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    / #Best-ever-sales / #BMW-5-Series-G30 / #BMW-5-Series / #BMW / #BMW-7-Series / #BMW-7-Series-G12 / #BMW-7-Series-G11 / #BMW-3-Series / #BMW-3-Series-F30 / #2017

    The BMW brand is celebrating an all-time sales high, both worldwide and in the UK. Globally the BMW brand achieved a new full-year sales record of 2,003,359, 5.2 percent up on 2015. The onward march of the X vehicles was certainly responsible for some of this growth with one in three #BMW vehicles now being equipped with four-wheel drive. With nearly 645,000 X models being sold worldwide this represented a year-on-year increase of 22.3 percent. Other notable growth drivers for the brand include the 2 Series (up 24.8 percent) and the #BMW-7-Series , which saw sales increase by 69.2 per cent to total 61,514.

    In the UK the BMW brand accounted for 182,593 sales, an increase of 9.0 percent compared to 2015 and over 15,000 vehicles more than its previous UK sales record in 2015. The #BMW-1-Series five-door was the brand’s biggest selling model closely followed by the #BMW-3-Series-Saloon , the #BMW-5-Series-Saloon and the new X1. #2016 also saw demand doubling for BMW’s electric and hybrid models with more than 9000 customers choosing an alternatively fuelled vehicle. The recently launched #BMW-330e-F30 iPerformance models have already become a popular choice with over 3500 vehicles sold in the UK last year.
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  •   Bob BMW reacted to this post about 3 years ago
    Our monthly roundup of what’s hot, or not, in the #BMW #2016 marketplace

    BMW new car sales are booming, with registrations up by 11.54 percent on 2015 over the year to-date. And BMW’s UK market share is at a record high of 6.45 percent. In 2016 so far, over 138,000 new BMWs have been delivered to delighted new owners and predictions are that by the end of the year that figure will have exceeded 140,000. What a sales performance, and one that beats the overall market – which is up a relatively modest 2.56 percent in 2016 – by some way.

    The recent 66-plate certainly helped boost new car sales with the highest September registration figures on record, but it’s predominantly fleet sales rather than private purchases that are providing much of the impetus. According to figures from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders, fleet registrations were up 7.3 percent in September, while registrations to private motorists experienced a small decline, down 1.7 percent to 223,844 units.

    The drive for efficiency has seen alternatively-fuelled vehicles continue to outpace the market, up 32.6 percent against the same month last year, with a market share of 3.4 percent. Diesel registrations also rose, by 2.8 percent, whilst petrols predictably declined 1.1 percent. Focusing on BMW it’s the X cars that are showing the strongest sales growth year-on-year, compensating to some degree for the decline of traditional ranges like 3 Series and 5 Series Saloons. If you’re tempted by a new X1 then you can now buy an sDrive18d M Sport on BMW’s Select PCP finance for just £349 a month with a £4366 deposit over 48 months at 4.9 percent APR, assuming you cover a maximum of 10,000 miles a year. Increase the mileage limit to 15,000 miles a year and you would pay £375 a month.

    At auction, volumes are up compared to this time last year but the percentage of cars selling at the first attempt has dropped from 83.6 percent to 80.9 percent. This suggests that the market could be slowing slightly, but BMWs performed better than the overall market with the X6, 6 Series and X5 seemingly most in demand. At the other end of the spectrum, though, only 55.6 percent of i3s sold at first pass. Buyers still seem unsure about this new model. Looking at used car forecourts, Glass’s Live Pricing Data, which measures the length of time vehicles remain on the forecourt, shows that the quickest BMW model to find buyers was the 1 Series at 39.2 days, followed by the X1 at 39.5 days. In contrast the less popular 2 Series stood on average for 66.3 days.

