multifunction steering wheel. In the hardware and software equipment of the flagship successor, he relies on fully autonomous driving on level five. The lighting system is and remains typical Tesla: with very focused acting, C-shaped laser front lights and chrome elements, which also connect the C-shaped LED taillights.

All new 2020 Tesla Model S 2.0 next generation
All new 2020 Tesla Model S 2.0 next generation

As already mentioned: The longtime Tesla customers have of course their very specific ideas about how their next model S should look like. Where: The design, the face of Generation 2, plays in the blogs of Teslaristi only a minor role. And the performance too. Apparently they rely on the fact that these topics will continue to be satisfactorily processed and updated by the designers and the technicians.

All new 2020 Tesla Model S 2.0 next generation
All new 2020 Tesla Model S 2.0 next generation

But what drives the owners and fans, what do they want for the future? The head-up display, which Emre Husmen regards as imperative, plays a major role in the demands for the future. "This is already in the middle class," is there to hear. Actually, it would have been suspected in the Model 3, now it is a "must" for Musk's new Model S. Another important issue: more safety and comfort. In the opinion of many Tesla users and fans, decisive features such as various assistance systems for collision avoidance and ingredients such as the Pre-Safe system from Mercedes, for example, are missing in order to be able to establish themselves long term in the small and refined field of premium sedans Straps automatically tightens in the event of an impending accident and automatically closes windows and sunroof.

All new 2020 Tesla Model S 2.0 next generation
All new 2020 Tesla Model S 2.0 next generation

The possibility of networking with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto sees another aspirant of the future as worthwhile. A dynamic suspension would also be "nice to have". And when you're in Wish Mode: how about a heated armrest? Or with a 360-degree all-round view - even something like this has long been offered by models from the lower middle class.

All new 2020 Tesla Model S 2.0 next generation
All new 2020 Tesla Model S 2.0 next generation

Rear armrests would also be very popular in the Model S community, in the best case, of course, with a ski bag. And because skiing trips usually take place in winter, a Tesla-interested has a very special suggestion: In addition to the dead-angle-Warner in the side mirrors, he would also like to have a heater on the rotatable joints. Apparently, he has relevant experience made with hinged and then frozen overnight exterior mirrors. In addition fits then also the desire for a heatable charging plug flap - the man finds it in his own words totally annoying, with opened, because during the store frozen door to drive through the area.

All new 2020 Tesla Model S 2.0 next generation
All new 2020 Tesla Model S 2.0 next generation

What becomes reality, what ends up unnoticed in the garbage can of developers? The next Model S generation will show it - whenever the chief charismatic Musk will make his worldwide fan community happy with it.

It stays with the huge, centrally arranged touchscreen, now with elegant curvature.

The lateral light clips look like the horns of a bull. In order to reduce the driving resistance, pent-up air at the front is led through a slot back out. From a bird's eye view, the design has hardly changed compared to its predecessor.

No closed grill: The characteristic front in the form of the Tesla standard has been retained.

Many hours of work: from the first sketches to the all new 2020 Tesla Model S 2.0.

Model Development Tesla Model S (1ST GEN)
June 08
Tesla Model S On the 30th of June the Model S will be announced. The prices are supposed to start at $ 50,000.

August 08
Franz von Holzhausen becomes Chief Designer The German is in charge of the design of the Model S.
March 09
On March 26, the prototype of the Model S will be presented.
June 12th
Launch of delivery On June 22, 2012, the first ten customers were able to pick up their pre-ordered Model S in Fremont.
August 13th
The first European delivery took place in August 2013 in Oslo.
October 14th
Tesla introduces the autopilot and twin engine model "Dual Motor Model S".
December 14th
The first performance model (P85D) is delivered.
December 15
The 100,000 Tesla Model S was sold.
April 16
The first facelift of the Model S with new front is presented. In June, the first vehicles will be delivered in Germany.
August 16
The model S with the largest battery with 100 kWh is presented.
December 17
Tesla reports that 210,000 Model S were sold.
June 2018
236,000 Model S sold

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  1. Bob Jr Harper

Looks like the current Mazda 6 on steroids? What's really new is design - it's unlikely. Just another creation Mask and the company of its engineers (not the best).

At a time when the development of really cool electric cars is handled by Nissan company - people bring children to school on Nissan Leaf - Tesla continues to make pathos in the interiors of their cars.

What is really new is not visible - again the inflated prices of breakdown inability to repair and other delights of the former model S.

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