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  •   Paul Guinness reacted to this post about 2 years ago
    Paul Guinness posted a new blog post in Jaguar XJ Series 3
    Buying Guide Jaguar XJ6 Series 3
    •   Cars
    •   Saturday, 22 September 2018
    Jaguar XJ6 SIII Buying Guide Our guide to the last of the ‘series’ XJs. Prior to being usurped by the new XJ40, the XJ6 enjoyed an eightyear run in Series III guise, keeping Jaguar’s classic saloon range competitive even in old age. We take a look at the final ‘Series’ XJ6 and explain what to look for when buying. Words: Paul Guinness. Pics: Ian Seabrook.
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  •   Quentin Willson reacted to this post about 2 years ago
    Posh trade puts XJ V12 luxo-barges back in fashion

    / #Jaguar-XJ-Series-3 / #V12 / #Jaguar-Sovereign / #Jaguar-XJ12-Series-3 / #Jaguar-Sovereign-V12 / #Jaguar-XJ / #1988 / #Jaguar / #Jaguar-XJ6-Series-3 /

    There was a time when the bigdrinking, big-rusting V12 XJ was a hard sell. But that seems to be changing. The posh London trade is now pushing prices of fine low-milers up to £20k and soaking up the ready supply of Japanese imports. Exclusive Classic Cars in Burton upon Trent has a 1990 Daimler Double-Six in Westminster Blue, 24,000 miles with history for £16,995 while Seymour Pope in Herts has a perfect ’1991 import in Solent Grey with just 10,000 miles for £19,940.

    Look hard and you can still find tempting price abnormalities like the 47,000-mile Dorchester Grey ’1988 with McCarthy Cars in Croydon for £7995 or the ’1992 23,000-miler with The Car Warehouse in Cleveland for £9999. Both very fair money for what’s fast becoming a very desirable Jag. The silky 12-pot, gorgeous cabin and handsome Pininfarina-tweaked lines (best in darker colours) make this the most reined XJ of all, good for 147mph and 60mph in 7.5 seconds.

    I’m not usually a fan of Jap imports but in this instance their salt-free roads means repatriated cars are less rust-prone than UK versions. Corrosion round the screens can be expensive, headliners always sag and head gaskets can fail.

    Double-Sixes are slightly more desirable than Sovereign V12s but it’s all about condition. As a #luxo-classic for the weekends that can also cope with brisk stints on motorways these slinky 5.3 saloons take some beating. Many years ago I could have bought #Margaret-Thatcher ’s official Sovereign V12 from a BCA sale for just £4000. And there was I thinking it was too expensive.

    VALUE 2012 £7500
    VALUE NOW £10.5k
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  •   Quentin Willson reacted to this post about 2 years ago
    votren911 updated the picture of the group
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  •   Claes Johansson reacted to this post about 2 years ago
    CAR #Jaguar-XJ-6-3.4 / #Jaguar-XJ6 / #Jaguar-XJ / #Jaguar / #Jaguar-XJ-Series-3 / #Jaguar-XJ6-Series-3 / #Jaguar-XJ-6-3.4-Series-3 /

    Year of manufacture #1986
    Recorded mileage 34,759
    Asking price £12,750
    Vendor Robert Hughes, Weybridge, Surrey; tel: 01932 858381; www. roberthughes.

    Price £12,750! (’1979 UK)
    Max power 160bhp
    Max torque 188lb ft
    0-60mph 11 secs
    Top speed 117mph
    Mpg 23

    This late XJ6 3.4 is a manual, with tweed upholstery, stainless wheel trims instead of alloys, and no aircon or trip computer. But it does have extensive veneer including door cappings, which were added to the runout ‘sixes’. It’s been well kept, and seven service-book stamps (the last 700 miles ago in October) plus old MoTs confirm the mileage. The second owner, from 2010, detailed all of the work done in his tenure, including balljoints, steering rack and anti-roll bar bushes, master cylinders and a new auto enrichment device, which Hughes has junked in favour of a manual choke.

    It sits perfectly and we couldn’t spot any of the touch-ups for which there are bills. The valance has a couple of hints of minor corrosion where the pipes come through, but the exhausts are fine. The underbody wax protection has lasted well and there seems to be no rot in the structure: floors, sills and inner wings are fine; the rear radius arm mounts solid. The worst you can find is a bit of surface rust on the front subframe. The tyres are half-worn P4000s, dated 2011, with a well-treaded Corsa spare. The jack and tools are in place, and there’s even a can of Windsor Blue paint.

    Inside, the headlining, trim and carpets are immaculate. The dash top and wood are excellent. The engine has no leaks, but its tatty underbonnet insulation is the car’sworst part, though it could be replaced by negotiation. The coolant is full and blue/green, while the oil is cleanish and near ‘Max’. It starts instantly from cold, with no chain noises even from start-up. A manual transmission changes the character of an XJ somewhat: it’s geared well for motorways, with 3000rpm giving 80mph cruising. Oil pressure at those revs is a healthy 60psi, with 50psi showing at warm tickover. Coolant temperature is steady at about 85ºC. There’s a hint of pulsing through the brake pedal as you come to a standstill and the offside rear window didn’t work (it will by sale) – but that’s about it. The MoT runs until October.


    EXTERIOR Excellent; rot-free; nice paint; clean looks with no wash/wipe
    INTERIOR Unworn; clock still works
    MECHANICALS Lowish mileage, so it feels as tight as they come


    For Superbly kept; uncomplex spec
    Against Not everyone will get it

    An XJ that reminds you of a Mk2, Down specced so there are fewer things to go wrong. What’s not to like? Very appealing to us Luddites.
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