    Looking forward, whilst September’s new 66 registration plate certainly gave the used market a boost, part exchange levels are now pretty high – so we will wait to see whether potential oversupply of some models translates into lower used BMW prices over the next few months.
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    New- #Sytner-Sheffield almost here / #BMW / #2016 / #Sytner / #BMW-UK

    As a regular customer of Sytner Sheffield, it was always going to be a blessing when it finally moved out of its existing Broad Lane premises that it has occupied since 1975. Hallamshire Motor Company (as it was known until the early Nineties before Frank Sytner bought it out) had originally been an Austin Morris agent – that franchise was transferred to Kennings, who built a showroom next door and has since been demolished. In those days, nobody could imagine the giant BMW would become but today, Sytner Group’s monthly new car registrations would comfortably eclipse BMW UK Concessionaires’ entire new car sales for 1975. That means that Sytner Sheffield’s place is too small. Parking is a nightmare and you can’t get any more than six new cars in the new car showroom.

    So next spring, Sytner will finally make the move to a new premises in Brightside Lane which is not far from Meadowhall and the M1. The site will be a whopping 5.5-acres in total, meaning it will be the biggest BMW dealership in the UK if not Europe – just driving past the site makes you realise how big it is. That’s the result of success, though, and success breeds success. Compare that to my miserable local Volvo dealership in nearby Chesterfield where the Swedish marque shares ground with Suzuki, Fiat and something else… I can’t even think where the Alfa dealership in Sheffield is. I’ve never actually seen it.
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  •   Bob BMW reacted to this post about 3 years ago
    Fourth time around for Marquez #2016

    For the fourth year running #MotoGP ace, #Marc-Márquez , has won the #BMW-M-Award as the fastest qualifier across the #2016-MotoGP season, bagging himself a brand new Long Beach Blue Metallic M2 in the process.

    BMW’s M Division has been a long-term partner of MotoGP organiser, Dorna Sports, and has been running the fastest qualifier award since 2003. Like the main championship, riders are awarded points for qualifying results at each race weekend. Whoever has the accumulated the most points in this ‘championship within a championship’ is presented with a specially prepared M Car.

    Márquez’s brand-new M2 joins the three cars he has previously won: an M6 Coupé in 2013; am M4 Coupé in 2014; and an M6 Convertible last year. “I am very proud to have won the BMW M Award again this year,” said Márquez at the presentation in Valencia. “This award is very coveted among us MotoGP riders, and this success is particularly important for me. I think I have to really think about expanding my garage at home. I am already really looking forward to getting behind the wheel of the M2 Coupé.”

    A further five riders have won the BMW M Award since it was launched: Valentino Rossi and Casey Stoner have won the award three times; Jorge Lorenzo has won the BMW M Award twice so far; and Sete Gibernau and Nicky Hayden have both won it once. By taking his fourth victory, Marc Márquez becomes the rider to have claimed most victories in this hard-fought competition.
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  •   Andy Everett reacted to this post about 3 years ago
    / BMW / #Marco-Wittmann wins the DTM driver’s title #2016 / #BMW-M4-DTM / #BMW-M4 / #DTM-Drivers-Championship / #Red-Bull

    Marco Wittmann of #BMW-Team-RMG is the new DTM champion, with a fourth place finish in the final race of the year at the Hockenheimring enough for the 26-year-old to garner his second DTM title. Starting from fifth on the grid, Wittmann produced another flawless race to wrap up the title.

    Wittmann is the first BMW driver ever to win the #DTM Drivers’ Championship twice, having previously been crowned champion in 2014. At the age of 26 years and 327 days, he is the youngest double DTM champion of all time. In the team standings, BMW Team RMG ended the season in second place with 290 points and a deficit of 29 points. BMW came second in the manufacturers’ standings, with a total of 647 points.

