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  •   Shelby Glenn reacted to this post about 4 years ago
    The Essen Motor Show #2015 has been around for a long time and it has a reputation for producing some horrific creations of questionable taste, but the #2014 show seemed to offer up a more serious selection of cars…

    As usual there were a lot of BMWs on show at Essen and while some were a little on the wild side, there was plenty of interesting metal about. Manhart had been very busy this year and created one of the most noteworthy cars of the entire show, a modified i8, which must be one of the first ones anyone’s modified. Unsurprisingly perhaps there were no performance mods, just wheels and suspension, but it was still an unexpected sight and credit to the company for getting involved with a car which I can’t imagine too many people are going to be modifying.

    The Manhart stand was also home to the MH 400 WB, a wide-body 2 Series based on the #M235i , pushing out 430hp and 437lb ft, and a MH4 550, the company’s take on the M4, with 550hp and 605lb ft.

    Manhart wasn’t the only company to have caught wide-body fever, there were quite a few wide-body kitted cars on display throughout the show; #M&D Cardesign had brought along a #650i sporting a Prior Design kit and Prior Design also had a 6 Series on display wearing one of its kits. They might not be to all tastes, but they are certainly spectacular and bound to get you noticed. The German Tune It! Safe! campaign, aimed at increasing awareness of modifying cars using quality parts, was being fronted by a selection of #AC-Schnitzer modified police cars, which included an #X4 and #M4 . For motorsport fans, there were a number of tasty treats including a selection of VLN racers, a couple of drift cars, some ETCC contenders and a rather lovely #Alpina 6 Series racer.

    Some of the most impressive cars on display, however, were in the private tuning area, where those lucky enough to be chosen could show their personal cars. Two of the stand-out examples were current #BMW feature cars; the first was Buni Seferi’s M3- styled #E91 Touring, rocking a set of 18” Messers on one side and 18” BBS RSs on the other, while the other was the bagged #E3 2800 of Kevin Pourtois, which looked spectacular. Another #BMW that was enjoying a lot of attention was an #E46 belonging to a guy called Waldi, which was sitting on custom threepiece 18” Style 5s. Matthias Lange’s yellow E30 on Schnitzer 17s with an S50-swap and a custom flip front was another crowd pleaser and next to that was an #E30 Cab with an S62 V8 squeezed under the bonnet.

    All-in-all, an impressive selection of seriously modified BMWs from our Continental cousins and a mighty fine show.
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  • #2016 M rumours – #BMW-M2
    As always, the internet is awash with rumours about the future M cars and the stories currently doing the rounds revolve around the M2, the M4 GTS and a potential high performance version of the i8. Working in chronological order we know that an M2 will be coming out and are expecting a machine very much in the mould of the 1 Series M Coupé which will mean a skilful amalgamation of regular production components and those found on the M3 and M4. We’re not expecting a version of the M3/M4 engine under the bonnet though, instead the car will use a tweaked version of the #M235i ’s unit with an expected output of around 370hp.

    Many chassis parts will be taken from the M3 and M4 while we’re expecting the body to be a moderately sanitised version of the one fitted to the #BMW M235i Racing. There is plenty of discussion over the car’s gearbox though and one theory is that it will, like the 1M, only be available with a manual ‘box to avoid #M2 sales impinging on those of the M3 and M4 which are almost exclusively being ordered with the #M-DCT transmission. M4 test mules have recently been seen circulating the Nordschleife wearing BMW Safety Car logos but this minimal disguise has failed to stop us from concluding that these are actually M4 GTS test cars. When we were on the launch of the new #M4 , BMW M’s Albert Biermann more or less confirmed that there would be a replacement in the pipeline for the much-loved #E92 #M3 GTS, but this time we’re hoping the car will have a slightly less stratospheric price and be built in greater numbers.

    The last rumour concerns BMW’s plans for its centenary in 2016 with many commentators reckoning that a high performance version of the #BMW-i8 might be in the offing. Rumours range from a #M5 V8-powered version to one equipped with the M4’s twin-turbo straight-six. Either would be a tantalising prospect but we reckon if this supercar does ever appear it will still utilise the i8’s hybrid drivetrain although it’s possible the three-cylinder unit will be replaced by a more powerful four-cylinder unit and be coupled to a higher output electric motor. Time will tell…
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  • #AC-Schnitzer #BMW #M4 #2015

    At the Essen Motor Show AC Schnitzer presented its fully tuned #M4 Coupé which it’s been upgrading since taking delivery of M’s latest delight. Naturally enough there’s a power upgrade – up from 431hp to 510hp while torque’s boosted from 406lb ft to 475lb ft – and this can be teamed up with a sports catalyst and an exhaust that can be specified either with TÜV approval or as an Export version that allows the engine and exhaust to be more vocal.

    With regard to the suspension, Schnitzer is offering two kits for the car; either a spring kit or a fully adjustable ‘Racing’ setup. The spring kit lowers the car by 25-30mm at the front and 10-15mm at the rear while the Racing setup reduces ride height by 30-40mm at the front and 30mm at the rear and is fully adjustable for compression and rebound. Externally the Schnitzer M4 can be identified by carbon front spoiler elements, a carbon rear diffuser, carbon mirror caps, a rear roof spoiler and a carbon rear wing. Inside there will be a choice of options including a pedal set and footrest, a variety of gear knobs for manual cars as well as a choice of handbrake handles, too.

    There will be a choice of Schnitzer alloy wheels ranging in diameter from 19-21 inches with the Type VIII wheel available in Lightweight, Forged or BiColor, the Type V as a lightweight Forged wheel and the Type IV in BiColor black. Contact AC Schnitzer for more details at www. ac-schnitzer. co. uk or www. ac-schnitzer. de.
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