    Marco Wittmann, BMW Team RMG said: “What a feeling! Being crowned DTM Champion for the second time in four years is incredible. It was a difficult season, but now the emotions are indescribable. We fought right down to the wire and had no idea that we would finish at the top before the season started. We’ve done it now. Crazy. Massive thanks go to my team, BMW Motorsport and everyone involved.”
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  •   Andy Everett reacted to this post about 3 years ago
    Rally Round / #Saxon-Motorsport The team’s engineers take on a technical challenge. As well as prepping its own race cars for the VLN and a trip to Spa, Saxon Motorsport has been busy fettling a BMW diesel for a Polish rally raid team. #BMW / #2016

    On Cotswold Saxon’s return from round seven of the #VLN-Endurance series at the Nürburgring, the team set about preparing for round eight with its V10 #BMW-150 and #BMW-120d race cars. The 120d was again to be driven by Ellis Hadley, Martin Gibson and Tom Barrow as they completed their qualification process to compete in the #2017 24-Hour race around the infamous Nordschleife circuit. The V10 would once again be driven by team owner Nick Barrow and Miami-based regular driver Jamie Morrow.

    However, before preparation of the race cars could begin Saxon had another project to attend to. As Bosch Motorsport dealers with vast experience of competition diesel powerplants, various competition outfits come into contact with the team and become aware of its expertise. One such company, encouraged by Bosch, is Polish rally raid specialist, Neoraid. Based to the south-east of Krakow, the rally raid racing team competes in cross-country rallies worldwide, completing the Paris Dakar rally in two of its three entries since 2014 in #BMW-X3-CC s. The team had recently taken delivery of a #BMW-X5-CC with a very special early #M57 3.0-litre diesel engine developed in conjunction with #BMW-Motorsport . This is a similar unit to that used by Saxon until it switched to the current #N57 late last year. Being fitted with a Bosch Motorsport competition ECU by the engine’s previous rally raid owners, Neoraid found itself lacking the experience and data to exploit the engine’s potential and was directed towards Saxon to look for assistance. Items of note fitted to the powerplant included a bespoke CNC-machined dry sump installation with associated oil pump, a CNCmachined rocker cover replacing the standard moulded composite item, and bespoke twin-turbos with associated manifolds and actuators.

    The twin-turbo system had been developed to maintain maximum power output despite the fitting of an FIA-spec inlet restrictor, mandatory for Dakartype rally events for turbo vehicles in any fuel class. This meant additional complications for chief engineer Jon Taylor as he needed to synchronise the small VGT (Variable Geometry Turbo) with the larger unit cutting in at higher engine speeds together with the various wastegate and diverter actuators.

    Having agreed to take on the project, an understanding was reached with Neoraid that the engine would be fitted in a test rig and delivered to the team’s Hereford base by the Neoraid team manager and one of its engineers. The engine, ECU, and all components would be fully wired and ready to map. Three days were allowed for the task. However, as is often the case in motor racing, the project was a little behind schedule. Upon arrival, as can be seen from the accompanying photographs, the wiring loom was still a long way from being completed! Undaunted, Jon and the attendant engineer set about sorting out the various connections and inter-connections between components and recording all the wiring pin details so that a more suitable wiring loom could be produced later. During this phase a two-stage intake air cooling feature was discovered; this consisted of an initial air-to-water chargecooler followed by a conventional air-to-air cooler for the secondary stage. A lightweight 180A McLaren TAG alternator was fitted.

    The Bosch Competition ECU had been installed, calibrated and mapped by Bosch with bespoke Bosch-manufactured, BMW-assembled injectors, for which no data was available…

    After some head scratching – and discovering the astronomical cost of having the injectors dismantled and interrogated by Bosch – Saxon and Neoraid decided that standard BMW injectors should be fitted instead. Saxon’s experience with the M57 engine came into play here as the team’s development of the early engine resulted in it knowing which injector gives the best spray pattern and distribution characteristics for this type of endurance engine. As delivered to Hereford, the engine was also fitted with larger valves – necessitating piston cut-outs – a ported and polished cylinder head and a #Bosch-Motorsport ‘Fuel Hydraulic System’ delivering up to 2100bar of fuel line pressure!

    One problem experienced and effectively managed by Saxon whilst using this engine was a tendency for the crankcase breather to allow oil to escape. The problem has been resolved on the latest standard N57 engine and so the team’s catch tank was no longer required. This engine, however, was fitted with a bespoke oil separator pump to address the problem.

    Despite the slow start to rewire various sections and the time it took to become acquainted with several components new to Saxon, the team of Saxon and Neoraid engineers completed the task in the allotted three days in the team’s tuning bay. By the time the two engineers departed for their base in Poland they had a running engine with all components integrated and working together on a base map.

    The engine will now be removed from its test rig in Poland and installed in Neoraid’s X5-based rally raid car for the necessary wiring and supply systems to be installed around it. As the vehicle is all-wheel drive and Saxon’s rolling road is a single roller installation, Jon Taylor will then fly to Krakow and work at a local twin-roller road to fine-tune his map for the performance required by the team.

    To date, the project has been an interesting variation on the work carried out on the team’s own race cars but on a vehicle being built to a completely different design brief but with significant similarities in the propulsion unit. Saxon was very interested to be part of the development of the powerplant and Neoraid has gained enormous experience with the M57 engine through this collaboration so far.

    Meanwhile, as the Neoraid team returned to Poland, Saxon’s attention returned once again to its own cars. Whilst the 120d was left in a similar setup as used last time out (in order for Martin and Ellis to continue assessment of the Giti tyres), the Chinese company had been unable to produce the next development tyre specifically for the ‘Ring in time for round eight. The drivers therefore continued to collect data and experiment with the setup using the existing rubber. Further improvements to the V10 were, however, planned following the last outing.

    The hoped-for power steering improvement had failed to materialise last time out and so Jon Taylor set about fitting yet another larger capacity hydraulic pump, this time engine-driven rather than the previous electric version. This caused several packaging problems as space is at such a premium under the bonnet with the 5.0-litre engine installed and Jon resorted to purpose-made mounting brackets, belts, tensioners and idler pulleys in order to install the pump. Initial indications, however, suggested that the effort may well have been worthwhile with considerably less effort required on rapid lock-to-lock movements, whereas previously the hydraulic system failed to keep pace.

    Further work will be carried out on the paddlechange software to smooth-out gear synchronisation on up-changes. Another possible reason for this roughness emerged whilst examining the data from the previous race as it became apparent that the engine was failing to lose sufficient rpm for the next ratio to engage smoothly. To try to address this, the team has ordered a lightweight double-plate racing clutch and corresponding flywheel to reduce the energy within the drivetrain; the inertia generated by the standard 15kg flywheel/clutch combination was too high to allow the engine revs to fall fast enough. Hopefully this will improve the situation and transfer less stress to the Drenth gearbox; however, this will not be available until after the car’s next planned outing at Spa on 9-10th October.

    The team’s drivers were still anxious to dial-out some of the power-on understeer that the V10 experiences during the exit stage of a corner. Drivers reported that initial turn-in is good but despite this the car suffers with understeer as power is applied. To attempt to overcome this characteristic, the team fitted new ramps to the Drexler limited-slip diff to alter the limited-slip effect and also rebuild the spare diff with fewer active friction discs as an alternative. Both options were tested in the practice session at the ‘Ring, together with larger front tyres (now the same 285 width as fitted to the rear). In addition, a new more sophisticated traction control map was uploaded with additional feedback to make the most of the modified ramp characteristics.

    The Saxon team was confident that these changes – together with the front tyre options and all the existing setup alterations available – would enable the car to remain neutral throughout all cornering phases. The team left for the Nürburgring on the Wednesday night prior to the next race on Saturday 24 September, hopeful of a class win with the 120d and at least a podium position with the V10 if the modifications were as effective as expected.

    On arrival at Friday’s practice at the Nürburgring it soon became apparent that the reworked diff with fewer friction plates was definitely not the way to proceed and so the team quickly replaced this unit with the ‘re-ramped’ item. This, combined with the traction control upgrade and wider front tyres, immediately allowed Nick to set the V10’s fastest time around the GP circuit, cutting a full second off the car’s previous best. Meanwhile the three 120d drivers quietly set about improving the setup and doing everything possible to make sure they were in a good position to complete the following day’s race, as this alone would complete their qualification process.

    Saturday qualifying gave Nick and Jamie their first chance to gauge the new setup’s effect on the Nordscheife lap time for the V10. First, however, in order to prepare for the race, new brake discs needed to be bedded-in and so the first opportunity for this fell to Jamie, driving the second qualifying stint. Jamie duly took his chance and set the team’s first ever subnine- minute lap, qualifying in 51st place with an 8:57! The 120d set a fast time in the Alternative Fuels class, giving the three drivers hope of a competitive fourhour race.

    As the race got under way, Jamie started the first stint not knowing that the V10 was carrying an underlying gearbox problem. Having run with the aggressive upshift issue for the previous few outings, the stress had built up in the components and finally caused a failure on only the third lap of the race. As it was difficult to recover the car during the race, it was not possible to get the car back into a competitive race position and so the V10 was retired early, much to the disappointment and frustration of both drivers given the lap times being set. Meanwhile the 120d drivers were in the middle of a battle for class honours between themselves and both the 3.0-litre diesel Audi A4 and methanol/petrol hybrid Porsche Cayman with which the team had battled during the 24-Hour race in the Saxon 135d.

    With half-an-hour to go, the 120d put up a valiant fight and actually led the class… until drama struck. Ellis found himself pushed from behind by an overtaking GT3 car, the resulting ‘off’ leaving him stranded on a raised curb until rescued by marshals, dropping the car from contention. As a car has to pass the chequered flag to classify as a finisher and drivers have to be classified in order to obtain their 24-Hour licence, what had been a fascinating battle for class honours now became a challenge just to finish the race! Ellis cautiously brought the car back to the pits for any damage to be assessed; there was just enough time to patch up the rear of the car and check for safety issues before returning to the track for one final lap to complete the race. There were sighs of relief all-round. Mission accomplished!

    Further to the three drivers qualifying for their 24-Hour licences – and trusting that the V10 would return from Germany intact – Nick had hoped to forego round nine of the VLN Championship and travel to Holland for the 9 October Dutch Supercar round on the Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps. Nick and regular endurance driver Richard Corbett were keen to debut the 5.8-litre version of the V10 on the famous historic track. As we have previously stated, the V10 engine is restricted to 500hp at the ‘Ring but there are no such limits in Dutch Supercars so it is hoped to run in full 680hp mode for this two race (one 60-minute and one 90 minute) meeting.

    Fortunately, Jon and his team will be able to fit the replacement Drenth gearbox and reprepare the car in time for an anticipated departure for Spa on Thursday 6 October, as Nick had intended.

    The Cotswold Saxon team looks forward to reporting back on their eagerly anticipated visit to this iconic circuit after unleashing the full potential of the #V10 150 #BMW-1-Series and further developments on the Neoraid project.
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  •   Chris Nicholls reacted to this post about 3 years ago
    NEWS: PARIS SHOW / #BMW-X2-Concept / #BMW-X2 / #BMW / #2016

    Concept BMW-X2 unveiled. Stylish new #Sports-Activity-Coupé makes its debut at the Paris Show.


    Despite several manufacturers pulling out of the #2016-Paris-Motor-Show this year BMW was there in force and unveiled its latest addition to the X family, the Concept X2. Words: Bob Harper. Photography: Bob Harper/Newspress.

    There used to be more of a frisson of excitement within the office with the pending arrival of a motor show but these days manufacturers seem to have come to an agreement to play it safe at the major shows, certainly in regard to the debut of new production cars. While there was plenty to see in Paris this year just about the only world debut being made was that of the Honda Civic, and that was no oil painting. These days it seems as if manufacturers are more than happy to reveal concept cars or launch a new version of an existing model, but when it comes to worldwide reveals of production-ready machinery we’ve not seen before things are a little thin on the ground.

    BMW is as guilty of this as most manufacturers so it wasn’t a huge surprise that the new 5 Series you can read about on page 38 wasn’t revealed in Paris, despite the embargo on the first press pictures of the car being lifted while the show was in still under way. We reckon the thought process behind this is that BMW and other manufacturers don’t want their allnew, all-singing new production car to be eclipsed by an outlandish concept car on the debut day of the show. No matter if that concept will never see the light of day as a production machine, it’s bound to grab all the headlines.

    Thus while the majority of BMW’s press conference at Paris was concerned with sustainability and the growth of the hybrid and electric car as well as some over use of the great ‘connected’ motoring buzz word of the moment there was just time before the press conference ended to reveal the new Concept X2, and it’s turned out to be one of the unexpected stars of the show. Fortunately there were still plenty of other BMWs in the hall to get one’s motoring juices flowing – here’s our whistle-stop round up of what was on offer…

    While die-hard BMW fans my berate the X4 and X6 ‘Sports Activity Coupés’ there’s no getting away from the fact that they’re big sellers and with this success in mind one didn’t have to be a rocket scientist to expect BMW to come up with a ‘Coupé’ version of the X1. Thus the Concept X2 made its debut at the Mondial de l’Automobile and while we’d been expecting the car to make its debut here we were surprised by its styling. While there’s a strong family resemblance between the X4 and the X6, the Concept X2 is a much sleeker design with less of the droopy rear three-quarter treatment that you get with the other two Sports Activity Coupés.

    While the X2 is very much at the Concept stage at the moment (there are no giveaway towing-eye covers on the bumpers for example) we still believe that what you see here is very close to the full production car that BMW says is due in the first part of 2018. It’s likely that some of the design elements will be toned down – the door mirrors will take on more of a production look while the extensive plastic ‘stone-cladding’ along the car’s flanks and around the rear will be pared back to fit in with the rear of the X family. We reckon the BMW roundels on those steeply raked C pillars will also hit the cutting room floor as it’s not a design element that BMW has ever used on a production car.

    In profile the X2 has hints of the Range Rover Evoque in that its glass house tapers quite dramatically towards the rear of the vehicle and while this does give a dynamic and sporty profile that buyers in this segment are demanding, it may result in an interior that is a little sombre unless a Panoramic roof is spec’d. In isolation, and certainly in pictures, it’s quite difficult to gauge the size of the X2 – it looks larger than it actually is – and when viewed in person it’s obviously very much based on the UKL2 platform that underpins the current X1 as well as the 2 Series Active Tourer. As a result it will feature a range of three- and four-cylinder transverselymounted engines of 1.5- and 2.0-litre capacities with likely badging to range from 18i/d to 25i/d depending on market, with outputs from around 150-230hp. Both two and four-wheel drive versions will be offered using the familiar sDrive and xDrive badging.

    The front styling of the X1 is pretty dramatic with those large air intakes either side underneath the headlight housings having been hinted at by a series of BMW’s recent concept cars. For the first time BMW has also inverted the kidney grilles in that they are now wider at the bottom than they are at the top. For the Concept X2 these are somewhat over stylised and we’d expect them to be toned down somewhat for the production machine, although we’re pretty confident that their basic outline will remain the same. While the kidney grilles’ shape has changed they’re also sited slightly lower down than you’d usually expect, with the headlights actually being higher than the grilles which isn’t really in-keeping with BMW’s current design language. As this is a concept we have the all-singing, all-dancing Laser headlights on show with a natty little blue X in the middle of each light, but production machinery will feature standard halogen lights for the bottom of the range models with LEDs for the more expensive machinery.

    For some reason when we look at the rear of the X2 we can’t fail to see the offspring of an Alfa Romeo Giulietta and a Mazda SUV but despite this uneasy feeling the rear end treatment of the X2 does work pretty well. It’s dominated by the large area of plastic forming the lower bumper and wrapping around the exhaust tailpipes and as mentioned previously we’d expect this to be toned down and significantly altered for the production machine. The tail-lights themselves are LED units and to create the typical BMW L shaped profile the tail-light section is raised up from the rest of the lamp unit. Perhaps the only feature of the X2 that’s a little puzzling at the moment is the rear tailgate which has a very high sill which will make loading the boot pretty awkward… perhaps this element of the car’s styling will be changed for the production version.
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  •   Bob BMW reacted to this post about 3 years ago
    Mixed fortunes for the IMSA BMWs / #BMW-M6 / #BMW / #2016

    The M6s taking part in the IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship have had a mixed bag of results at Mosport and Lime Rock Park.

    At Mosport the #BMW-M6-GT3 recorded its first class win outside of Europe when drivers Bret Curtis and BMW Works driver Jens Klingmann secured the first GT Daytona victory of the season with the number 96 Turner Motorsport car. After 116 laps, Klingmann crossed the line as race winner having started the race from fourth on the grid. The number 97 sister car – driven by Markus Palttala and Michael Marsal – was sadly forced to retire early in the race.

    In the #GTLM class, #BMW-Team-RLL once again fielded two #BMW-M6-GTLM #BMW-M6-GTLM-F13 s with #Dirk-Werner and #Bill-Auberlen finishing fourth after 119 laps in the number 25 car, narrowly missing out on another podium finish. Due to a technical problem in the first stage of the race, the number 100 car with John Edwards and Lucas Luhr at the wheel had dropped to the back of the field and eventually came home in a disappointing ninth position.

    There had been encouraging signs for Team RLL at Mosport and it went into the Lime Rock event with high hopes. Initially these seemed to be well-founded as the number 25 machine qualified on the front row of the grid and took over the lead on lap two, a position it maintained for over an hour. Things didn’t go so well for the number 100 machine as John Edwards started from eighth on the grid and was unceremoniously punted off the track on lap five by the number 912 Porsche with the BMW ending up in the tyre wall and unable to continue. Unbelievably the number 25’s race was also ended by the number 912 Porsche on lap 89 when Werner (who was leading the race) was knocked off the track at the last corner, hitting the barriers hard. Fortunately Werner was given the all clear after a trip to the track’s medical centre.

    The team hopes for better luck at the next round at Road America.
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  •   Andy Everett reacted to this post about 4 years ago
    News #BMW-M5-Edition-F10 models announced / #BMW-M5-F10 / #BMW-F10 / #BMW / #2016 / #BMW / #BMW-M5-Competition-Edition / #BMW-M5-Competition-Edition-F10 / #BMW-5-Series / #BMW-5-Series-F10 / #BMW-5-Series-M5 / #BMW-5-Series-M5-F10

    News of the introduction of special edition models generally means one of two things: either the model’s struggling in the market or it’s coming to the end of its life. In the case of the F10 M5 it’s the latter that’s prompted the release of a brace of special edition machines. The Competition Edition and the Pure Metal Silver Limited Edition both feature enhanced powertrains, bespoke detailing and chassis improvements.

    The Competition Edition will be available in all markets bar the USA while the Pure Metal Silver model had been designed purely for the American market and will not be sold elsewhere. If you fancy the look of either model you’ll need to be quick as the Competition Edition is limited to just 200 units while only 50 examples of the Pure Metal model will be produced.

    As you’d expect from its name, the Competition Edition is based on an M5 with the Competition package but for this limited edition it’s seen a power hike to the same level as the 30 Jahre model. Thus power is up to 600hp (a boost of 25hp from the normal comp pack) while torque is raised by 15lb ft to 516lb ft. Unsurprisingly, the Competition Edition is pretty rapid, knocking off the benchmark 0-62mph sprint in just 3.9 seconds, an improvement of 0.3 seconds over the 575hp comp pack model.

    Like the regular comp pack machines, the Competition Edition receives suspension improvements which includes stiffer responses from the springs and electronically-controlled dampers, along with thicker anti-roll bars. The Active M electronically-controlled multi-plate limited-slip differential has also been recalibrated to allow slightly higher slip angles before intervention.

    Externally the new model can be spotted by the 20-inch M Double-spoke 601M light alloy wheels as spec’d on the normal comp pack machinery, but for the celebratory model these are finished in high gloss Jet Black. A smattering of M Performance parts also give the game away as the new machine is endowed with a rear spoiler, rear diffuser and mirror caps, all manufactured from carbon fibre, and a gloss black kidney grille. Just two colours are available – Mineral white and Carbon black – with the ‘M5 Competition’ logo appearing on the side ‘gills’.

    The M5 Competition Edition comes with an extensive range of equipment including Adaptive LED headlights, Reversing Assist camera, powered bootlid operation, Comfort Access and sun protection glass. Inside, occupants benefit from front and rear heated seats, an electric rear sunblind and the Bang & Olufsen Advanced audio system. As standard it also comes with full black Merino leather upholstery with Opal white contrast stitching. Opal white is also used for the ‘M5’ logo that now appears on the head restraints of the M Sport multi-function seats, and for the piping of the anthracite floor mats. To accentuate the exclusivity of the car, the M Performance interior trim in carbon finish features the ‘M5 Competition’ logo along with the unique ‘1/200’ designation. And the price for all this? A cool £100,995 on-the-road.

    The cynical among you may be thinking that’s an awful lot of money to pay for an M5 that’s right at the end of its life, especially when you spend a little time with the on-line configurator. If you spec a normal M5 with everything the Competition Edition is equipped with you end up with a price of about £90,000 which means you’re paying in the region of £10k for a non-standard paint colour, 25hp and some M Performance carbon fibre accoutrements. Of course, it is a limited edition machine but it does seem like a lot to pay.

    The US-only Pure Metal Silver edition follows a similar path to the Competition Edition but features some additional items. It too has the 600hp/516lb ft engine upgrade and the Comp pack suspension changes but features the 20-inch M Double-spokestyle 343M forged alloy wheels rather than the 20-inch cast items that are usually foisted on the Comp pack models. We’ve never understood why the ‘Competition’ models are endowed with the heavier cast wheels – surely they should have the lightest items possible? The US-only machine also benefits from the fitment of an M Performance exhaust with carbon tips. While the Competition Edition receives two relatively run-of-the-mill colours, BMW North America has really pushed the boat out on its special edition as the Pure Metal Silver paintwork is a unique BMW Individual paint that features a special layering process. BMW states: “Due to the unique application process, creating a special light/dark effect, Pure Metal Silver is BMW Individual’s most exclusive paint job available.” The Pure Metal Silver Edition is on sale now and costs $131,895 – roughly the same as the Competition Edition.
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    / #2016 #BMW-1-Series-Saloon makes its debut / #BMW-1-Series / #BMW-1-Series-Sedan / #BMW-F52 / #BMW-1-Series-F52 /

    At the Auto Guangzhou motor show in China at the tail end of 2015, BMW revealed the Concept Compact Sedan. A scant eight months later BMW has revealed the first image of what will be the 1 Series Saloon.

    With the arrival of this model the BMW Group and its Chinese partner, BMW Brilliance Automotive (BBA), will further explore the premium compact segment in China. BMW says this is the first compact sports saloon under the BMW brand. This makes BBA’s product range in the compact class even more comprehensive with premium entry-level cars covering segments of the Active Tourer, Sports Activity Vehicle, and Sports Saloon, which BMW hopes will attract new customer groups to become premium car owners.

    The 1 Series Saloon will be an exclusive model, tailored and aligned to the needs of Chinese customers, solely produced for and specifically sold in China. The development and testing of the new car was undertaken at BMW’s Munich HQ with the involvement of Chinese engineers and it also performed intensive road tests to ensure the model is suitable for the unique road conditions and climate situations in China.

    Specific information on the 1 Series Saloon has yet to be revealed but it’s believed that the engine line-up will be exclusively petrol – diesel is a very small player in the Chinese market – with likely models to include the #BMW-118i-F52 , #BMW-120i-F52 and #BMW-125i-F52 with the possibility of a range-topping #BMW-M135i-F52 or #BMW-M140i-F52 .
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